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Sat Apr 13, 2024, 04:55 PM Apr 13

FACT - Israel bombed an Iranian Embassy and killed people [View all]

That was on Iranian territory by international Law. The entire world should have condemned that.

I am sick of all sides - I am sick of the lies. I am sick of the enablers. That is all.

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Hypocrisy abounds... WarGamer Apr 13 #1
Just to be clear, Israel didn't attack the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 13 #2
Hold on, a Consulate is generally the BUILDING that holds the Embassy.. WTF is the difference here? TeamProg Apr 13 #48
In this case it was next to the Embassy EX500rider Apr 13 #49
You hold on, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 13 #50
Still, a fantastic idea! Right???? Right?? right.....? TeamProg Apr 13 #64
WTF is your problem? MarineCombatEngineer Apr 13 #66
Just saying that bombing the Iranian Consulate in an allied nation was a fantastic idea, right? TeamProg Apr 13 #98
It was an attack on the commanders of the Iranian Muslim National Guard wnylib Apr 14 #140
Some people love to argue semantics. Lunabell Apr 14 #153
I wasn't arguing semantics, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 16 #276
Sure. Lunabell Apr 16 #277
Good, everyone should have a great day and I' glad you are as am I. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 16 #278
Consulate, embassy, both are Iranian property. brush Apr 13 #128
As I said, other than that, I have no words. nt MarineCombatEngineer Apr 13 #129
But yet you continue to post krawhitham Apr 14 #236
Do you read or listen to news events? wnylib Apr 14 #141
Do you think it widened the war? brush Apr 14 #144
I think that the initial attack inside Israel by Iranian backed Hezbollah wnylib Apr 14 #147
That's one way of lookiing at it. Another is warmonger Netanyahu... brush Apr 14 #148
Huh? Okay, you are right, but splitting hairs for what putpose? KPN Apr 14 #172
Yeah, That's A "FACT" If anyone wants to Post an Actual Cha Apr 15 #268
There are a lot of people who do not care about those with black or brown skin. onecaliberal Apr 13 #3
Many Israeli Jews are from Iran. LeftInTX Apr 13 #21
Ah yes, it's all about racism. How American of you, AkFemDem Apr 13 #109
Looking at things through the lense of race is the American way. erodriguez Apr 13 #135
Broad brushing Americans seems to be the DU way whathehell Apr 14 #193
Sorry man the US is a racist country. It has been organized with race in mind for years. erodriguez Apr 14 #220
Sorry bro, but racism is not limited to the US whathehell Apr 14 #222
What "lot of people"? Who are you talking about? betsuni Apr 14 #154
Good point. brush Apr 14 #177
Since Jews aren't considered Whites I guess that includes them too then oldsoftie Apr 14 #214
Who (of any credibility) thinks Jews 'aren't white'? whathehell Apr 14 #223
Well if you insist on credibility..........! oldsoftie Apr 14 #228
I get you.. whathehell Apr 14 #232
'ally' enid602 Apr 13 #4
Very malaise Apr 13 #5
They frequently bomb Syria Red Mountain Apr 13 #6
Yep...Lebanon bombs Israel all the time. Syria also bombs Israel now and then. LeftInTX Apr 13 #9
Right Cosmocat Apr 14 #152
Escalation enid602 Apr 13 #11
Iran attacking Israel directly Red Mountain Apr 13 #15
Strike enid602 Apr 13 #25
I'm sure Israel felt it was. I assume, they anticipated a retaliation. (If they didn't, then that's just dumb) LeftInTX Apr 13 #35
It's a response, already. Gore1FL Apr 13 #63
I feel like I called it Gore1FL Apr 13 #130
You have got to be kidding. malthaussen Apr 14 #185
This message was self-deleted by its author NickB79 Apr 13 #7
With you. MuseRider Apr 13 #8
