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88. I have a home built in the early 1920s
Mon Apr 15, 2024, 11:00 PM
Apr 15

And it’s just about 2300 sq ft, sitting on a half acre. Master on the main, can close off the upstairs if needed. Large living and dining room, kitchen on the small side.

My house is small for the neighborhood. Most of the nice old homes have been torn down and replaced by huge homes.

I don’t see us leaving this house any way but feet first. We are the third owners.

I’d love to own a smaller home but we’d never be able to find the privacy we have here.

Makes sense to wait for heirs to sell it Johonny Apr 14 #1
this rt here. mopinko Apr 15 #22
Bookmarking Drum Apr 14 #2
I wouldn't be able to afford a smaller home. They're too expensive. Staying put. LeftInTX Apr 14 #3
If a boomer can find a smaller place to downsize into Hope22 Apr 14 #4
I recently down-sized and came out of it with marybourg Apr 15 #8
That sounds wonderful that you found a place. Hope22 Apr 15 #12
There's a Del Webb community near me LeftInTX Apr 15 #17
That is true here too. Hope22 Apr 15 #28
Last sentence Rebl2 Apr 15 #47
My heart goes out to you! That is hard work!💗 Hope22 Apr 15 #49
At one point Rebl2 Apr 15 #55
You did the best you could. Hope22 Apr 15 #58
Thank you for Rebl2 Apr 15 #62
He speaks true words!💗💗💗💗🌷 Hope22 Apr 15 #69
I don't want to pack and move again at my age. NoMoreRepugs Apr 14 #5
How DARE we love our homes! nolabear Apr 14 #6
Lol! Hope22 Apr 15 #10
It disgusts me to think that our society is so calculating when it comes to our behavior. Baitball Blogger Apr 14 #7
During Covid before vaccines we were caged animals. Hope22 Apr 15 #9
Utter horseshit Fiendish Thingy Apr 15 #11
This is Delphinus Apr 15 #25
I am 81. House has 11 rooms, built in 1928. Mortgage is liquidated. It is probably worth $800k. 3Hotdogs Apr 15 #13
Oh for goodness sake! The WSJ always is ruled by sheer greed. I mean, listen to them! PatrickforB Apr 15 #14
plenty of homes, its that 'location, location, location' mantra that screws things up Traurigkeit Apr 15 #15
J.FC, wsj, how about addressing the fucking billionaires, and other niyad Apr 15 #16
I think I love you, niyad. stage left Apr 15 #18
Hugggggggs, and thank you. I hope that I am correct (see, hate using niyad Apr 15 #36
I remember when "right" was a good word PatSeg Apr 15 #61
What they have done to our language, twisting the meanings of niyad Apr 15 #85
I know PatSeg Apr 15 #87
I get it. stage left Apr 15 #83
I know that you do. niyad Apr 15 #84
Absolutely, plus the article itself admits that even if the boomers senseandsensibility Apr 15 #78
My oh my, that old trope returns. The last 2 times that home prices soared we were inundated with calls... Hekate Apr 15 #19
Problem with buying a condo GenThePerservering Apr 15 #20
What a stupid headline, like it was a Boomer conspiracy. Stoking the silly generation wars. betsuni Apr 15 #21
I've been seeing a lot of boomer-hate tropes on social media for the past year or so jmbar2 Apr 15 #30
They aer trying to erase the legacy of progressive activism DBoon Apr 15 #64
Definitely targeting Democratic-leaning people. betsuni Apr 15 #66
It's become a TikTok meme which is why I suspect the WSJ picked it up. BannonsLiver Apr 15 #50
There's A Rule That People Have To Move After A Number Of Years? ProfessorGAC Apr 15 #23
Living with less is more. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 15 #24
Your new place sounds wonderful! Hope22 Apr 15 #31
One comment on China FHRRK Apr 15 #63
Our parents' china and pretty much everything was sold at an estate sale LeftInTX Apr 15 #68
My China print is a simple Noritake Whitebrook ProudMNDemocrat Apr 15 #77
Gen Xer...more than downsize, it's first floor master JT45242 Apr 15 #26
retrofitted elevators are becoming very affordable and stylish.... getagrip_already Apr 15 #51
We live on a beautiful lake in Virginia. Our home has almost doubled in value since we phylny Apr 15 #27
A relative owns a nice older 1990s home of McMansion size bucolic_frolic Apr 15 #29
That's The Golden Girls Solution Sky Jewels Apr 15 #57
Your relative may want to invest in a second kitchen for harmony's sake, but beware of the codes... Hekate Apr 15 #82
It's going to get worse. RipVanWinkle Apr 15 #32
This boomer's still in my 864 sq. ft. first house. Basic LA Apr 15 #33
In 1950 the average home built had 983 sq. ft. My home was built in 1943 it is almost exactly doc03 Apr 15 #34
There's more money for builders in larger homes Johnny2X2X Apr 15 #37
Myself I am 76, I am thinking of selling and doc03 Apr 15 #40
Be sure to consult a financial advisor Johnny2X2X Apr 15 #42
I have a home built in the early 1920s MissB Apr 15 #88
Yea it is our fault for not going to a nursing home and selling the houses we worked for cheaply so that Chainfire Apr 15 #35
I'm not a boomer but how tf is this a bad thing? EllieBC Apr 15 #38
Great point! Johnny2X2X Apr 15 #44
WSJ sowing another DIVISION in the USA Kid Berwyn Apr 15 #56
You can "downsize" without sacrificing your living space and that's what I did Jersey Devil Apr 15 #39
We could do something similar except I would never, in a million years, leave a blue state for a red state. An yes, Raftergirl Apr 15 #48
Understand, but I look at it optimistically Jersey Devil Apr 15 #72
Great to see the many factual and feisty DU yorkster Apr 15 #41
Mentioned numerous times upthread FHRRK Apr 15 #43
Yep! LeftInTX Apr 15 #70
In unrelated news, billionaires are sitting on buttloads of money and won't give it up Midnight Writer Apr 15 #45
Spot on Hekate Apr 15 #81
I never upsized, so no need to downsize. Raftergirl Apr 15 #46
parents of a friend upsized...retired for some time now.... dembotoz Apr 15 #52
I'm on 5 acres, have room for fruit trees, a garden, honey bees.... getagrip_already Apr 15 #53
Divide, divide, divide... The Unmitigated Gall Apr 15 #54
Old Gen X here. It makes no sense for us to sell our 3 bedroom Cuthbert Allgood Apr 15 #59
We're happy w/ our choice and don't want to move. Why? We would have to face a higher mortgage rate SWBTATTReg Apr 15 #60
My now 30 yr old son bought a townhome in Salem MA in Feb. 2021. Paid over ask, got good mortgage rate. Then Raftergirl Apr 15 #73
Good for your son. A chip off the ol' block, eh? I'm so glad that I bought into the market w/ my homes so many SWBTATTReg Apr 16 #89
Hi SWBTATTReg, we are considering a retirement community, Qutzupalotl Apr 15 #80
We bought this house in 89 Marthe48 Apr 15 #65
I would love to move Mz Pip Apr 15 #67
Why should we move? My grandmother born in 1903 didn't move LeftInTX Apr 15 #71
My wife and I, both boomers, moved to a different house in 2021. MineralMan Apr 15 #74
I bought my 'big home' 25 years ago. pfitz59 Apr 15 #75
4 years left on my 3.75% mortgage Freddie Apr 15 #76
Can't Afford Retirement Communities Deep State Witch Apr 15 #79
My elderly parents have a large home Texasgal Apr 15 #86
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