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gay texan

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Fri Apr 26, 2024, 08:42 PM Apr 26

In terms of Noem [View all]

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This has been weighing on my mind all day.

How in the literal hell can you shoot a 14 month old dog for shitty training on your part?

I grew up in the sticks, and yes, there were times you had to put an animal down. None of those cases involved a 14 month old puppy. All of them involved very sick animals that were suffering. Those instances were quite rare i might add.

So when i got home this evening, I gave my rescue Border Collie a long hug and a lot of treats, a dog that nobody wanted and was left to die. There's a ribeye on the grill and he's getting some of that as well.

Literally, shooting a dog that gets out of line doesn't make you tough; it makes you a piece of shit....

(Update: the puppy dog just wolfed down half of a small ribeye mixed with his dry food. He's presently sawing logs on the bed, but his tail wags when im nearby and that, is everything)

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In terms of Noem [View all] gay texan Apr 26 OP
Yup, exactly, it makes you a piece of shit. Nt Biophilic Apr 26 #1
Amen! chillfactor Apr 26 #2
my velcro chihuahua barbtries Apr 27 #63
This act did NOT make her a pile of shit--- lastlib Apr 26 #3
Her actions removed all doubt n/t gay texan Apr 26 #6
in this context, soldierant Apr 26 #8
My only qualm with the OP is that it left off "steaming, rancid" as a descriptor....n/t lastlib Apr 26 #10
++ soldierant Apr 26 #12
Noted, and i will do better in the future gay texan Apr 26 #18
AND the goat leftieNanner Apr 27 #42
I would think Traildogbob Apr 27 #52
🤣 leftieNanner Apr 27 #54
Retribution Traildogbob Apr 27 #59
I used to volunteer at a horse rescue leftieNanner Apr 27 #61
Why the hell did they have goats for anyway? I assume if it wasn't neutered Maraya1969 Apr 27 #64
Sounds like the pup would have made a great pet. multigraincracker Apr 26 #4
Lack of empathy gay texan Apr 26 #5
She comes Rebl2 Apr 26 #9
And they ALWAYS gay texan Apr 26 #11
No shit Reb DENVERPOPS Apr 27 #48
Would have probably made a great hunting dog! kwijybo Apr 27 #41
gratuitous cruelty. barbtries Apr 27 #69
She and all the MAGAts are the sickest of sick fucks. FoxNewsSucks Apr 26 #7
Absolute 3auld6phart Apr 26 #13
I want her to wear "Puppy Killer" like a face tatoo. lastlib Apr 27 #46
Let her wear it for the rest of time. calimary Apr 27 #50
A true card-carrying fascist always blames the ones they've failed. dchill Apr 26 #14
Their goal is cruelty. Grumpy Old Guy Apr 26 #15
GOG........... DENVERPOPS Apr 27 #49
Can't imagine what Cesar Milan would say! leftieNanner Apr 27 #65
Not sure DENVERPOPS Apr 27 #75
Big time dog trainer. MontanaMama Apr 27 #76
Better humans and better dogs leftieNanner Apr 28 #77
When I was a little kid, my Mom took me to visit a friend of hers. usonian Apr 26 #16
Talked to my cousin tonight who has always had hunting dogs dflprincess Apr 26 #17
Truth Chicagogrl1 Apr 26 #19
I have a wired Fox terrier. Bluethroughu Apr 26 #20
Good idea BlueKota Apr 26 #22
gay texan.......... Upthevibe Apr 26 #21
People like her get off on cruelty MustLoveBeagles Apr 26 #23
These people have no soul or conscience BlueKota Apr 26 #24
I couldn't agree more. Mr.Bee Apr 26 #25
Awwww gay texan Apr 27 #36
A complaint was filed against Kristi Nome with the Pierre SD Chief of Police, ( @cityofpierresd ). LetMyPeopleVote Apr 27 #26
What do you do with a dog that likes to kill? JohnnyRingo Apr 27 #27
Does it like to kill? NanaCat Apr 27 #33
It wasn't ruined, and I doubt an anti-hunter is in the Noem camp kwijybo Apr 27 #43
Same thing as with all domesticated canines: training and patience. Torchlight Apr 27 #57
Yes! What else does she enjoy killing? LiberalFighter Apr 27 #62
i agree she's unstable. JohnnyRingo Apr 27 #71
Our dog loved to go after squirrels, rabbits, little critters. She had quite a prey drive. shrike3 Apr 27 #68
It takes a cruel sick person denvine Apr 27 #28
I know I will get bashed for this But I see mucifer Apr 27 #29
I agree entirely. byronius Apr 27 #30
Agreed XanaDUer2 Apr 27 #31
I am horrified by this story but also laughing that she wrote this in her book and can't attack the" liberal media " kimbutgar Apr 27 #32
I can't understand why they do. catrose Apr 27 #35
This "person" would be an appropriate TFG VP nominee LetMyPeopleVote Apr 27 #34
Smarter than a dog? WestCoastDem42 Apr 27 #37
You're a good doggy dad! kooth Apr 27 #38
I would think that the Trainer should be shot. Under The Radar Apr 27 #39
50 years ago this was parody. Marcuse Apr 27 #40
I remember being deeply offended by that cover. calimary Apr 27 #53
Media demonized Michael Vick for animal cruelty. Not so with Noem. live love laugh Apr 27 #44
Exactly gay texan Apr 27 #45
My father's cousin had a Brittany Spaniel named Patches. Xavier Breath Apr 27 #47
I've looked at my boy differently since I heard this story. underpants Apr 27 #51
she is a gun humper Skittles Apr 27 #55
My thought is TxGuitar Apr 27 #56
Hopefully she is destroyed in both public and private life. LiberalFighter Apr 27 #58
Childhood trauma EarthAbides Apr 27 #60
In the countryside where I grew up, people were constantly dumping animals. shrike3 Apr 27 #66
I sure did, he's my shaddow n/t gay texan Apr 27 #72
". . . and that, is everything." . . . Journeyman Apr 27 #67
... gay texan Apr 27 #74
Only a fucking goddamned piece of shit would try and impress King tRump Blue Owl Apr 27 #70
In her twisted world gay texan Apr 27 #73
Never trust a man who doesn't like dogs. LetMyPeopleVote Apr 30 #78
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