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15. Maybe trump is America's karma.
Wed Apr 17, 2024, 10:31 PM
Apr 17

We'll have to overcome ourselves to overcome him.

The GOPs and 10s of millions seem to be all in with the hegemony.

He's setting up another excuse for when he's convicted. Ocelot II Apr 17 #1
He's setting the MAGAts up.... SergeStorms Apr 17 #24
The endgame. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 17 #2
Will we EVER be rid of this guy? Deuxcents Apr 17 #3
I want to be, but I doubt it. BlueKota Apr 17 #8
Got that right Deuxcents Apr 17 #9
Maybe trump is America's karma. LuvLoogie Apr 17 #15
You could be right BlueKota Apr 18 #31
Oh, I'm thinking karma is alive and well and working all the time. PatrickforB Apr 18 #33
Thank you. This helps ease my anxiety some. BlueKota Apr 18 #35
Unless he drops dead. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 17 #14
Why oh why wont this happen now !!!!!!!!! Trueblue1968 Apr 17 #17
I remember praying in gratitude when Ilsa Apr 17 #19
I keep hoping to wake up to this news! BlueKota Apr 18 #32
Um cilla4progress Apr 17 #4
So we now positively know that they have ringers in the wings tavernier Apr 17 #5
Good point. Think. Again. Apr 17 #21
Yes; indeed, I wonder how many secret fascists have lied their way onto the jury already 0rganism Apr 17 #29
I counted three: "fascinating and mysterious" "he tells it like it is", and niyad Apr 17 #30
Watching malaise Apr 17 #6
Grab him by the ass triron Apr 17 #10
I always turn to Jesse Watters for facts and nonjudgemental reporting BOSSHOG Apr 17 #7
The Rat Bastard is pushing the Judge to jail him... ProudMNDemocrat Apr 17 #11
That is really a foolish thing on his part. One night and he would be fatigued...more so, half sick, mentally and PortTack Apr 17 #23
Sounds good to me. SergeStorms Apr 17 #25
Terminator, where are you? triron Apr 17 #12
Ruh roh, here comes the judge? DaBronx Apr 17 #13
Lock his ass up!! Enough already! tulipsandroses Apr 17 #16
Once a narcissist evemac Apr 17 #18
"now"?! UTUSN Apr 17 #20
Its a conspiracy! Bayard Apr 17 #22
Every allegation is an admission...... louslobbs Apr 17 #26
Tomorrow I'd very much like to see an arrest! louslobbs Apr 17 #27
Lock him up! Emile Apr 17 #28
Court will be fun tomorrow LetMyPeopleVote Apr 18 #34
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