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Sun Apr 7, 2024, 11:31 PM Apr 7

The events that made you realize America is f'ing stupid? [View all]

Well, make that "Americans" are f'ing stupid. America as a country is a grand experiment, the greatest government concept in the history of the world. But many Americans don't deserve to live here.

I'm 70 years old... can't really recall the exact moment when I became so cynical... maybe it was inside a church, I don't recall....

But without question the two biggest AMERICANS ARE FUCKING STUPID ALMOST TO THE POINT OF EVIL events I know are:

- The election of a fat, ugly, moronic racist rapist to the presidency.

And it really tells you something when Uvalde can't make the top two.

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When we invaded Iraq because of 9-11 Johonny Apr 7 #1
I almost replied with "good one" when I caught myself. That wasn't good at all, was it? Goodheart Apr 7 #4
The neocons were intent on invading Iraq before 9-11 Martin Eden Apr 8 #33
Killed off thousands of their professionals malaise Apr 8 #38
Nest time the Saudis attack us, we will probably invade Canada. Chainfire Apr 8 #50
Next Rebl2 Apr 8 #59
No, nest! ;) Chainfire Apr 8 #66
My top two would be electing tRumpf and Reagan..... lastlib Apr 7 #2
I felt America was failing when a grade B actor actually became president. chouchou Apr 7 #3
Honestly, that one didn't bother me all that much. Goodheart Apr 7 #5
My problem was Reagan was that, he was just going to hang from many a strings.. chouchou Apr 7 #7
Reagan was a piece of SHIT Skittles Apr 8 #30
I agree. He conned blue collar workers with his pseudo patriotism and race baiting Martin Eden Apr 8 #36
Zelensky had actual talent as an entertainer NanaCat Apr 9 #83
His wife consulted astrologists Johonny Apr 7 #8
Some of those things, though, didn't become apparent until after he was elected. Goodheart Apr 8 #10
Nearly all of them were known before he was elected NanaCat Apr 9 #84
He had a congress that allowed that. He didn't do it by himself. jimfields33 Apr 8 #16
He was close friends with the Speaker, Tip O'Neill Polybius Apr 8 #71
I don't mind anybody being friends, jimfields33 Apr 8 #73
Often it doesn't now. raccoon Apr 9 #82
You are so right , when will the truth ever arthritisR_US Apr 8 #20
I HATED those years. MuseRider Apr 8 #49
Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker ECLIPSING the Iran-Contra affair in the news JoseBalow Apr 7 #6
The takeaway from Waco. Martyring what I considered to be a child rape cult. The 9/11 response. Letting it turn brewens Apr 7 #9
Something really bugged me today on Sirius XM radio Goodheart Apr 8 #11
I think that Michael Smerconish is wrong 100 percent of the time Bristlecone Apr 8 #14
tRump MiniMe Apr 8 #12
Absolutely...and we've had some real losers like Reagan and W Bush. brush Apr 8 #18
Had my suspicions w Nixon in 68 and 72 edhopper Apr 8 #13
1. Brooks Brothers rioters validated by the Supreme Court appointing Bush 2. Bush re-elected meadowlander Apr 8 #15
Aids and the war on drugs RANDYWILDMAN Apr 8 #17
Spot on - from the most intelligent, compassionate Bundbuster Apr 9 #90
Slavery and the wars on Native Americans Kaleva Apr 8 #19
It's always been stupid. Being stupid is an American tendency, can't help it. betsuni Apr 8 #21
We don't have a monopoly on stupid (I live in Germany), and I could never limit our stupidity to two events: DFW Apr 8 #22
Excellent list. Each culture has its own different stupidity tendencies. betsuni Apr 8 #23
So very true DFW Apr 8 #24
