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Damn. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Baitball Blogger Apr 17 #1
Rec. onecaliberal Apr 17 #2
Thank You for posting this. Kick and Rec. Think. Again. Apr 17 #3
Perfectly stated. K&R AmBlue Apr 17 #4
Where did you see it exactly? littlemissmartypants Apr 17 #5
I think it was a letter to the editor maxrandb Apr 17 #7
I googled it. It's from Villages-News in that retirement community in Florida, December 27, 2020. Link: highplainsdem Apr 18 #24
Thanks for the source. nt sl8 Apr 18 #30
It was rather delicious to read it again, at the source. calimary Apr 18 #31
WOW ! Conjuay Apr 18 #36
I thought everyone in The Villages were Trumpists? Poiuyt Apr 18 #54
Damn Near So... GB_RN Apr 18 #60
Also where 5 residents have been charged with using their dead spouses louis-t Apr 18 #58
Got A Link For This... GB_RN Apr 18 #62
I'll look. It was 3, then I heard 5. louis-t Apr 19 #63
Here it is. louis-t Apr 19 #64
THIS. YES. Silver Gaia Apr 17 #6
If only we hadn't elected that Black guy with the funny name. progressoid Apr 17 #8
And ain't THAT a shame........ MyOwnPeace Apr 17 #14
Kick and Rec and Wow Hekate Apr 17 #9
Yes, it captures my feeling. ampm Apr 17 #10
I think this has made the rounds before. imaginary girl Apr 17 #11
👍🏼...K&R...👍🏼 spanone Apr 17 #12
I got my Biden-Harris stickers tonight and they're going on my car tomorrow. lindysalsagal Apr 17 #13
Who remembers "The Silent Majority"? usonian Apr 17 #15
I forget how many of the TRAITOR** flotilla capsIzed on Lake Travis? niyad Apr 17 #18
The ultimate sneaker wave. Sky Jewels Apr 18 #27
Matches My Families Sentiments! Sane1 Apr 17 #16
KNR (again). This, or something similar was around during the niyad Apr 17 #17
This was published in 2020. See my reply 24. highplainsdem Apr 18 #25
I could not agree more. Well thought out and stated. chicoescuela Apr 18 #19
A compromise between democracy and fascism is unacceptable. Piss on 'em. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 18 #20
Agreed! Hikerchick57 Apr 18 #21
It speaks very well for my view. Big K&R here. yonder Apr 18 #22
Truth be told. In abundance. oasis Apr 18 #23
What DO these sick people get out of their endless love for this despicable ahole? mwb970 Apr 18 #26
That's THE Question of This Era. calimary Apr 18 #32
I simply cannot understand it. mwb970 Apr 18 #38
I feel exactly this way too.nt Trueblue Texan Apr 18 #28
Blue wave build DoBW Apr 18 #29
So well said--completely agree. Timeflyer Apr 18 #33
This is from right after the 2020 election; we're in a different world now. LeftinOH Apr 18 #34
Well said! PatSeg Apr 18 #35
Perfectly said, and... birdographer Apr 18 #37
It's funny, cuz it's the contrary: libs own MAGA, living rent free in their heads. n/t Beartracks Apr 18 #40
The wounds have been gleefully inflicted upon American democracy as well. Beartracks Apr 18 #39
KnR! n/t iluvtennis Apr 18 #41
What a drag it is to see you. world wide wally Apr 18 #42
Gratitude Jean Genie Apr 18 #43
Excellent I'm waiting for the right time to post this on Facebook kimbutgar Apr 18 #44
Amen. Joinfortmill Apr 18 #45
Exactly this! Thanks for sharing. nt LittleGirl Apr 18 #46
Beware the Fury of a Patient Man CarolinaNC Apr 18 #47
Agreed with everything except one thing. greatauntoftriplets Apr 18 #48
Insightful and well-written Seinan Sensei Apr 18 #49
321th Rec! Niagara Apr 18 #50
322. Biden did more events than Trump in 2020 underpants Apr 18 #51
I love you, underpants! Strictly platonically of course. Niagara Apr 18 #52
❤️ underpants Apr 18 #56
Biden/Trump flags keithbvadu2 Apr 18 #53
I feel the same way as the OP / author Leith Apr 18 #55
such a good point about the safety issue ecstatic Apr 18 #57
Very well said. GoodRaisin Apr 18 #59
I do have one point of disagreement, though. soldierant Apr 18 #61
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