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16. yep, that's what the op says
Mon Mar 4, 2024, 07:45 PM
Mar 4

...right there, in bold.

How do you reconcile all of that criticism with the fact that neither charges or a conviction can be used to keep Trump from assuming office?

Trump Indictment: Why A Conviction—Or Imprisonment—Wouldn’t Prevent Him From Being President

The charges, some of which carry a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in prison, would not prevent Trump from continuing his third campaign for the White House nor would a conviction keep him from holding office, experts have said, noting the Constitution only requires presidential candidates to be natural-born citizens who are at least 35 years old and have lived in the country for 14 years.

If Trump is convicted and sentenced to prison, he could potentially serve as president from behind bars—a scenario that would introduce unprecedented security and logistical challenges, Reuters noted.
I don't believe removing an inadequate employee is as political as you're trying to make it. Think. Again. Mar 4 #1
lol, regarding Garland as an 'employee' of Biden's bigtree Mar 4 #2
I regard garland as an employee of the federal government. Think. Again. Mar 4 #5
the ability to fire isn't a suicide pact bigtree Mar 4 #8
What are you even talking about. Think. Again. Mar 4 #10
I hear you bigtree Mar 4 #12
Look, I get it, I know there's a serious process involved in placing an AG... Think. Again. Mar 4 #15
When there was not one inkling that garland MOMFUDSKI Mar 4 #3
you mean the WH should have had access to internal details of the DOJ investigations? bigtree Mar 4 #6
Too many want too much RIGHT NOW Attilatheblond Mar 4 #4
Merrick is that you, do you need a hug? nt Hotler Mar 4 #7
how would you guarantee the prosecutions continue unabated? bigtree Mar 4 #13
"President Biden has never said a word of criticism against his AG," WRONG. republianmushroom Mar 4 #9
To be perfectly clear, it is not "the DOJ'" broadly. It is Garland specifically and narrowly Stinky The Clown Mar 4 #11
so we should remain silent about a collossal fuck up ecstatic Mar 4 #14
yep, that's what the op says bigtree Mar 4 #16
I just wanted justice before the election, no matter how it was carried out. ecstatic Mar 4 #17
Would you be saying the same if the indictments came the day before the next presidential election? Goodheart Mar 5 #18
you still arguing the fantasy prosecution in your head? bigtree Mar 5 #19
And I'll be around to demolish your next batch of nonsense, too. Goodheart Mar 5 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author bigtree Mar 5 #22
Charles Pierce: Merrick Garland Needs to Be Thanked For His Service and Shown the Door Celerity Mar 5 #21
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