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In reply to the discussion: I hate republicans. [View all]
I hate republicans. [View all] piddyprints Apr 10 OP
I feel your pain! Wuddles440 Apr 10 #1
Trying. piddyprints Apr 10 #7
Hate is a strong word TexasDem69 Apr 10 #2
Thank goodness we have strong words to express strong emotions! Think. Again. Apr 10 #3
... piddyprints Apr 10 #9
They're trying to destroy our democracy. piddyprints Apr 10 #6
Agree 100% Tansy_Gold Apr 10 #44
I use the word DENVERPOPS Apr 11 #99
I'm convinced there's a contingent who don't just hate us & want us to suffer, they want to kill us. CrispyQ Apr 11 #113
It goes far beyond policy issues. I have no problem hating people who want to kill or enslave me simply because I am: Celerity Apr 10 #27
Exactly. piddyprints Apr 10 #31
Post removed Post removed Apr 10 #42
Spot on! piddyprints Apr 10 #45
Absolutely spot on!!! niyad Apr 10 #64
No matter how insane and "death culty" these motherfuckers get. You'll always Carlitos Brigante Apr 11 #127
Good for you. I flat out hate them. Sky Jewels Apr 10 #62
I am not as spiritually evolved as some are. I HATE the people niyad Apr 10 #63
Oh FFS Doc Sportello Apr 10 #68
. Think. Again. Apr 10 #4
Thanks. piddyprints Apr 10 #10
I feel the same. Any party who would vote Emile Apr 10 #5
Right? piddyprints Apr 10 #12
I'm here too... spanone Apr 10 #8
Yep. piddyprints Apr 10 #13
I'm with you piddyprints spanone Apr 10 #20
Thanks, spanone. piddyprints Apr 10 #23
Did you see your fellow TN an Liberal Redneck's video on Monday? niyad Apr 10 #66
Yes! piddyprints Apr 11 #105
Trae is fabulous! I grew up in Kentucky right on the state line north of Clarksville yellowdogintexas Apr 11 #109
My mom wouldn't have minded. piddyprints Apr 11 #110
Poll: Too many GOP voters back authoritarian vision under Trump LetMyPeopleVote Apr 10 #11
And those same people piddyprints Apr 10 #14
As The Grandson Of A Member Of The Original US Antifa... GB_RN Apr 11 #100
Daughter of a Bronze Star Original Antifa and niece of a double Purple Heart Original Antifa yellowdogintexas Apr 11 #104
I have hated/despised/loathed Republicans for decades yellowdogintexas Apr 11 #107
Hugs! Rizen Apr 10 #15
Truly. piddyprints Apr 10 #19
We all need to be careful not to hate that label - Republican erronis Apr 10 #16
Is it ok, then, to say piddyprints Apr 10 #18
We all understood what she meant. Do you think it somehow wrong niyad Apr 11 #122
The stress has gotten worse since the Orange Menace came down that escalator. LoisB Apr 10 #17
I agree. piddyprints Apr 10 #21
I hoped he would leave too but I think we're stuck with him so long as the media give him air time and he has LoisB Apr 10 #26
Maybe Sarah Palin piddyprints Apr 10 #28
Agree. I am counting on major MAGA losses in November (including Donnie). LoisB Apr 10 #33
Alaska is conveniently close to Russia Clash City Rocker Apr 10 #35
That was my thought. piddyprints Apr 10 #38
That was Tina Fey, playing her in an SNL sketch, lol. ShazzieB Apr 10 #71
let us refresh our memory barbtries Apr 11 #96
LOL Thanks. piddyprints Apr 11 #106
Chin up. I'm in royal blue California! BUT in red hell county. onecaliberal Apr 10 #22
Trying. piddyprints Apr 10 #24
Same with my district. We had Devin Nunes, then we had Kevin McCarthy onecaliberal Apr 10 #30
You win. piddyprints Apr 10 #32
I feel your pain, neighbor Tansy_Gold Apr 10 #47
I've been donating to Gallego. onecaliberal Apr 10 #70
Me too claudette Apr 10 #25
.... piddyprints Apr 10 #29
We feel your pain... surfered Apr 10 #34
me too LymphocyteLover Apr 10 #36
In Tennessee . . . AverageOldGuy Apr 10 #37
Yes, I know. piddyprints Apr 10 #40
I know what you're saying. wendyb-NC Apr 10 #39
To be sure. piddyprints Apr 10 #48
Don't let people own your emotions. Patton French Apr 10 #41
I own my own emotions, piddyprints Apr 10 #43
I'm merely telling you something that may help you Patton French Apr 10 #49
