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45. " the flavor of cat food he was looking for is no longer available. Then he blamed Biden."
Sun Mar 24, 2024, 12:42 AM
Mar 24

This says it all. The stupid is simply astounding.

So. I made an enemy this week. [View all] KentuckyWoman Mar 23 OP
Try pretending you don't follow politics leftstreet Mar 23 #1
That's exactly what I do with the trumpers I can't avoid. Think. Again. Mar 23 #29
Just another mindless person who is trading his democracy for a red hat and a slogan...nt mitch96 Mar 23 #2
I use "It's just a slogan" all the time. louis-t Mar 23 #25
Yes, morons programmed by 24/7 right wing media. hadEnuf Mar 24 #54
Fantastic! You handled that beautifully! MLAA Mar 23 #3
GREAT WORK, KentuckyWoman! elleng Mar 23 #4
they are under the delusion that the locals agree with him dembotoz Mar 23 #5
Wow! Awesome! Joinfortmill Mar 23 #6
"To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason Ping Tung Mar 23 #7
I would say Mr. Paine hit that nail... 3catwoman3 Mar 23 #18
People haven't changed much at all n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Mar 23 #36
I had one of these a month ago. sybylla Mar 24 #64
You went for the rhetorical jugular. BootinUp Mar 23 #8
I ran into one at Walmart this week. I was looking Emile Mar 23 #9
Good responses! yardwork Mar 23 #11
I had the discusion about veterans being called losers and suckers doc03 Mar 23 #23
"A businessman"::: Hugin Mar 24 #49
They drank the kool-aid. Emile Mar 24 #57
" the flavor of cat food he was looking for is no longer available. Then he blamed Biden." LuckyLib Mar 24 #45
That's what set me off. He also went on about Emile Mar 24 #59
I would have said "Wow! Your standards are in the basement." OMGWTF Mar 24 #62
Well said. Pkease hold open the possibility they may change mahina Mar 23 #10
Two hours. I couldn't have done it. yardwork Mar 23 #12
Good job LetMyPeopleVote Mar 23 #13
"Clearly you support him for what you think he'll do AGAINST people you don't like" LoisB Mar 23 #14
It's always nice to give them multigraincracker Mar 23 #15
Good point Seinan Sensei Mar 23 #26
Reading a book about it now. multigraincracker Mar 23 #39
He won't think about it. Mariana Mar 24 #63
Good for you! denvine Mar 23 #16
These people are impervious to reason... GiqueCee Mar 23 #17
Me, too. My sister like TSF even tho he mocks people with disabilities ArkansasDemocrat1 Mar 23 #37
I have always wondered DENVERPOPS Mar 23 #43
I admire your restraint. Seriously. Two hours? That must have been painful. Red ears huh? I've had purple faces! Evolve Dammit Mar 23 #19
I'll have to say that your actions are much more humane than mine. I just spit on them. chouchou Mar 23 #20
He's a triple-issue voter: ME ME ME! Shermann Mar 23 #21
Good that you took a stand, but remember, Wednesdays Mar 23 #22
KNR. you have more patience than I. niyad Mar 23 #24
"Because I don't like people who are different The Unmitigated Gall Mar 23 #27
I've come to the conclusion that MAGA is not really a political movement so much as a fandom. ShazzieB Mar 23 #28
Fandom and being brainwashed. love_katz Mar 23 #34
Which is why a post Trump GOP may be really f-ed 617Blue Mar 24 #53
It's a cult. Mariana Mar 24 #65
I've always found the Socratic approach works best, so you did very well Warpy Mar 23 #30
Well done! summer_in_TX Mar 23 #31
It's bad here in Lakeland at work tornado34jh Mar 23 #32
Perfect ismnotwasm Mar 23 #33
That took a Kentucky-level of grit, KentuckyWoman. Aristus Mar 23 #35
Isn't it crazy dai13sy Mar 23 #38
Maybe you made him think, planted a seed of doubt in him that can cause him to look around a bit harder PatrickforB Mar 23 #40
That was an absolutely awesome way to keep the trumper off balance. llmart Mar 23 #41
You did great! DeeDeeNY Mar 23 #42
i do not know what "game night" is but it doesn't sound very fun orleans Mar 23 #44
Game night is an event where a group of people get together to play games. Niagara Mar 24 #50
When I saw your title, and your username together, soldierant Mar 24 #46
You did "battle" honorably....that person is a sore loser. Just like his cult leader PortTack Mar 24 #47
If tfg fixed the border why are the all crying about all the people crossing the border Maraya1969 Mar 24 #48
Why do these people have to ruin a perfectly good visit? Niagara Mar 24 #51
Nicely Done! Mr. Mustard 2023 Mar 24 #52
You did great.....am glad richdj25 Mar 24 #55
Hear Hear! OldBaldy1701E Mar 24 #56
If the Trumper is a vet SARose Mar 24 #58
Well done! Iris Mar 24 #60
Some of my inlaws are trumpers Woodwizard Mar 24 #61
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