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Fri Mar 22, 2024, 10:22 PM Mar 2024

"There's been something wrong with MSNBC" [View all]

I Smoked The RNC

Im sure you're all noticing that there's been something wrong with MSNBC.

• the poor framing of stories
• weird right-wing hires
• Trump monologues w/no fact check
• softball Matt Gaetz interviews
• false equivalencies of Biden/Trump
• hyping pro Trump polls
• ignoring pro Biden votes
• ignoring Bidens' economic wins
• ignoring Biden's legislative wins
• blaming Democrats for GOP disfunction

There had long been a slide into failing it's audience but I think the real inflection point, and I can't believe im about to say bring back Chuck Todd, was the hire of Kristen Welker to host MTP with her first show being an hour long pre-recorded Trump rehabilitation propaganda piece. It's been downhill ever since.

I don't know what deal was cut behind the scenes or if some kind of executive decision was made, but whatever your perceptions of MSNCB, it's not a left leaning outlet.

And that's fine. It's a business. They get to make those decisions. But they don't get to make decisions like hiring Ronna McDaniel of all people with her track record of being a liar, fraud, and Trump enabler, while hiding behind a veil of left leaning journalism. It's disrespectful to the audience.

And with the right wing turn of CNN, the NYT actually becoming the Pitchbot, and the failures of local news, there's no such thing as a left leaning mainstream media outlet. The idea that that exists is now dead.

At the end of the day, it's not about whether your outlet is left leaning or right leaning or partisan or apolitical. It's about whether your outlet is pro democracy or not. And sitting the fence on the end of democracy is as good as enabling it.

So, in the same way we can't look to the courts, or the DOJ, or Jack Smith to save us in November, we can't look to mainstream media either. Exhausting as it is, it's on us to save ourselves yet again.
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2:38 PM · Mar 22, 2024

