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34. It's 41 miles to the nearest hospital for me
Mon Apr 15, 2024, 09:17 PM
Apr 2024

Add the time waiting for the ambulance to arrive to that .

People who need serious care are usually flown out to Wausau WI or Duluth MN

Access to quality medical care may be a part Maeve Apr 2024 #1
bingo. WarGamer Apr 2024 #5
And, the city hospitals are now bamagal62 Apr 2024 #6
You're right, especially about access to specialists. ShazzieB Apr 2024 #22
Jeez !!!! Karadeniz Apr 2024 #2
They die of jobs where OSHA is absent or barely present. no_hypocrisy Apr 2024 #3
I think you're right. And the stats should be able to show this. erronis Apr 2024 #11
I live in furniture making country in rural NC ms liberty Apr 2024 #24
And I thought we were doing a good thing buying American. LT Barclay Apr 2024 #27
It is a good thing. But it's not easy work, it's physically demanding ms liberty Apr 2024 #37
The pieces are definitely quality and we are "bringing them home". We are working on a move to Anderson, SC by June. LT Barclay Apr 2024 #38
Oh yes, you will be able to find someone I am sure. n/t ms liberty Apr 2024 #40
Don't forget more pesticide exposure, higher reliance on hunting and fishing for sustenance LT Barclay Apr 2024 #25
Good points. Everyday life harards/stresses, coping attempts. brush Apr 2024 #28
"Stick it to the libs" idiocy is undoubtedly a factor. Aristus Apr 2024 #4
It also encompasses males being against other practices that they perceive as "nanny state" or anti-macho. Sky Jewels Apr 2024 #8
The only problem is when it ends up killing someone other than the toxics themselves. Aristus Apr 2024 #10
Yeah, but men have always been that way. erronis Apr 2024 #12
Yep. Anyone remember Sarah Palin drinking a "diabeetus in a cup" Big Gulp... keep_left Apr 2024 #19
It worked. jimfields33 Apr 2024 #36
People in cities are more active Buckeyeblue Apr 2024 #7
And In so calif urban areas..gyms are packed!! Demovictory9 Apr 2024 #9
IMNSHO, refusing to expand Medicaid is reprehensible. ShazzieB Apr 2024 #13
Can we state it in the same moralistic terms as Fox News would? JadedButHopeful Apr 2024 #14
I have a hospital literally a block away from my house. BlueTsunami2018 Apr 2024 #15
We're On The Fringes Of Chicagoland ProfessorGAC Apr 2024 #29
It's 41 miles to the nearest hospital for me Kaleva Apr 2024 #34
At least they're voting for people who will put their kids to work after they're dead. Probatim Apr 2024 #16
Opioids? In the US Appalachian & Ohio areas irisblue Apr 2024 #17
All of the things others have said Tree Lady Apr 2024 #18
I remember reading how badly fried fish impacted the heath of southerners BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 2024 #26
True, I try to stay away from fried food Tree Lady Apr 2024 #41
Stubbornness Drum Apr 2024 #20
Republicans, in their determination to be cruel, are killing off their voters dlk Apr 2024 #21
Insecticides&herbicides OceanPete Apr 2024 #23
Yep, all those toxic chemicals in the clime nearby are sure to kick butt, then bucket kicking. brush Apr 2024 #33
It is likely a number of things. Manual jobs in all weather and poor working conditions are two I think. twodogsbarking Apr 2024 #30
Medicaid expansion has not been implemented JustAnotherGen Apr 2024 #31
+1 betsuni Apr 2024 #45
Rates can be misleading when talking about small numbers Kaleva Apr 2024 #32
I live 30 miles from the closest hospital equipped with a Cath Lab Cheezoholic Apr 2024 #35
yikes. glad you made it. BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 2024 #43
They closed a few hospitals/clinics in rural area in my area. LiberalFighter Apr 2024 #39
Because their employers choose profit over regulations? Initech Apr 2024 #42
I notice the food first when I visit family in "rural America." hunter Apr 2024 #44
I was a vegetarian traveling thru the south..it wasnt easy Demovictory9 Apr 2024 #46
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