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He's been doing that for months. TwilightZone Mar 4 #1
Biden's not doing enough. LOLOLOL OAITW r.2.0 Mar 4 #4
Yes he has, a lot, thank you. Whining about Biden not doing something, he does it, it's ignored or betsuni Mar 4 #7
☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ PortTack Mar 4 #15
But he does need to pound this fact in his speech to counteract the message people are being given by the MSM. Scrivener7 Mar 4 #27
This is not enough. Wanderlust988 Mar 4 #49
Definitely. BamaRefugee Mar 4 #2
TSF never says what he would do about high prices and rent and no one even asks him. No MAGAt brewens Mar 4 #55
What can the he do? Any suggestions? walkingman Mar 4 #3
Boycott PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, KraftHeinz, Kellogg, etc... Septua Mar 4 #6
Just reading that OPEC is going to further limit supplies in order to raise the price walkingman Mar 4 #18
President Biden is in a re-election campaign Barry Markson Mar 4 #47
He should have a WH meeting w/the CEO's of the largest dozen food companies and grocery stores Wanderlust988 Mar 4 #12
Agreed, I think we should give greater power to the FTC in order to pursue the walkingman Mar 4 #19
Things are trending better. Takes more time BootinUp Mar 4 #5
prices are not going to go down jcgoldie Mar 4 #8
Lots of people can't afford Tickle Mar 4 #16
Dems have tried passing anti-gouging bills .....But the PUTIN PARTY OF TRUMP AIN'T HAVING IT ..... LenaBaby61 Mar 4 #9
Your points are valid, but they would be better understood without the unnecessary emphatics and profanity. Earth-shine Mar 4 #14
Thank you. NT Tickle Mar 4 #17
I thought that post was fine. Yours is the one that made me roll my eyes. Scrivener7 Mar 4 #31
Too many DUers think that using profanity makes them sound profound or emphatic elocs Mar 4 #34
Lol Elessar Zappa Mar 4 #41
I do wish posters would refrain from cursing in their titles. yagotme Mar 4 #46
Excuse me, but l only have a one mother and one damn father. LenaBaby61 Mar 4 #60
I can't speak to the rent issue. It's intermingled with complexities like insurance and taxes. Earth-shine Mar 4 #10
You're in Floriduh: The land of rotten ass, racist DeathSantis & his tall boots, his evil big-eyebrows wife .... LenaBaby61 Mar 4 #11
Post removed Post removed Mar 4 #13
I am a landlord Mossfern Mar 4 #57
Really out of his control, but some progress has been made Johnny2X2X Mar 4 #20
Rents (on average) may have dropped slightly depending upon locale, but they are still substantially higher. MichMan Mar 4 #26
I'm not saying it isn't a problem Johnny2X2X Mar 4 #32
Who here has received a 24% income increase ? MichMan Mar 4 #36
I have Johnny2X2X Mar 4 #38
Telling people that are struggling with higher rents and costs, that they never had it so good, is a losing message. n/t MichMan Mar 4 #43
Not telling anyone they never had it better Johnny2X2X Mar 4 #44
People don't need the media telling them about inflation, they see it with their own damn eyes every day MichMan Mar 4 #45
Then why do we always only get 1 side of the story? Johnny2X2X Mar 4 #48
Gac Prices Are Stable? ProfessorGAC Mar 4 #21
My gas has been stable in Ohio. Demsrule86 Mar 4 #24
Average US gas prices the last 4 months Johnny2X2X Mar 4 #39
He already has I suggest you google it...and a president can't control greedflation... Demsrule86 Mar 4 #22
Agreed XanaDUer2 Mar 4 #23
ffs bigtree Mar 4 #25
Thank you. betsuni Mar 4 #40
I have it n good authority that a magic wand is being built as we speak! NT Happy Hoosier Mar 4 #28
We're going to need a bigger magic wand. betsuni Mar 4 #54
Perception is reality. It's maddening. Beartracks Mar 4 #29
+1 dalton99a Mar 4 #50
Last year, my rent went up $300 a month and yes, I didn't like it. no_hypocrisy Mar 4 #30
If the situation was reversed and Trump was president, we would be blaming him for inflation non stop MichMan Mar 4 #53
How about congress establishes a national distribution system getagrip_already Mar 4 #33
I think he will... Mike Nelson Mar 4 #35
"Yeah, it's nice that people have jobs and that our government functions..." BannonsLiver Mar 4 #37
I agree 1000% Alliepoo Mar 4 #42
No one you know has gotten a raise? Johnny2X2X Mar 4 #63
My son just got a small raise. Alliepoo Mar 6 #65
What is he supposed to do about it? Ocelot II Mar 4 #51
He already did. Look at jobs and wage growth. /nt bucolic_frolic Mar 4 #52
I agree - he needs to hammer these repeatedly redqueen Mar 4 #56
How other countries do it. SarahD Mar 4 #58
Congress has to do those things; a president can't. Ocelot II Mar 4 #59
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 4 #61
Smack a few CEO's around in public... EarthFirst Mar 4 #62
In our area, the price of real estate spiked because of Covid. Vinca Mar 4 #64
Credit Card Debt is climbing rapidly dwnsouth Mar 6 #66
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