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not what I see nt msongs Mar 2024 #1
I don't either... agingdem Mar 2024 #17
The nauseating part of Ari's rap riffs is watching his guests obvious unease and embarrassment. Comfortably_Numb Mar 2024 #34
Yeah PatSeg Mar 2024 #39
I find myself using the skip button a lot on Ari these days. Especially on magat interview segments. Comfortably_Numb Mar 2024 #56
Same here PatSeg Mar 2024 #67
Other than when James Carville is on - I have Ari on mute. No fan of recycled rethug Nicole Wallace, eitherl. Peregrine Took Mar 2024 #112
Yes, James Carville is always a treat PatSeg Mar 2024 #113
Plus, her voice is annoying senseandsensibility Mar 2024 #153
Glad to hear that it isn't just me PatSeg Mar 2024 #154
You're right that it's not just women senseandsensibility Mar 2024 #155
Yes, I brought it up PatSeg Mar 2024 #156
I agree Trueblue Texan Mar 2024 #141
Yes, it is MSNBC not PatSeg Mar 2024 #143
I wish he'd knock that off. calimary Mar 2024 #40
Ari is trying to make up for Jr High School... rubbersole Mar 2024 #46
Oh my god, you could be right! PatSeg Mar 2024 #71
+1000. (nt) Paladin Mar 2024 #94
Yes, exactly PatSeg Mar 2024 #70
They need to get rid of Ari. Katinfl Mar 2024 #95
Ditto that. That man annoys me. He needs a rap show somewhere. CousinIT Mar 2024 #109
And when he interrupts he always says, "Imma let you finish," rsdsharp Mar 2024 #135
Yes I noticed that! Ugh! N/t CousinIT Mar 2024 #139
Why has a post about MSNBC turned into Ari bashing? MadameButterfly Mar 2024 #115
I never watch him BonnieJW Mar 2024 #97
Ari just wants to appear cool. Mickju Mar 2024 #99
Katie Phang is so much better SocialDemocrat61 Mar 2024 #105
I agree Katie Phang is much bretter DDySiegs Mar 2024 #106
I agree with you SCantiGOP Mar 2024 #26
Me either PatSeg Mar 2024 #38
Here are the best hosts NJCher Mar 2024 #75
Oh yes, I totally agree PatSeg Mar 2024 #88
You know who is coming on strong NJCher Mar 2024 #149
Ha, ha! PatSeg Mar 2024 #150
Dupe PatSeg Mar 2024 #151
I would add Alex Wagner to this list, as well as Jen Psaki. ShazzieB Mar 2024 #128
Yes in fact they turn away from it DLCWIdem Mar 2024 #119
What about Rachel? nt LAS14 Mar 2024 #144
Rachel does some really great stories PatSeg Mar 2024 #145
Rachel does some really great stories PatSeg Mar 2024 #146
Rachel does some really great stories PatSeg Mar 2024 #147
Appalling FelineOverlord Mar 2024 #2
They are platforming the insurrection as it it were the Tea Party all over again. Ford_Prefect Mar 2024 #60
No, elleng Mar 2024 #3
She tried multiple times to overthrow the results of the 2020 election FelineOverlord Mar 2024 #5
A new avenue of political theater. I doubt she lasts her 1st audition. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2024 #9
Mebbe, but I (and most of us) only pay attention to GOOD theater!!! elleng Mar 2024 #11
Sinister FelineOverlord Mar 2024 #4
Left handed? n/t elocs Mar 2024 #116
Okee Dokie, Smokie! LOL OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2024 #6
I've heard their daytime programming is more right wing (except for Wallace) FelineOverlord Mar 2024 #8
Lets just say, when Andrea Mitchell gets retired, I'll be interested in who gets this timeslot. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2024 #10
I thought Rebl2 Mar 2024 #13
Now would be good. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2024 #18
smart lady married to a dumbass who said he was wrong about the real estate bubble. SouthernDem4ever Mar 2024 #27
It's a wasted hour with her in command. She should join the emeritus club and be available for opinions as needed. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2024 #35
Andrea Mitchell's retirement is the same as Trump's healthcare plan BlueSpot Mar 2024 #58
I have often Rebl2 Mar 2024 #89
Way past time for her to go. Katinfl Mar 2024 #96
Haven't noticed with MSNBC stollen Mar 2024 #7
Hmmmmm. cachukis Mar 2024 #12
This is certainly alarming. triron Mar 2024 #14
"I drifted away from them to Meidas Touch Network, Brian Tyler Cohen .. " Cha Mar 2024 #15
Who is eleny and is it a bot? Might be a great case to see how real humans who publish under their real name get botted OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2024 #19
Why do you say that? Actually I remember her Cha Mar 2024 #24
OK, did not know. I do remember the name here, but does that mean it is the same person on X? OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2024 #29
Both elenys are from Colorado. Cha Mar 2024 #48
So, I agree with her alt sources, but disagree (I guess) that MSNBC is failing us. Been watching for years and I see OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2024 #55
Good on you! Cha Mar 2024 #59
I support smart people who can communicate, Ben does that. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2024 #64
Great sources. SouthernDem4ever Mar 2024 #23
Yes, Brian Tyler Cohen is Amazing! Cha Mar 2024 #28
Meidas Touch and Brian Tyler Cohen are not news. All Mixed Up Mar 2024 #43
MT headlines tend toward sensationalist clickbait. TwilightZone Mar 2024 #45
Well, then you would say Fox News isn't news, too, right? Wednesdays Mar 2024 #49
Of course? All Mixed Up Mar 2024 #57
I Like Meidas Touch WiVoter Mar 2024 #142
We're in a scary place. Joinfortmill Mar 2024 #16
Excellent points moniss Mar 2024 #20
The article says Ronna McDaniels was hired as an NBC analyst. But does that automatically mean she'll be on summer_in_TX Mar 2024 #21
