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88. We love it here, too.
Sat Apr 6, 2024, 05:36 PM
Apr 6

Except for the Governor and State Legislature. Everything we want is within a few miles. We are 20 minutes from Playhouse Square, which is incredible and like 7 miles from the lake. Beats SW PA a million times!

It will be only partial here, and it's predicted to be overcast anyhow. Ocelot II Apr 5 #1
Are the welding glasses labelled shade 14? wnylib Apr 6 #90
Not sure, but they're pretty dark. I used them for welding. Ocelot II Apr 6 #91
The forecast here is for partly cloudy. I'm hoping that wnylib Apr 6 #92
I'm not either, I'm almost 84 years old, been there, done that..LOL. n/t SheilaAnn Apr 5 #2
My husband has decided we're going to go to a place where it will be total Bettie Apr 5 #3
I went to Carbondale, IL for the last total. Cuthbert Allgood Apr 5 #27
We're going to Alto Pass Bettie Apr 5 #38
I was just outside Cheyenne Wyoming. Amazing. I am also a giant nerd. Crunchy Frog Apr 7 #112
Our library had some. Hope22 Apr 5 #4
Our Lowe's had them for $3 a pair. woodsprite Apr 5 #29
Thanks. Hope22 Apr 6 #50
On the TV machine. MOMFUDSKI Apr 5 #5
My hands up Progressive dog Apr 5 #6
You can make a pinprick in a piece of paper and watch the shadow Marthe48 Apr 5 #7
I remember watching the last eclipse with my kids Mossfern Apr 5 #14
Please don't view it through your smoked glass! femmedem Apr 5 #32
Thank you for the warning :) Marthe48 Apr 5 #36
It might be too late to find safe eclipse glasses now. femmedem Apr 6 #67
Smoked glass not safe Dear_Prudence Apr 6 #81
I'm not going to use it another warning before yours :) Marthe48 Apr 6 #83
I'm of two minds. All I need to do is step out onto my deck. But I am pissed off that there may well be 100,000 ... marble falls Apr 5 #8
There is NOT an eclipse somewhere in the US every seven years or so. PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 6 #56
You missed July 1972 Nova Scotia. I was there. marybourg Apr 6 #59
Did you fly your Lear Jet to get there? NanaCat Apr 6 #63
No, but I took a nice ferry ride and saw how marybourg Apr 6 #71
When did Nova Scotia become part of the US? PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 6 #96
Oh, didn't realize only US eclipses. marybourg Apr 7 #103
Oregon, seven years ago, a town of 7500 became a town of 100,000 thousand. There are eclipses regularly ... marble falls Apr 6 #70
We'll be watching it from our backyard calguy Apr 5 #9
**Hand raised!** CaliforniaPeggy Apr 5 #10
Yep, I probably won't be alive for the next one in 2045. SYFROYH Apr 5 #11
If the clouds let me Silent3 Apr 5 #12
I'm in the path of totality, but the forecast is bad. LeftInTX Apr 5 #13
We are in the path of totality as well in Ohio Xavier Breath Apr 6 #93
The blue is the path of the eclipse LeftInTX Apr 6 #94
You can safely look at the totality without special glasses... Silent3 Apr 5 #15
Huh? Where did you get that you can safely look at totality without special glasses? PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 6 #97
At totality, you aren't looking directly at the sun Silent3 Apr 7 #100
At totality, and ONLY at totality can you safely look at the sun without PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 7 #116
Yes, that's what I've been saying Silent3 Apr 7 #117
I can guarantee you that if you look at totality through glasses, you will see absolutely nothing. Crunchy Frog Apr 7 #113
Definitely.... usedtobedemgurl Apr 5 #16
I watched one from my front yard. Jeebo Apr 5 #17
I went to Wyoming for the 2017 eclipse ThoughtCriminal Apr 5 #18
You are so right. PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 6 #57
Outdoors at a funeral during totality Sympthsical Apr 5 #19
you can still get glasses...I am in Ohio which is the epicenter...our hotels are sold out and Demsrule86 Apr 5 #20
We are in Middleburg Heights... PittBlue Apr 5 #46
I doubt we will see much samplegirl Apr 6 #55
I live in Bedford...I really like Ohio. I have lived many places and this one has much to offer... Demsrule86 Apr 6 #78
Hi neighbor ....Just north of Youngstown here Diamond_Dog Apr 6 #79
We love it here, too. PittBlue Apr 6 #88
We are driving south 60 miles to experience it near Emile Apr 5 #21
I'm taking the day off for the eclipse. TomSlick Apr 5 #22
Going upstate NY edhopper Apr 5 #23
Nope, don't care. Besides it will be cloudy & rainy where I am on Monday. n/t elocs Apr 5 #24
Absolutely! Delphinus Apr 5 #25
