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Fri Mar 29, 2024, 09:32 PM Mar 29

Washington teen driving Audi A4 at 112 mph kills 4, his third totaled car within 11 months...talk of charging parents [View all]


Jones' 2015 Audi A4 had been purchased just a month before the collision


His prior accidents. parents get there before the cops. Cops let him off


112 mph on a road with a posted speed limit of 40 mph
Jones crashing into the minivan claimed the lives of Andrea, Boyd Buster Brown, 12, and sisters Matilda and Eloise Wilcoxson, aged 13 and 12 respectively. The severity of the crash pushed the minivan into two other vehicles, compounding the tragedy.

Andrea's two children, Nolan Hudson and Charlotte Hudson, were critically injured in the incident and are currently at the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Details emerging from the scene reveal a harrowing account of recklessness, as the teen reportedly disregarded a red light at an intersection in the Fairwood community, according to a police report obtained by the Seattle Times.

Authorities allege that Jones was traveling at 112 mph without any indication of braking on a road with a posted speed limit of 40 mph.

Chase Daniel Jones charged with vehicular homicide and vehicular assault

Jones, who sustained severe injuries in the collision, had acquired the Audi in February, following two previous accidents caused by speeding, according to King County prosecutors cited by mynorthwest.com.


'Dude was hauling': Driver warned to slow down months before deadly 112 mph Renton crash

Court documents say Chase Daniel Jones, 18, of Kent, has been involved in three major crashes in the last year.

The first crash happened in May 2023 on Southeast 204th Street in Kent. Body camera video from the incident obtained by KOMO News shows Jones admitted to a police officer that he was speeding at the time of the crash.

"I saw an open road. I was definitely going above the speed limit of 25," Jones said.

The KPD officer talked to Jones and his parents before leaving the scene and issued a warning.

“It’s a mistake, mistakes happen. Lessons need to be learned, as long as you learn it," the officer told Jones in May 2023.

Court records show Jones' next crash happened in January.

"Jones totaled another vehicle, the other driver complained that he had not seen (Jones) due to (Jones') speed," prosecutors wrote in charging documents. "In both of these crashes, (Jones') parents were at the crash prior to the police."