See post 68. niyad Apr 10 #69
Your vote does matter. Aristus Apr 10 #46
They are very inspiring. piddyprints Apr 10 #51
Yes. You have to keep voting. Aristus Apr 10 #57
One problem is piddyprints Apr 10 #58
Me too. This is from 2004 FoxNewsSucks Apr 10 #50
Wow! piddyprints Apr 10 #54
I just copied the link to play this on DU BigmanPigman Apr 11 #79
that's my anthem! barbtries Apr 11 #97
I try hard not to hate but their behavior makes it real work. mahina Apr 10 #52
The 2000 election is why... S/V Loner Apr 10 #53
I would have if I'd know. piddyprints Apr 10 #56
Agree 100% cate94 Apr 10 #55
TN here as well ... sarchasm Apr 10 #59
It stands to reason that since they hate themselves, they hate each other, they hate people who are louslobbs Apr 10 #60
Huggggggggs. I am thankful every day for DU. EVERY vote matters, niyad Apr 10 #61
Hugs! Richluu Apr 10 #65
Amen to that! PortTack Apr 10 #67
I hate them, too. stage left Apr 11 #72
I'm grateful we have DU, too! And, I'm just realizing that Cha Apr 11 #73
Congratulations on all those years! calimary Apr 11 #103
Mahalo & Congratulations to you, calimary! I just read your Cha Apr 11 #112
Oh really? Wow - that long ago. calimary Apr 11 #115
Yes we did! I was in NYC the day after New Years Eve in 2001 Cha Apr 11 #118
I found it after first discovering a site called "Resident Bush." calimary Apr 11 #120
Interesting.. I love hearing how we DUers found Cha Apr 11 #121
23 years for you in October. I am absolutely with you on the saving my niyad Apr 11 #123
Me too! piddyprints Apr 11 #108
Aww.. you explained it so Well, piddyprints! Cha Apr 11 #114
Thanks. piddyprints Apr 11 #117
Good for you.. my family and friends don't know Cha Apr 11 #119
hate is a strong word. agreed - YD Democrat Apr 11 #74
Teach your children, and grandchildren, as I have: ALL REPUBLICANS--- DemocraticPatriot Apr 11 #75
they have long been very disgusting Skittles Apr 11 #76
Hugs needed flamingdem Apr 11 #77
As a fellow TN res Annie Moosee Apr 11 #78
The last redistricting was horrendous. What they did to TX 5 just blew me away yellowdogintexas Apr 11 #111
I hate them too. Maybe we need a new 12-step group: Republican Haters Anonymous. raccoon Apr 11 #80
Hey, here's a hug from me - I may be in New York, but I have Stefanik... Rhiannon12866 Apr 11 #81
What I can't figure out are the people constantly whining about Democrats being too nice, betsuni Apr 11 #82
They lost any credibility with me at Nixon. CCExile Apr 11 #83
I'm in Iowa Bettie Apr 11 #84
Every one of them is complicit Orrex Apr 11 #85
They are easy to hate. liberal N proud Apr 11 #86
Hate! Jean Genie Apr 11 #87
Votes always matter IbogaProject Apr 11 #88
Ditto in MO joanbarnes Apr 11 #89
Me too SARose Apr 11 #90
I'm in Tennessee, too. I'll keep voting but this political environment here is a nightmare. SharonAnn Apr 11 #91
Growing up all I ever heard from my Dad was him saying " dirty, stinking, lousy republicans". kimbutgar Apr 11 #92
I don't hate Republicans. They have one branch by a fingernail Roc2020 Apr 11 #93
I hate them too. Some more than others. 58Sunliner Apr 11 #94
i hate republicans barbtries Apr 11 #95
We have been discouraged, denied, and super-stressed. pandr32 Apr 11 #98
With you 99% -- I cut the ones who refuse to vote KPN Apr 11 #101
Take a number. calimary Apr 11 #102
Republicans are the cause I lost 43 people I knew, worked with, learned with and my brother. Traurigkeit Apr 11 #116
They F*** us over in Memphis the worst! MeNotThatKindOfOrc Apr 11 #124
more than Metro Nashville? I knew they tried to mess with Memphis/Shelby County yellowdogintexas Apr 16 #130
Sending Hugs BlueKota Apr 11 #125
I love them. Matt 25:40 says Wonder Why Apr 11 #126
Bible verse? Really? piddyprints Apr 12 #128
I didn't impose anything on anyone. I don't follow any religion. I just remembered a couple of word from my youth Wonder Why Apr 12 #129
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