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26. Also, there may be others listening who will be cheeed by something like this.
Tue Apr 16, 2024, 12:32 PM
Apr 16

Who knows how this landed on everyone else there? The OP says there was a variety of skin colors represented in that line. I'd be willing to bet some of those people really appreciated that remark from imanamerican63, and others were given something to think about.

And imanamerican63's comment might have stopped that woman from saying something really awful. That's definitely worthwhile, whether the woman learned anything herself or not. Everything we do affects others, often in ways we know nothing about. I don't believe moments like this one are ever a waste of time.

IIRC, barbtries Apr 16 #1
👇👇👇👁️👁️ Goonch Apr 16 #2
Really? Why did you post that? Towlie Apr 16 #4
Why did you post a snarky comment and pic of Hillary Clinton? obamanut2012 Apr 16 #10
To me it was just HRC "pointing out" yorkster Apr 16 #13
And maybe didn't even actually faint. LisaM Apr 16 #16
I remember reading a comment from her, possibly in "What Happened", niyad Apr 16 #28
And, like any RESPONSIBLE person in the public eye, soldierant Apr 16 #48
That's how I took it as well. nt dflprincess Apr 16 #49
There was no "snarky comment " posted or implied Goonch Apr 16 #31
I got it Doc Sportello Apr 16 #35
👍 Goonch Apr 16 #39
Nothing snarky about it NoRethugFriends Apr 16 #51
Why would you post that along with a rude comment about Hillary? SoFlaBro Apr 16 #41
Where's a rude comment oldsoftie Apr 16 #46
Trump probably isn't getting much sleep now with reality starting to sink in. Towlie Apr 16 #3
The puffiness around his eyes yesterday looked like more than loss of sleep Attilatheblond Apr 16 #23
Low Quality coke Traurigkeit Apr 16 #33
I was thinking it was an Adderall Hangover.. Cha Apr 16 #50
wake up! poozwah Apr 16 #40
Please don't make jokes about prison rape. swimboy Apr 16 #44
hahahahahahah but never happen oldsoftie Apr 16 #47
Those fuckers can't keep their mouths shut when out in public. Never fails, people will be in line or, Hotler Apr 16 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author ShazzieB Apr 16 #24
All Republicans have left are their absurd whataboutisms. sop Apr 16 #6
Every single MAGAt that posted anything about "sleepy Joe" or loved Trump saying that is being forced to eat brewens Apr 16 #7
I wish I could find a little sympathy for them. calimary Apr 16 #20
Watch them eat it while you have a nice beer GoneOffShore Apr 16 #21
Aha! That's so much classier than the ol' standard Bowl o' Gloat! calimary Apr 16 #22
I'm going out for a walk. Everyone's that sees me is gonna wonder what the shit eatin' grin on my face brewens Apr 16 #27
Common sense explanations don't work on them. llmart Apr 16 #8
Don't even waste your time Wednesdays Apr 16 #9
Sometimes it is good to just say it out loud though PatSeg Apr 16 #14
Also, there may be others listening who will be cheeed by something like this. ShazzieB Apr 16 #26
I hadn't thought of that PatSeg Apr 16 #34
Exactly! ShazzieB Apr 16 #36
We're on the same page! PatSeg Apr 16 #37
Yet Hillary has been enjoying good health for the past 7 1/2 years Walleye Apr 16 #11
And really, what on earth does Hillary have to do PatSeg Apr 16 #12
Neither that big a deal Johonny Apr 16 #15
Had a run-in with a magat last week KS Toronado Apr 16 #17
I run from these people. Joinfortmill Apr 16 #18
Around here they'd likely have a gun secreted away and handy. jaxexpat Apr 16 #19
Yikes Joinfortmill Apr 16 #38
Love your response @imanamerican63. 😍 n/t iluvtennis Apr 16 #25
Beautiful! ShazzieB Apr 16 #29
Good, I'm glad you responded w/ the proper retort, since these smartasses seem to think that djt can't do no SWBTATTReg Apr 16 #30
Trey Gowdy 10 hours interrogation of Hilllary New Haven Apr 16 #32
"Real patriots take a hard pass at treason" Baltimike Apr 16 #42
That person was still processing... Bluethroughu Apr 16 #43
I might have said: swimboy Apr 16 #45
Whataboutism is one tool they always go for. And always in an unequal comparison. marble falls Apr 16 #52
Well Done! SupportSanity Apr 16 #53
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