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6. Probably some changes, maybe not that specifically
Tue Mar 26, 2024, 03:14 PM
Mar 26

Keeping a tug or two on station at the bridges probably isn't a bad idea. But not sure an attached escort is required.

Every harbor is different. Currents, winds, traffic patterns, it all enters into the coat guard recommendations to the harbor for rules.

One size does not fit all.

I'm just a small boat guy, but I am coast guard licensed, and I've been in and out of some very busy harbors. Not every one needs full tug duty.

What are you talking about? getagrip_already Mar 26 #1
Standard policy there. Not everywhere. Marcus IM Mar 26 #3
Probably some changes, maybe not that specifically getagrip_already Mar 26 #6
One thing is consistent, ships break down and cause disasters. Marcus IM Mar 26 #9
Cheap? Lol.... getagrip_already Mar 26 #12
Ocean going? Marcus IM Mar 26 #13
Last time i checked... getagrip_already Mar 26 #18
Not to mention that at some point you will have made the port too expensive to use.. EX500rider Mar 26 #20
Maybe for large ships that go under bridges. Marcus IM Mar 26 #23
I was thinking that from baltimore to the end of the channels it must be about that getagrip_already Mar 26 #25
How many bridges between this bridge and the harbor entrance? Marcus IM Mar 26 #28
There is at least one more conventional bridge getagrip_already Mar 26 #29
Generally the Harbor Pilot comes out on the Pilot Boat and the tugs come later EX500rider Mar 26 #17
I am well aware of how harbor pilots work. Marcus IM Mar 26 #19
Depends on the cargo and vessel type getagrip_already Mar 26 #21
Bloomberg radio reporters seemed to suggest that Maersk spooky3 Mar 26 #2
Maersk is the charterer, not the owner or operator. cloudbase Mar 26 #5
I presume the analyst was aware of that and is also spooky3 Mar 26 #27
The bigger question is why more States didn't add bridge support protection after the Sunshine Skyway event in 1980 EX500rider Mar 26 #4
Or require tugboats until they reach the harbor exit. Marcus IM Mar 26 #7
That would be up to the US Coast Guard & local Harbor Masters EX500rider Mar 26 #8
Ships with power have radar. Fog isn't an issue for avoiding bridges Marcus IM Mar 26 #10
Radar does not always work either EX500rider Mar 26 #14
You make my case. TY Marcus IM Mar 26 #24
Are those things out in the water bollards to stop a huge freight vessel? pinkstarburst Mar 26 #11
Yes EX500rider Mar 26 #15
Looking at the video.... Turbineguy Mar 26 #16
It's not obvious that a tug could have stopped the forward motion of a cargo carrier brooklynite Mar 26 #22
Tugs don't push from behind or pull from the bow. Marcus IM Mar 26 #26
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