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Mon Apr 15, 2024, 12:25 PM Apr 15

Trump appears to be sleeping [View all]

What Trump Is Doing In the Courtroom

April 15, 2024 at 12:14 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard Leave a Comment

New York Times: “Trump appears to be sleeping. His head keeps dropping down and his mouth goes slack.”

“Trump has apparently jolted back awake, noticing the notes his lawyer passed him several minutes ago,”



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The stroke could happen at MOMFUDSKI Apr 15 #1
Is elated a synonym for surprised? FHRRK Apr 15 #30
I don't think so EYESORE 9001 Apr 15 #38
also reported by the guardian... different reporter getagrip_already Apr 15 #2
That's because many suspect he has early Alzheimer's FarPoint Apr 15 #3
Probably Alzheimer's but I have liver failure in the pool. I'm not giving up yet. brewens Apr 15 #8
He doesn't drink. Nt Fiendish Thingy Apr 15 #14
I know, but he's a prime candidate for fatty liver disease. I have a buddy that might be in serious trouble brewens Apr 15 #18
Don't need to drink to have liver failure. TwilightZone Apr 15 #24
BIGLY afraid what truths would come out if he got a drop of Wine into its system. Traurigkeit Apr 15 #36
He says he doesn't drink. Patterson Apr 15 #49
That's not what sundowning is. Nt Fiendish Thingy Apr 15 #13
Get him to chug a couple Monsters! I had to do that to stay awake one day on jury duty. Of course, with brewens Apr 15 #4
Did the judge order a lethal injection? Kennah Apr 15 #5
I should be ashamed of laughing at that. KentuckyWoman Apr 15 #63
Probably heavily medicated Island Blue Apr 15 #6
my first thought, too Stardust Mirror Apr 15 #11
My first thought also. northoftheborder Apr 16 #81
Or his usual stimulants were withheld today to prevent the same. RockRaven Apr 15 #16
That was my thought Docreed2003 Apr 15 #20
My exact thoughts... Blue Idaho Apr 15 #22
He can't very well.... SergeStorms Apr 15 #43
His Lawyers Might Have Kept Him Away From The Adderall smb Apr 15 #66
"Sleepy Don" struggle4progress Apr 15 #7
trDUMP is conserving his energies,... not sleeping in court..... magicarpet Apr 15 #59
Don Snoreleone's Dream! nt smb Apr 15 #67
Hopefully his false teeth slide out. pandr32 Apr 15 #9
And land in his lap, biting his lil 'shroom Attilatheblond Apr 15 #26
The note said "wake up dumbass - it's a bad look". He looks like shit on Day One & he needs to be there every day! AnotherMother4Peace Apr 15 #10
By Thursday he'll need a cot. rubbersole Apr 15 #41
He had bags under his eyes this morning scipan Apr 15 #12
I wonder what the judge would do if the idiot falls asleep completely. honest.abe Apr 15 #15
Cattle Prod! vanlassie Apr 16 #72
I hope his insomnia is torture blogslug Apr 15 #17
"4 hours a night", good lie to cover napping 8 hours each day Traurigkeit Apr 15 #34
Maybe he's trying out his best Vinnie the Chin impression. He needs a bathrobe to pull it off. Vinca Apr 15 #19
I bet something happens Johnny2X2X Apr 15 #21
He literally bdamomma Apr 16 #73
#SleepyDon is now trending LetMyPeopleVote Apr 15 #23
if he starts bdamomma Apr 16 #74
Can you imagine if this were Biden Johnny2X2X Apr 15 #25
There'd be lots of concern trolling by the media MustLoveBeagles Apr 15 #28
Hey, cut the guy some slack. Mr.Bill Apr 15 #27
Bigly low energy Don. usedtobedemgurl Apr 15 #29
At this point, just let me know when he's finally GONE. calimary Apr 15 #32
I am so over him, too,,,, usedtobedemgurl Apr 15 #35
This would have torched anyone else. CrispyQ Apr 15 #65
It galls me how they treat him. usedtobedemgurl Apr 16 #69
What a pig he is bdamomma Apr 16 #75
His lawyers have their game face on. lpbk2713 Apr 15 #31
Not A Game Face On The Attorneys -- It's Constipation NonPC Apr 15 #39
I hope the officers are remembering how Maga treated the capitol police on 1/6/21. CrispyQ Apr 16 #70
It's all pretense to show his utter contempt for what is happening to him. CTyankee Apr 16 #76
TSF is an old fella, needs its naps all day long. No energy, not much going on in the mind. Traurigkeit Apr 15 #33
Must be from posting 'Lies Social' trolling idiocies in the middle of the night. Justice matters. Apr 15 #42
Welcome to DU, Traurigkeit! calimary Apr 15 #44
Welcome Traurigkeit bdamomma Apr 16 #77
I hope every minute in court is painful for him captain queeg Apr 15 #37
Now Trump can honestly say that he is not woke Poiuyt Apr 15 #40
Stock closed at 26.68 down 18+% twodogsbarking Apr 15 #45
Still too high. calimary Apr 15 #52
All this coming from the same guy who called President Biden "Sleepy Joe" meow2u3 Apr 15 #46
Slam down Rebl2 Apr 15 #47
I guess "Sleepy Joe" is yet another case of projection. tinrobot Apr 15 #48
Let's have your bets on what his excuse will be. louis-t Apr 15 #50
Up all night posting on Truth Social. nt doc03 Apr 15 #51
He used to do his texting with Pootie at 3 or 4 in the morning FakeNoose Apr 15 #53
"He used to" bdamomma Apr 16 #79
Sleepy Don. SAD! Hassler Apr 15 #54
"If trump is Too Old and Weak to Stay Awake At his Own Criminal Trial... Cha Apr 15 #55
Sleepy, Grumpy and Dopey. Disaffected Apr 15 #56
How will he survive, day after day, week after week? This could take a deadly toll. I'm concerned he will get ill. Doodley Apr 15 #57
Z's heard round the world? Lol nt Javaman Apr 15 #58
Sleepy, Crooked Don can't stay awake for his own downfall? mwb970 Apr 15 #60
I bet they have him tranquilized Saoirse9 Apr 15 #61
I'm glad he's falling asleep - tht has to be the only way to keep him quiet. soldierant Apr 15 #62
Or Took Away His Adderall nt smb Apr 15 #68
I think he requires constant stimulation, ... Straw Man Apr 15 #64
Maybe he's showing contempt for the proceedings Marthe48 Apr 16 #71
Love Haberman! LeonidPlanck Apr 16 #78
The internet is having fun with TFG's falling asleep LetMyPeopleVote Apr 16 #80
C'mon Donny, go for the Big Sleep Blue Owl Apr 16 #82
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