Looks like rain in north central Texas dammit. Torchlight Apr 5 #26
I'm in San Antonio. Our forecast is s____. The closest place with decent forecast is Del Rio. LeftInTX Apr 6 #53
Drove from east coast back to Ohio to see with friends. we can do it Apr 5 #28
Yes, to be 94% here. My son's driving down to Carbondale to see it. sinkingfeeling Apr 5 #30
I'm in the zone, Big goddam deal up heah in Central Maine. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 5 #31
I thought it was supposed to be yesterday so I went outside and watched the sun until it got dark. Wonder Why Apr 5 #33
It's me or NASA. Hmmmmm usonian Apr 5 #34
You can make a pinhole projector and see it that way. BigmanPigman Apr 5 #35
No leaves here in Maine Easterncedar Apr 7 #107
We're in the 88% here in northern Delaware. woodsprite Apr 5 #37
Going to go to the edge of a park in north NYC so I have vast view of the sky and have a pinholed cardstock and.... electric_blue68 Apr 5 #39
Im just a few miles out of the totality and have the glasses. Srkdqltr Apr 5 #40
Drive those few miles unc70 Apr 6 #77
It's a very cool effect. electric_blue68 Apr 7 #115
I live in Ohio but I will have to go north about 100 miles for the total eclipse. I think doc03 Apr 5 #41
I hear Turbineguy Apr 5 #42
I do and I will be seeing it from Llano, Tx! flying_wahini Apr 5 #43
Me! From my back yard! Happy Hoosier Apr 5 #44
Saw the total in PNW in 2017. Sneederbunk Apr 5 #45
I'm visiting my daughter in Shelbyville Indiana tavernier Apr 5 #47
Cool! Easterncedar Apr 7 #108
We sold them all last night tavernier Apr 7 #110
Yes. We are a few miles east of downtown Cleveland Oh Ninga Apr 5 #48
I'd love to, but... LudwigPastorius Apr 5 #49
Not much to see Mz Pip Apr 6 #51
I'm in the path of totality. 4:23 of total eclipse. herding cats Apr 6 #52
May I ask where are you? I'm in San Antonio LeftInTX Apr 6 #61
I just saw this now. herding cats Apr 9 #119
I went to my son's house in Boerne because the forecast was slightly better. LeftInTX Apr 9 #120
I'm glad you got to see it at least! herding cats Apr 9 #122
In the totality path here in western NY. Will watch from my yard. wnylib Apr 6 #54
Western NY isn't looking very promising at the moment Silent3 Apr 7 #101
I'm not planning to go anywhere, just hoping that wnylib Apr 7 #102
We are likely to be clouded in on Monday LetMyPeopleVote Apr 6 #58
I'll see partial here if the weather is good Diraven Apr 6 #60
We'll be there, LOL NanaCat Apr 6 #62
Won't be visible where we are. GoneOffShore Apr 6 #64
Hand is raise MacKasey Apr 6 #65
We don't have a total solar eclipse visible here in Sweden until 16/10/2126, & even then, it isn't visible in Stockholm Celerity Apr 6 #66
92% totality here SeCT. There's a watch party about five miles from us at a coastal state park. femmedem Apr 6 #68
The total Solar eclipse I recall was 1977 when my son was an infant. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 6 #69
I'm not going to watch it in person, so I'll watch it on the internet Trailrider1951 Apr 6 #72
Right in the totality path. Have new eclipse glasses from B&H Liberal In Texas Apr 6 #73
I'm looking at freak'n Kerrville which is not far at all LeftInTX Apr 7 #99
Went out and purchased my eclipse glasses this morning. BluesRunTheGame Apr 6 #74
I will watch it from my townhouse in Burlington vt karynnj Apr 6 #75
Driving from Michigan snpsmom Apr 6 #76
Saw total eclipse Rebl2 Apr 6 #80
Whoops! Mossfern Apr 6 #82
I will from Houston - 95% is good enough for me n/t TexasBushwhacker Apr 6 #84
NASA will have a live feed brooklynite Apr 6 #85
Driving to Oswego, NY brooklynite Apr 6 #86
Go to the library, they are giving out glasses free WhiteTara Apr 6 #87
Almost Certainly ProfessorGAC Apr 6 #89
Total Eclipse only 50 miles away, DAMN RIGHT WE'RE GOING. Emile Apr 6 #95
Absolutely!!! Expecting good conditions... Happy Hoosier Apr 6 #98
Oh hell yeah! AmBlue Apr 7 #104
It's going to be minimal here, afaict. As I have done before, I'll go out & watch the effect on shadows.... Hekate Apr 7 #105
I'll watch. Elessar Zappa Apr 7 #106
Was planning on it Easterncedar Apr 7 #109
I'm in Central New York with 15 year old twins, and am a few miles away from totality. Crunchy Frog Apr 7 #111
You can use a small mirror, John Farmer Apr 7 #114
Wondering if the eclipse will trigger fish to bite. Emile Apr 7 #118
I had to look up the date I was there for an eclipse. July 20, 1963. DFW Apr 9 #121
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