It gave bibi the distraction he needed to stay in power instead of prison. PSPS Apr 13 #10
He might have miscalculated this time Katcat Apr 13 #17
Better not. President Biden said we will have Israel's back. jimfields33 Apr 13 #37
Recommended. H2O Man Apr 13 #12
And the worst part is that Smelvis and his son in law are loving this effin mess malaise Apr 13 #16
Informed enid602 Apr 13 #29
Just a question bdamomma Apr 13 #78
There is no doubt in this DUer's mind that Putin is the puppet master, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 13 #81
I bdamomma Apr 13 #97
Putin and Netanyahu moniss Apr 14 #210
The obvious attempt to start a wider conflict was when Hamas invaded Israel. Beastly Boy Apr 13 #94
I think Putin used it as a distraction - TBF Apr 14 #181
Israel has been trying to limit Iranian influence in Syria Red Mountain Apr 13 #13
Israel has the Iron Dome. Iran will have more "martyrs" LeftInTX Apr 13 #33
Bibi the fascist wants to keep the war/wars going. He knows he will be out! PortTack Apr 13 #14
M$NBComcast is discussing malaise Apr 13 #19
From your lips to the Universe ears. Bibi is a mad man and he jrthin Apr 13 #27
Hard to process malaise Apr 13 #45
It sure is... jrthin Apr 13 #73
I so hope you're right about this, malaise! BComplex Apr 13 #115
he's not leaving until his coalition falls apart. Calista241 Apr 13 #137
He can't be gone soon enough! PortTack Apr 15 #273
M$NBComcast is discussing malaise Apr 13 #20
They really said the attack was good? LeftInTX Apr 14 #244
There were terrorist leaders who were victims PCIntern Apr 13 #18
Very true, but to some, that's irrelevant, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 13 #22
Yeah yeah, wash-rinse-repeat. Bombing thre Iranian Consulate in a third party nation was an amazing idea, right? TeamProg Apr 13 #54
I will thank you for not putting your words in my mouth, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 13 #62
A Consulate generally holds the Embassy. That's usually the way it works. TeamProg Apr 13 #65
LOL. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 13 #70
Thank you! TeamProg Apr 13 #74
Guess I forgot to add this......... MarineCombatEngineer Apr 13 #75
Here ya go! TeamProg Apr 14 #174
Ok, and? MarineCombatEngineer Apr 15 #274
The reporting was clear and explicit. Igel Apr 13 #134
HUH? No it doesnt. A consulate is a totally different building. oldsoftie Apr 14 #158
Here ya go! TeamProg Apr 14 #194
The Embassy is a building, not people, according to the very site you link oldsoftie Apr 14 #203
Incorrect, sir. TeamProg Apr 14 #208
It's says right there on the site; "an embassy is an official HQ for diplomats..." oldsoftie Apr 14 #215
Do you have a link for that claim? lapucelle Apr 14 #168
Here ya go! TeamProg Apr 14 #173
Sorry, that doesn't work on me. Your link does not say that "a consulate generally holds the embassy". lapucelle Apr 14 #178
Hmmm, I thin you reasd the wrong response post: Here you go! TeamProg Apr 14 #191
Sorry, it won't work. That is exactly the post I was responding to. lapucelle Apr 14 #198
The subject was the physical location, not the missions of each dept. These pasted statements say NOTHING about the TeamProg Apr 14 #175
The Iranian embassy in Syria is not located in the Iranian consulate in Syria. lapucelle Apr 14 #179
An embassy is not part of a consulate. lapucelle Apr 14 #199
It cannot be ANY clearer than this: TeamProg Apr 14 #201
Sorry. A building that supports the embassy is not an embassy. lapucelle Apr 14 #211
This message was self-deleted by its author MarineCombatEngineer Apr 13 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author MarineCombatEngineer Apr 13 #24
That can't be, I thought they were freedom fighters like Mandela AZSkiffyGeek Apr 13 #28