And, what could she "analyze"? That Cha Mar 2024 #25
What are the details of the contract? OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2024 #30
I only watch Nicole Wallace, Lawrence O' Donnell and Rachel Maddow when she's on SouthernDem4ever Mar 2024 #22
I only watch certain hosts. Murphyb849 Mar 2024 #31
Chris Hayes is good too. Bluepinky Mar 2024 #87
Joy Reid: Love her style and humor and she pulls no punches and takes no prisoners nt yellowdogintexas Mar 2024 #125
And she is whip smart happy feet Mar 2024 #133
She certainly is!!! nt yellowdogintexas Mar 2024 #138
The same group for me, plus Ari Melber. emulatorloo Mar 2024 #90
I enjoy Nicole Wallace and I love that she always refers to TFG as yellowdogintexas Mar 2024 #126
It has always been on us to save ourselves. That's what self-governing is. WhiteTara Mar 2024 #32
I couldn't agree with you more, comrade. WheelWalker Mar 2024 #68
This is a result of Americans Haggard Celine Mar 2024 #76
The oligarchs who own 90% of media do not like democracy or Democrats. Hermit-The-Prog Mar 2024 #33
That is not what I see although I overdosed on the doc03 Mar 2024 #36
Ronna? czarjak Mar 2024 #37
Bummer, isn't it! calimary Mar 2024 #42
What could she possibly have to say that anyone would pay for? czarjak Mar 2024 #82
My guess is she'll be a talking head who pops up with commentary now and then. ShazzieB Mar 2024 #130
I know some people don't make a distinction, but she's going to be a commentator for NBC, not MSNBC. -nt CrispyQ Mar 2024 #108
You have to know your hosts on MSNBC. Nicole WallaceGood. Joy ReidGood... brush Mar 2024 #41
Rachel Maddow has pissed me off. calimary Mar 2024 #44
I think you're kinda right. She took her content away from us and left us with the... brush Mar 2024 #47
It seriously irks me. Hell, Johnny Carson didn't even do that! And I worked at NBC when he was there. calimary Mar 2024 #61
They don't make Johnny Carsons anymore. brush Mar 2024 #66
They sure don't. calimary Mar 2024 #73
Same NJCher Mar 2024 #79
I like that. Cats don't give a sh_t, don't need to be liked, and will report the truth, like it on not... brush Mar 2024 #81
Why do you care? babylonsister Mar 2024 #51
When people rise to prominence because they've built an audience as well as a reputation, calimary Mar 2024 #65
Not everyone is a workaholic - if someone's rich and burned out, early retirement or semi-retirement has to be very Midwestern Democrat Mar 2024 #92
Me, too, babylonsister. ShazzieB Mar 2024 #132
She explained that the 5 day per week schedule leftieNanner Mar 2024 #54
Yes, but she has a staff whose members do a lot of the research and background digging for her. calimary Mar 2024 #62
About 30 million, give or take. Nice gig if you can get it. SlimJimmy Mar 2024 #103
What she gets paid is nobody's business. Bluepinky Mar 2024 #148
Still takes me back to Johnny Carson. calimary Mar 2024 #152
he's a good follow. mopinko Mar 2024 #50
Who is this guy? nt babylonsister Mar 2024 #52
I dont see it. obnoxiousdrunk Mar 2024 #53
Comedy Gold rpannier Mar 2024 #63
Count on yourself. H2O Man Mar 2024 #69
Not what I see. Query: is the OP your own long essay, or entirely someone else's from Twit? Hekate Mar 2024 #72
The "problem" with the "liberal cable news channel", is that DemocraticPatriot Mar 2024 #74
Mr Smoky appears to be talking about NBC SharonClark Mar 2024 #77
It's "MS" at NBC. C Moon Mar 2024 #78
Sure there's something wrong, but it predates the points listed. RockRaven Mar 2024 #80
Morning Joe for the most part does NOT do any of those things. mucifer Mar 2024 #83
Absolutely. tavernier Mar 2024 #85
He does bang the Biden drum DLCWIdem Mar 2024 #121
This is what amuses me Blue_Adept Mar 2024 #100
Joe and Mika are all in for Biden now but they SharonClark Mar 2024 #129
Now they are happy feet Mar 2024 #137
And speaking of Nicole tavernier Mar 2024 #84
Spring break with her son? oregonjen Mar 2024 #91
The twit acts like this is something new for MSNBC NanaCat Mar 2024 #86
Great set of points. It's hard to see the trees when looking at the forest canopy. erronis Mar 2024 #98
You are watching the wrong segments. LiberalFighter Mar 2024 #93
CNBC and NBC is NOT the same as MSNBC JohnSJ Mar 2024 #101
I've started watch them less and less, duforsure Mar 2024 #102
I believe the NY Times and Washington Post have deteriorated into right wing BS. apcalc Mar 2024 #104
4-11pm period. If your watching another time frame sorry, no liberal news or opinion shows can compete Cheezoholic Mar 2024 #107
Thanks for this! ShazzieB Mar 2024 #134
Quit watching long ago...reasons sited! PortTack Mar 2024 #110
medhi has started zeteo et tu Mar 2024 #111
Oh baloney. Good lord some people see ghosts around every corner. oldsoftie Mar 2024 #114
MSNBC - follow chain up to Comcast - owner is billionaire Brian L. Roberts TBF Mar 2024 #117
Ronna McDaniel was hired at NBC DLCWIdem Mar 2024 #118
This. NBC and MSNBC are NOT the same. dchill Mar 2024 #122
Grips? DLCWIdem Mar 2024 #124
Yeah, grips! ShazzieB Mar 2024 #136
News management and they stink. True Blue American Mar 2024 #120
They canned Medhi Hasan and hired Insurrectionist Ronna McDaniel erodriguez Mar 2024 #123
There's been something wrong with MSNBC? Are you kidding me? ShazzieB Mar 2024 #127
Judging from the vast majority of responses here... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #131
Alarmist claptrap. Elessar Zappa Mar 2024 #140
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