It's like other animals. Some species have excellent eyesight or smell or strength but are stupid about other things. betsuni Apr 8 #31
I still have a copy of that book malaise Apr 8 #39
Wow! Now, I am REALLY impressed. Not too many people remember it. DFW Apr 8 #40
The cynical one malaise Apr 8 #43
Have you read Nixon Agonistes? thucythucy Apr 8 #51
No, but it sounds like worth looking into, thanks! n/t DFW Apr 8 #57
There's an excellent chapter thucythucy Apr 8 #65
Agnew was one nasty piece of work. DFW Apr 8 #72
I was visiting a friend in Syracuse the night Agnew quit. She had good artistic talents. We made a caricature of Nixon NBachers Apr 9 #79
I think I always sensed it but I had a real Aha! Moment PCIntern Apr 8 #25
An Independent is "a Republican with no guts to admit it." Beartracks Apr 8 #35
A third of California voters are independents.... Xolodno Apr 9 #80
Yeah... PCIntern Apr 9 #86
2001-2003 nt. RandiFan1290 Apr 8 #26
America is simply too divided with no hope of ever truly being the nation is could be. elocs Apr 8 #27
the election of Reagan Skittles Apr 8 #28
100%. Jimmy Carter told Americans the truth. Yavin4 Apr 8 #45
A poll which showed a high percentage of Americans thought they were in top 10 percent JI7 Apr 8 #29
Of course... Mike Nelson Apr 8 #32
And due to right wing propaganda... Wuddles440 Apr 8 #47
TSF being elected BigMin28 Apr 8 #34
As an observant foreigner malaise Apr 8 #37
The USA is a charade John Shaft Apr 8 #41
Freedom Fries was when I realize a shark had been jumped. Torchlight Apr 8 #42
Ronald Reagan's election in 1980. Yavin4 Apr 8 #44
Nixon's election Gruenemann Apr 8 #46
Founding itself as a white supremacist nation. Once Reconstruction was scuttled, it was all over. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 8 #48
To be clear, I have always voted (Democratic) in Presidential elections since reaching 18 years old. Niagara Apr 8 #52
Not killing the Electoral College Freddie Apr 8 #53
The elections of Nixon, Reagan and -worst of all - Djt. Jrose Apr 8 #54
Somewhere @ age 14, I ate a piece of meat on a Friday and I didn't wake up in rurallib Apr 8 #55
2004 election Johnny2X2X Apr 8 #56
We're not stupid or evil. dawg Apr 8 #58
Whichever hag it was who called George W. Bush a "freeeeeeeekin' geeeeeeeeeeeeniuuuuuuus!!!" Aristus Apr 8 #60
I was convinced when G Dumbya Bush got a second term. lpbk2713 Apr 8 #70
Reagan's election. Sky Jewels Apr 8 #61
49 states worth. Incredible. jimfields33 Apr 8 #74
Funny you used the adjective "fat" vapor2 Apr 8 #62
I was never under any illusion it was not, so I never had to disabuse myself of the agitprop of American exceptionalism Celerity Apr 8 #63
The 'Satanic Daycare' times. OldBaldy1701E Apr 8 #64
When you advise people not to look directly at the sun during an eclispe maxrandb Apr 8 #67
Electing a known con artist, grifter and lying cheat who couldn't pay his bills because he had no real wealth lees1975 Apr 8 #68
Well, I think every country has roughly the same amount of idiots. Elessar Zappa Apr 8 #69
That's easy LiberaBlueDem Apr 8 #75
When Nixon ran a 49-1 table in 72. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 8 #76
Still a teenager, but Georgia rubes elected a white supremacist Gubnor with an 8th grade education and Silent Type Apr 8 #77
As a Texan, I have to say George W Bush election as Governor and then POTUS walkingman Apr 9 #78
I could write a novel.... Xolodno Apr 9 #81
1967 NanaCat Apr 9 #85
The election of Reagan and the rise of Oprah GoneOffShore Apr 9 #87
Starting in 1972 Bundbuster Apr 9 #88
The Republican slandering of John Kerry ificandream Apr 9 #89
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