We both know it's way more complicated than that malaise Apr 13 #30
But yet nothing about Iran's arming and training terrorist orgs. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 13 #32
Iran supports and arms Hamas and Houthi TexasDem69 Apr 13 #39
Not sure it was, as it was the building next to the Embassy, not the Embassy EX500rider Apr 13 #53
What international law was violated? TexasDem69 Apr 13 #84
You mean like raping teens at a rave? AZSkiffyGeek Apr 14 #204
"Food service workers"...could you be more dismissive? BeyondGeography Apr 13 #31
I'm not being dismissive PCIntern Apr 13 #34
Spare me the condescension BeyondGeography Apr 13 #38
Typical DU Israel "discussion": PCIntern Apr 13 #47
Listen to you BeyondGeography Apr 13 #61
That's what they WERE... PCIntern Apr 13 #68
So you do not find the act of whathehell Apr 14 #230
Do you walk to work or do you carry your lunch? PCIntern Apr 14 #245
Nonresponsive whathehell Apr 15 #271
Israel has to be the bad guy ALL the time. Hamas, et al; are 'freedom fighters"! oldsoftie Apr 13 #43
You don't think calling Hamas "freedom fighters just like Mandela" is supportive? BannonsLiver Apr 14 #217
This post doesn't help anyone uponit7771 Apr 14 #161
"Suspected Israeli warplanes bombed Iran's embassy in Syria on April 1 in a strike that Iran said killed seven of its TeamProg Apr 13 #59
Killed head of Quds force, which US says is terrorist LeftInTX Apr 13 #80
Yes, there's No Excusing Iran try as anyone might. Cha Apr 15 #250
Bibi Netanyahu plays with fire 24/7. SleeplessinSoCal Apr 13 #26
Iran is a Putin ally and has been providing weapons to hit Ukraine sarisataka Apr 13 #60
Its a common misconception that embassies are "foreign soil". They're not. oldsoftie Apr 13 #36
The Israelis are simply freedom fighters. BannonsLiver Apr 13 #40
Supporting liberal democracies over authoritarian fundamentalists Sympthsical Apr 13 #41
I'm 100% behind Joe Biden TexasDem69 Apr 13 #42
"President Behind" Dave Bowman Apr 13 #86
Ha, yes TexasDem69 Apr 13 #89
Y'all acting like Iran doesn't fund this shit Sympthsical Apr 13 #44
+ JI7 Apr 13 #51
I think any perceived bulwark against the "evil west" is welcomed by a few folks here. BannonsLiver Apr 13 #77
+1 betsuni Apr 13 #105
Yeah, DUers should give BB more benefit of the doubt right? uponit7771 Apr 14 #162
Not everyone thinks of politics in terms of personality Sympthsical Apr 14 #164
What has led to Iran's retaliation against Israel? TeamProg Apr 13 #46
Good link malaise Apr 13 #52
"Israeli warplanes bombed Iran's embassy in Syria " EX500rider Apr 13 #56
Even most Iranian people don't support what their shit Govt is doing JI7 Apr 13 #55
By international law, Iran bombed Israeli territory in Buenos Aires in 1992, killing 22 people Beastly Boy Apr 13 #57
Ugh. Here we go again. paleotn Apr 13 #58
You mean you don't feel bad for the biggest international state sponsor of terrorism on the planet? BannonsLiver Apr 13 #69
Post removed Post removed Apr 13 #88
That would definitely track. BannonsLiver Apr 13 #90
... lapucelle Apr 13 #131
Typical JD. betsuni Apr 14 #142
Was wondering how long it would take some to shift to "Iran fans" paleotn Apr 13 #104
Toronto protesters cheer as Iran fires drones at Israel lapucelle Apr 13 #132
... betsuni Apr 14 #143
Funny how the kumbaya set are so quick to cheer kinetic responses. paleotn Apr 14 #159
They don't want peace. Ace Rothstein Apr 14 #195
Because at heart they are all antisemites BannonsLiver Apr 14 #202
Sick Fucks.. Too GD Bad our Allies Intercepted and Terrorist Iran Cha Apr 15 #251
Didn't work for me Danmel Apr 13 #138
Dang. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. paleotn Apr 14 #160
Correct. David__77 Apr 13 #67
