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23. Class Action Lawsuit
Thu Mar 21, 2024, 11:34 AM
Mar 21

Why can't the harmed American people engage in a class action lawsuit against Trump? I can think of a number of bases for this litigation. And American citizens who have been harmed do have standing.

1. Failure to protect the American people during a pandemic, including lying to them about the severity of the disease, giving false information about possible "cures," withholding resources such as protective equipment for medical workers.

2. Conspiring with our enemies and enemies of our allies, including illegal sharing of classified information with those enemies.

3. Conspiring to overthrow a free and fair election and lying about that to the American people.

4. Threatening to abolish constitutional protections of our freedom and civil rights, including reproductive freedom.

5. Contributing to Americans poor health by creating an atmosphere of fear and violence directed against anyone who does not like him or his followers.

6. Damaging the reputation of our country and openly touting dictatorships rather than our long-term allies.

7. Causing insomnia and mental health problems because of the black shadow his words, deeds, and mental derangement cast upon our everyday lives. Even seeing his face makes us ill.

8. Inciting bad people to defame and injure good people.

Please help me with this.

It's the Republicans that are doing this to us, not a broken system. Only broken because they are there Walleye Mar 21 #1
It's only broken because they are breaking it. lastlib Mar 21 #3
It's their main objective in life, they make no bones about it Walleye Mar 21 #9
Where do Republicans come from? Farmer-Rick Mar 21 #22
".....capital's unlimited accumulation and control over every function in society." jaxexpat Mar 21 #25
We seriously need to raise the upper tax brackets Walleye Mar 21 #33
Turn the whole process over to Elizabeth Warren. jaxexpat Mar 21 #37
Good idea, she knows better about all this stuff than anybody else Walleye Mar 21 #38
And who all let trump crime in NY for decades? lostnfound Mar 21 #28
The GOP deliberately places stress on Americans. Irish_Dem Mar 21 #2
American public is already worn down. Look how quickly they go to "both sides do it" etc. Walleye Mar 21 #10
Yes exactly, this is part of the acceptance stage of victimization. Irish_Dem Mar 21 #11
It's a long crazy train in the media Walleye Mar 21 #12
Yes the media is part of the crazy train. They are enablers of societal/political abuse. Irish_Dem Mar 21 #13
I can't figure out why they're so intent on doing that Walleye Mar 21 #14
They do what they are paid to do. Irish_Dem Mar 21 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author Irish_Dem Mar 21 #20
RATINGS AND CLICKS johnnyfins Mar 21 #24
Well said. When people say they don't understand how a whole country can accept a ruthless dictator Cheezoholic Mar 21 #18
Yes it is a well known psychological strategy. Irish_Dem Mar 21 #21
I've said for years now slightlv Mar 21 #43
Yes it is like domestic violence, it traumatizes the victims. Irish_Dem Mar 21 #44
We voters and all who reside in America.... FarPoint Mar 21 #4
The attack on the not-rich started long before TSF NanaCat Mar 21 #27
Keep in mind that Trump is just an instrument of the ruling class -- predominantly white, wealthy KPN Mar 21 #30
If Mitch McConnell had done the right thing back in 2021, we would not have Trump as a candidate now. Lonestarblue Mar 21 #5
Amen to this. ShazzieB Mar 22 #50
But here we are............................ Lovie777 Mar 21 #6
It is a Gigantic Godzilla-sized Gaslighting to Abuse the Public into Submission bucolic_frolic Mar 21 #7
True words. Hope22 Mar 21 #8
THIS! All fucking day long. If we had an attorney general interested in doing his actual job, that orange cancer would onecaliberal Mar 21 #15
While there are things Garland could do differently NanaCat Mar 21 #29
Garland 90-percent Mar 21 #32
Because he's in their team. onecaliberal Mar 21 #36
If he would have appointed the special council from the get go we wouldn't be here now. onecaliberal Mar 21 #35
SC Smith has done a great job, no doubt as late as it was that he was appointed. But Garland didn't even have to... brush Mar 22 #54
Unnecessary duress Jean Genie Mar 21 #16
They are stuck with the stable jeenyus. twodogsbarking Mar 21 #17
Class Action Lawsuit Koinos Mar 21 #23
It is judicial fascism plain and simple. GreenWave Mar 21 #26
The first time djt got into the Oval Office,... magicarpet Mar 21 #31
If N.Y State had followed up on his crimes back when he was committing them, recent history would be way different. nt TeamProg Mar 21 #34
The Subversive, Corrupt Court of the U.S. wants to eliminate the 14th Amendment. Hermit-The-Prog Mar 21 #39
Institutions have failed us orangecrush Mar 21 #40
The US Congress could have passed a law that he had insurrected and was ineligible. maxsolomon Mar 21 #41
any slightly ethical or moral person, barbtries Mar 21 #42
I felt like "chicken little" IbogaProject Mar 21 #45
I can only hope we can shore our instututions up after he's gone. D23MIURG23 Mar 22 #46
Kentuck your the greatest samplegirl Mar 22 #47
2016 czarjak Mar 22 #48
I've gotten sick of spending my days worrying about the imbeciles ThoughtCriminal Mar 22 #49
But we are, so we have to vote in November. RandySF Mar 22 #51
Systems fail, people fail, the future's dark. That's life. betsuni Mar 22 #52
Agreed! Why is a candidate allowed to run to lead the government he attempted to overthrow?! Makes no sense to me... Rhiannon12866 Mar 22 #53
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