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100% something I never anticipated in the U.S. DemMedic Apr 13 #1
Let's start this off right for the younger veiwers in the audience. Those of us who lived to see it live. Click below. usaf-vet Apr 13 #5
This is exactly how I feel. FalloutShelter Apr 13 #2
Most of the Traildogbob Apr 13 #3
Yeah, this is what I feel. EndlessWire Apr 13 #22
100 percent Traildogbob Apr 13 #23
This game owning the libs has gone too far. Emile Apr 13 #4
In the 1930s the German farmers multigraincracker Apr 13 #7
"Twilight Zone", "Living on another planet"... Boomerproud Apr 13 #6
I found Twilight Zone prophetic. usonian Apr 13 #8
It's easy to underestimate how many truly awful Americans there are dlk Apr 13 #9
They never rest NJCher Apr 14 #33
The worst part is when you find yourself getting used to it. jaxexpat Apr 13 #10
Yup, everyday. StarryNite Apr 13 #11
Did I die and go to hell? Irish_Dem Apr 13 #12
"Insanity in individuals is something rare Ping Tung Apr 13 #13
Perfect PT...... NC DENVERPOPS Apr 13 #31
Actually, no. But I never bought the "it can't happen here" propaganda. malthaussen Apr 13 #14
That's the price of oligarchy, Uncle Joe Apr 13 #15
All I know is when Jack Klugman came to life the other night Xavier Breath Apr 13 #16
It really amps my sense of ennui when the MSM goes on as if he's a normal candidate as opposed to the criminal he is. Ford_Prefect Apr 13 #17
The episode "He Lives" describes now perfectly bedazzled Apr 13 #18
Please elaborate on the plot. triron Apr 13 #20
"He's Alive" (my mistake) has Hitler coming back to life bedazzled Apr 13 #21
Oh I bdamomma Apr 13 #28
I've felt that way since 2016. triron Apr 13 #19
I've felt that way since SCOTUS installed George Bush. Silver Gaia Apr 14 #37
I feel that I'm in the Twilight Zone when shit like this no longer shocks Bundbuster Apr 13 #24
They are not hiding it anymore. Religious fanatics taking away our freedoms. SupportSanity Apr 14 #40
It's like a sleep paralysis nightmare that we can't wake up from IcyPeas Apr 13 #25
I've starting replacing the word "reality"... Think. Again. Apr 13 #26
I just bdamomma Apr 13 #27
Yep. Every day Evolve Dammit Apr 13 #29
May as well have some music for it, DJ Synikus Makisimus Apr 13 #30
I regularly ask myself what the hell planet/country... 3catwoman3 Apr 13 #32
You think this is surreal NJCher Apr 14 #34
I've been calling it Bizarro World BigmanPigman Apr 14 #35
Oh Yeah.. Many Times Deep in the Twilight Zone. Cha Apr 14 #36
If you think about it... NanaCat Apr 14 #38
The POS traitor is beholden to Putin. Kid Berwyn Apr 14 #39
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