Actually, it's factually incorrect on two out of three points. lapucelle Apr 14 #183
Bibi upped the ante. Basic LA Apr 13 #71
This is one of my main stances. Netanyahu (as universally agreed on MSNBC for hours) deliberately provoked Iran Celerity Apr 13 #113
What's obvious to a growing majority Basic LA Apr 13 #125
+1, waaaaay too many on DU give Bobo the benefit of doubt uponit7771 Apr 14 #163
As far as I am concerned, support for Netanyahu (including baying for him to kick off an all out war with Iran, Celerity Apr 14 #165
Someone on DU is calling on Israel to nuke Iran? lapucelle Apr 14 #189
Yes, yesterday. A legit, longer time DU poster, not some newly spun up alt burner account. Celerity Apr 14 #225
Who on DU is "insanely calling for Israel to nuke [Iran]"? lapucelle Apr 14 #212
I searched back to the strike in Damascus sarisataka Apr 14 #216
it was yesterday Celerity Apr 14 #227
Not finding it. sarisataka Apr 14 #229
yes Celerity Apr 14 #231
Good, anyone advocating the use of nuclear weapons sarisataka Apr 14 #233
I can't find one either. lapucelle Apr 14 #237
This was the opp where it was. revmclaren Apr 15 #248
See post 225. Celerity Apr 14 #226
Just adding bdamomma Apr 13 #72
I support the people of Israel. NOT their government. davsand Apr 13 #76
I am sick of the bullshit lonely bird Apr 13 #79
... BannonsLiver Apr 13 #82
OK lonely bird Apr 13 #87
Lol BannonsLiver Apr 13 #95
So who do you support? TexasDem69 Apr 13 #85
The people lonely bird Apr 13 #93
You aren't paying attention TexasDem69 Apr 13 #96
Read it again. lonely bird Apr 13 #101
Cool, thanks for the slowness TexasDem69 Apr 13 #106
I support the people lonely bird Apr 13 #136
Israel just slaughtered over 30,000 Palestinians malaise Apr 13 #123
In what claudette Apr 14 #151
Many of them Hamas Rapists and murderers JustAnotherGen Apr 14 #207
THIS malaise Apr 13 #92
Welcome to The Great Middle Eastern War. roamer65 Apr 13 #83
Crying over TERRORISTS again wah fucking wah BLOCKED GuppyGal Apr 13 #91
Just gotta throw this in here. Religion is destroying the whole middle east, SO bluestarone Apr 13 #99
And that's the truth malaise Apr 13 #103
All of the combatants are killing to protect their version of the One True God. Ping Tung Apr 14 #205
President Biden PennRalphie Apr 13 #100
In a moment of incredible uncertainty, I'm so happy that we have President Biden in the Oval Office. LetMyPeopleVote Apr 13 #102
Me too, but whatever bad happens, Trump and the Republicans will blame Biden. Doodley Apr 13 #117
All I can say is thank God Joe Biden is president and not Donald Trump. Who is with me?! 🖐️ LetMyPeopleVote Apr 13 #120
Amen to that! mcar Apr 13 #124
But it was OK when Iranians stormed the US embassy and kept US citizens hostage for 444 days? LeftInTX Apr 13 #107
Yeah..well...you know... PCIntern Apr 13 #108
What year was the US backed coup again malaise Apr 13 #110
But it was OK? It was OK to abduct the hostages and take them to prisons and torture them because of the US relations? LeftInTX Apr 13 #111
And yet the Mullahs are so bad many Iranians missed the Shah now EX500rider Apr 13 #118
So that makes it claudette Apr 14 #209
I have nothing to add to your post except - Yes! flashman13 Apr 13 #112
Some FACTs you left out... Steven Maurer Apr 13 #114
Please don't confuse these people with facts. PCIntern Apr 13 #116
Doesn't claudette Apr 13 #127
Not necessarily. I don't think that the US would stomach it. erodriguez Apr 14 #149
I hope and claudette Apr 14 #150
I watched Sky overnight malaise Apr 14 #156
👍 claudette Apr 14 #157
Biden has said the US will not support retaliation. LeftInTX Apr 14 #180
I think claudette Apr 14 #190
+1 betsuni Apr 14 #145
Is Iran freedom fighters too? nt LexVegas Apr 13 #121