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18 year old, third write off. Aussie105 Mar 29 #1
affluenza. 3Hotdogs Mar 29 #20
I was going to write that he has a severe case of Affluenza. b/t aggiesal Mar 29 #25
Parents should not be responsible for an 18 year old adult. jimfields33 Mar 29 #24
If he was still underage when they bought him the third (!) car, would you feel any differently? ShazzieB Mar 30 #30
I would argue if he shouldn't drive, the state should have said so. Gore1FL Mar 30 #81
Interesting! ShazzieB Mar 30 #86
They handed a gun to a sociopath Bucky Mar 30 #41
Every member? Lurker Deluxe Mar 30 #72
When my big brother got ready to let me drive his car after I got my learner's permit, Attilatheblond Mar 30 #75
Agree Rebl2 Mar 30 #85
No doubt it was the parents who bought him these cars and continued to enable his reckless driving. Lonestarblue Mar 30 #55
I don't know. yardwork Mar 30 #59
I think he goes to jail and the family sues him. jimfields33 Mar 30 #65
I think that's the right approach. yardwork Mar 30 #66
Maybe not legally, but there is some moral responsibility or something. XorXor Mar 30 #71
How about co-conspirators? Marthe48 Mar 30 #82
Bad parents. Not criminals. jimfields33 Mar 30 #83
Murder by auto. Jail him for rest of his life, no parole. Parents get 25 years. Trueblue1968 Mar 30 #45
This monster SHOULD spend the rest of his life in prison Sky Jewels Mar 29 #2
He'd better hope he's a good swimmer. Aristus Mar 30 #68
Argh! I remember that POS. Sky Jewels Mar 30 #69
There have been some 'talented' talented high school football players here and there who got off easy Attilatheblond Mar 30 #76
POS is a mass murderer and should be treated as such. dalton99a Mar 29 #3
parents and easy going cop contributed. BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 29 #4
Twice. SergeStorms Mar 30 #36
I doubt a revoked license would have helped central scrutinizer Mar 30 #70
Jones knew what he was doing, he did it on purpose.. Punishment: "Prison, Rest of His Life." Stuart G Mar 29 #5
How does one charge an adult's parents? Sympthsical Mar 29 #6
Buying the murder weapon? Lochloosa Mar 29 #9
How does this legally work with a car? Sympthsical Mar 29 #13
Yeah, its a slippery slope for sure. Lochloosa Mar 29 #17
Yeah, I'm just curious Sympthsical Mar 30 #34
Same Page ProfessorGAC Mar 30 #53
Loan, Title, or Insurance. Three potential avenues for the parents to have culpability here. Lancero Mar 29 #18
Do you think this is a good idea? Sympthsical Mar 30 #31
Given that this is the third time this person has done such, I'd say that the line is drawn after the second time. Lancero Mar 30 #37
I'm much more understanding about a civil suit Sympthsical Mar 30 #39
Yes, obviously in the real world his parents only have civil liability Bucky Mar 30 #42
Civil liability for what? Zeitghost Mar 30 #77
I think that's what lawyers are for Bucky Mar 30 #79
it was just mentioned on a newsite, might not happen BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 29 #16
Take away the familial relationship. yardwork Mar 30 #61
Any bets about the lawyer for the 18 year old 'adult' being paid for by his parents Attilatheblond Mar 30 #78
Have adult bartenders been charged for giving other adults too much booze? JanMichael Mar 30 #63
Discussion here: Deadly Renton crash: Can parents be held responsible? BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 31 #87
I sure hope we don't have to deal with another wretched "affluenza" defense Silent3 Mar 29 #7
Sounds like the parents have some serious grease in that town getagrip_already Mar 29 #8
Entitled Fucking Prick montanacowboy Mar 29 #10
reckless endangerment, vehicular homicide, manslaughter plus speed violations Captain Zero Mar 29 #21
Who could afford three totals in one year? Sanity Claws Mar 29 #11
Jail all three. oasis Mar 29 #12
Give him 50 years for every life he took. All Mixed Up Mar 29 #14
Does the family have money? That may determine whether or not he and the parents face charges. LonePirate Mar 29 #15
They MUST have money! ShazzieB Mar 30 #35
For those who are curious... that's a $10-12k car. WarGamer Mar 29 #19
Where are you finding that list price? TexasTowelie Mar 29 #22
it's a 2015 WarGamer Mar 29 #23
Its not new DetroitLegalBeagle Mar 30 #58
6K ... Lurker Deluxe Mar 30 #73
I'd tell what I would do to that young man but the Mods would ban me 7000 years after my death. chouchou Mar 29 #26
Third time's the charm. His prize this time will probably be jail. And yea, lick up the parents, too. ms liberty Mar 29 #27
Should have never happened because he should have been charged with reckless driving and had his license yanked... LudwigPastorius Mar 29 #28
He should do serious time ... Jeebo Mar 30 #29
I like that even while admitting to speeding in a prior crash, the police didn't charge him. Even though it seems flvegan Mar 30 #32
If the parents can be charged... Mountainguy Mar 30 #33
That was my thought as well Zeitghost Mar 30 #44
Why no picture of him? Beast From Venus Mar 30 #38
There is Sympthsical Mar 30 #40
Where in the article does it say the parents may be charged? Kaleva Mar 30 #43
doesnt sat in the articles I linked. did in some other sources I saw BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 30 #49
Ok. All the other articles I read didn't mention that either Kaleva Mar 30 #64
Letting this guy out while his hands and feet still function is wrong DFW Mar 30 #46
At this point I feel like all cars should have breathalyzers Bucky Mar 30 #47
Was he drunk? vanlassie Mar 30 #52
Where are you seeing talk of charging the parents? nt sl8 Mar 30 #48
saw it mentioned in other sources...just speculation. BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 30 #50
Ah. Other sources also speculate that the Earth is flat and Trump won the last election. sl8 Mar 30 #54
It's a discussion thread, not a book report Bucky Mar 30 #60
I'm stealing that line! yardwork Mar 30 #62
Discussion here: Deadly Renton crash: Can parents be held responsible? ..they meant Insurance/civilly only BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 31 #88
Thank you. nt sl8 Mar 31 #89
More Affluenza no_hypocrisy Mar 30 #51
This poor young man is clearly suffering from affluenza. Oneironaut Mar 30 #56
Kinda reminds me of the history of a certain Congressman from Florida actually. Attilatheblond Mar 30 #80
"I saw an open road..." localroger Mar 30 #57
Remember we all live under the same laws ? republianmushroom Mar 30 #67
LWOP for the kid, 25-ta for the parents. sir pball Mar 30 #74
Most likely: Aussie105 Mar 30 #84
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