Iran murders women for not wearing head coverings mcar Apr 13 #122
IOKIYNTW (It's OK if You're Not Teh West) betsuni Apr 14 #146
Seems to be a running thread eh? JustAnotherGen Apr 15 #266
Except that they don't. Marcus IM Apr 14 #182
Iran is a brutal, dictatorial regime mcar Apr 14 #218
What happened to Mahsa/Zhina Amini? LeftInTX Apr 14 #219
Israel must have done it mcar Apr 14 #224
See post 234. sheshe2 Apr 14 #238
I note that you edited your post mcar Apr 14 #242
Here's a more realistic video LeftInTX Apr 14 #243
Except when they do. sheshe2 Apr 14 #234
What is going on, she? mcar Apr 14 #239
I posted this in 2022. sheshe2 Apr 14 #240
Now they're claudette Apr 13 #126
DURec leftstreet Apr 13 #133
Statement from President Joe Biden on Iran's Attacks against the State of Israel LetMyPeopleVote Apr 14 #139
FACT claudette Apr 14 #155
" with over 30,000 INNOCENTS being killed in the process." EX500rider Apr 14 #166
It is not a "FACT" that "Israel bombed an Iranian embassy". lapucelle Apr 14 #171
There haven't been 30,000 innocents killed in Gaza. Ace Rothstein Apr 14 #196
The Middle East. Don't expect peace. twodogsbarking Apr 14 #167
It is not a "FACT" that Israel bombed an embassy. lapucelle Apr 14 #169
FACT - Israel bombed an Iranian CONSULATE and killed TERRORISTS AnrothElf Apr 14 #170
Agreed. It appears tricky warmonger Netanyahu pulled that off... brush Apr 14 #176
And nothing they write changes the fact malaise Apr 14 #184
What "international law" would that be? lapucelle Apr 14 #197
Good call Brush DENVERPOPS Apr 14 #187
I look at that bombing DENVERPOPS Apr 14 #186
As the local program host just said malaise Apr 14 #188
Israeli airstrike destroyed the Iranian consulate ANNEX NEXT to Iranian Embassy - killing 16 people. Nanjeanne Apr 14 #192
THIS malaise Apr 14 #200
That is not Iranian territory JustAnotherGen Apr 14 #206
I think 99% of people think Embassies ARE considered that country's territory. oldsoftie Apr 14 #213
It is considered sovereign Iranian territory, per CNN. Celerity Apr 14 #247
Well, CNN is part of the 99%. It is NOT "sovereign foreign territory." oldsoftie Apr 15 #258
Thank you JustAnotherGen Apr 15 #265
The building belongs to Iran. AloeVera Apr 14 #235
They may own the BUILDING but the land is NOT considered "foreign territory" oldsoftie Apr 15 #269
I understand that. AloeVera Apr 15 #270
Its not a distraction when people constantly say "its "X" territory!!" oldsoftie Apr 15 #272
It is considered sovereign Iranian territory, per CNN. Celerity Apr 14 #246
A very rare joint statement from the Democratic Majority for Israel (DFMI) and Republican Jewish Committee (RJC) LetMyPeopleVote Apr 14 #221
More money for more war. Shameless. AloeVera Apr 14 #241
Iran is a Gov Sponsored Stupid Terrorist Org So Why Cha Apr 15 #252
And they brought in a creepy Howard Hughes clone to run their country in 1980 LeftInTX Apr 15 #256
Yeah..Why Would anyone defend the Terrorist Nation Iran? Cha Apr 15 #267
It's NOT a "Fact".. It's Not an "Embassy" Quit Excusing Iran.. Cha Apr 15 #249
Calling things what they're NOT is anti-west propaganda. I see a pattern * Oopsie Daisy Apr 15 #259
What motivates Bibi? Aussie105 Apr 15 #253
It was on the 2nd flr, Embassy's on the 1st. Basic LA Apr 15 #254
This message was self-deleted by its author LeftInTX Apr 15 #255
At least claudette Apr 15 #257
Hamas & Iran didn't give a fuck about Palestinians Cha Apr 15 #260
A salient point! Basic LA Apr 15 #261
That's true claudette Apr 15 #262
"those of us who know the "truth"? MarineCombatEngineer Apr 15 #275
Mostly in the US malaise Apr 15 #263
Glad to hear that about overseas accuracy. Basic LA Apr 15 #264
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