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Crunchy Frog

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69. I want the state to continue to exist,
Thu May 2, 2024, 11:12 PM
May 2

but not necessarily as a religious ethno-nationalist state with different classes of citizenship or non-citizenship, mostly based on parentage and ancestry.

I think it should be a state for all its citizens, and it should have defined borders with equal citizenship for anyone living within them.

This business of de facto annexation of the West Bank with the establishment and constant spread and expansion of settlements, where the Jewish inhabitants have full rights and citizenship and the Palestinian ones have neither is not acceptable and probably not sustainable.

Theoretically I'm in favor of a two state solution, but I'm afraid that the settlement enterprise has made it all but impossible, as was always its purpose. The fundamental underlying problems won't go away, even if Netanyahu does. I honestly don't know how the situation ultimately gets resolved.

I think that most people would probably not classify me as a Zionist.

Who cares...? calguy May 1 #1
That's what I want to know. This is a discussion board. Why even post a OP if #1 you are not going to respond and #2 debm55 May 1 #45
Sure, but you can't just pretend away the folks that are using the conflict in Gaza to as a pretext to spread their hate tritsofme May 1 #2
You should look into who those folks are. Think. Again. May 1 #5
Oh, did they purchase some sort of "pass" to excuse their anti-Semitism? tritsofme May 1 #7
I agree, anyone who would infiltrate a protest... Think. Again. May 1 #9
They didn't need to "infiltrate" it The Mouth May 1 #25
That's quite an assumption on your part. Think. Again. May 1 #26
It's an assumption Dorian Gray May 3 #75
So you DO understand the power of the provocateurs. Think. Again. May 3 #77
The protesters should at least boo loudly when they hear that crap. jimfields33 May 3 #79
Hamas thanks them Mz Pip May 2 #62
So True.. TY! Cha May 3 #73
Jewish Voices for Peace are helping run most of the protests. womanofthehills May 2 #55
The problem is that, as good as the intentions wnylib May 2 #56
"It is a myth that Israel is bombing people indescriminately. Israel is targeting Hamas. " ProfessorPlum May 2 #58
Israel's strategy is to destroy the ability of Hamas wnylib May 2 #60
when all the Gazans are dead, there certainly won't be any more threat from Gaza ProfessorPlum May 2 #63
I can argue with it because it is not logic. wnylib May 2 #65
We'll see, apparently, whether any Gazans are allowed to live. ProfessorPlum May 2 #66
Don't worry. You will be proven wrong. wnylib May 2 #67
Israel is committing a genocide ProfessorPlum May 2 #68
The danger of that bill the House passed is that you could possibly be charged (wrongly!) with a hate crime just for Celerity May 3 #76
Did you actually read the bill? lapucelle May 3 #78
Not "genocide". You're the one spreading misinformation. AnrothElf May 3 #91
it literally fits several of the criteria for genocide. ProfessorPlum May 3 #92
Calling the war in Gaza a "genocide" diminishes real genocides in order to make a cheap political point. AnrothElf May 3 #93
it's a real genocide ProfessorPlum May 4 #95
No, it's categorically not. AnrothElf May 4 #96
They're not antisemitic... zanana1 May 3 #83
REC... Excellent Post.. Thank You!!! Cha May 3 #72
you don't need to change your mind lapfog_1 May 1 #3
You are correct sarisataka May 1 #4
We are of the same mind. Thank you for posting that. Think. Again. May 1 #6
If the goal was to make a lot of folks realize that they are, in fact, Zionists then...Mission Accomplished. PeaceWave May 1 #8
It's like a semantic trick, right? Tickle May 1 #10
Starving children is not defensive. Pmc1962 May 1 #16
Zionism has a simple meaning. I want Israel to continue to exist so I am a Zionist. Demsrule86 May 1 #27
Zionists come in more than one flavor and have never observed that discussed at DU. PufPuf23 May 1 #35
And neo Zionists Goddessartist May 1 #39
Never heard those terms. elleng May 1 #51
There's also Post-Zionism. Crunchy Frog May 2 #70
Lived much of life within two Reformed Jewish families and known many Jews PufPuf23 May 3 #74
It is an old term date back to more than 100 years and is currently used as Demsrule86 May 3 #82
What term are you talking about? nt PufPuf23 May 3 #87
It really doesnt. It has always been used as a an antisemtic slur. Demsrule86 May 3 #85
What is the antisemitic slur? nt PufPuf23 May 3 #86
I never wrote anything; there are two wikipedia links. What are you calling an antisemitic slur? PufPuf23 May 3 #89
I want the state to continue to exist, Crunchy Frog May 2 #69
Actually Always Blue May 1 #11
Using the term "Genocide" to describe Israel's actions . . . Richard D May 1 #12
So Why Don't You Then HandmaidsTaleUntold May 1 #30
Allow me, for the gazillionth time: Beastly Boy May 1 #40
Leave Israel as an entity out of it. Zero in on the policies of the Warmonger Netanyahu... brush May 1 #34
I would be happy to do this if I weren't confronted with Beastly Boy May 1 #42
Hello, my friend. Pls note those accusations are not coming from me... brush May 1 #43
My apologies. I may be venting, but you are definitely not the target. Beastly Boy May 1 #48
Call It What You Want HandmaidsTaleUntold May 1 #50
If the suffering is all that matters, you can bet on it to continue uninterrupted. Beastly Boy May 2 #53
There is no truth to the accusations of genocide Mosby May 1 #13
So My Jewsish Friends Are Anti-Semites? HandmaidsTaleUntold May 1 #32
They may well be Anti-Zionists. maxsolomon May 1 #37
It is plainly on its face a genocide ProfessorPlum May 2 #59
Tellthem malaise May 1 #14
Actually Mossfern May 1 #15
Israel is defending itself against genocide. Beastly Boy May 1 #44
They get an F in critical thinking Mossfern May 1 #49
Neither is criticism of a sovereign state's government Warpy May 1 #17
Elections have consequences... PeaceWave May 1 #18
There has NOT been an election for 17 years. onecaliberal May 1 #24
Yes. Too bad for her that she voted the wrong way. Crunchy Frog May 2 #71
So it is acceptable to kill the people of Gaza because they voted for Hamas? Voltaire2 May 3 #80
The use of the term "genocide" has become meaningless at this point. Happy Hoosier May 1 #19
If it's meaningless TheCynic56 May 3 #81
It is, at "best," textbook ethnic cleansing obamanut2012 May 3 #84
I'm against avoidable violent death for any living thing. Aussie105 May 1 #20
Of course it isn't. Criticism of the actions of both Hamas and Israel is vaild, and warranted. patphil May 1 #21
prove the genocide. try not to use numbers, figures, or "facts" from hamas. AZLD4Candidate May 1 #22
Anti-Zionism is antisemitism. nt LexVegas May 1 #23
That's hyperbole Jilly_in_VA May 1 #31
Another reason not to have a theocracy. Imagine a foreign leader criticizing the US and being accused of brewens May 1 #28
Lying about jews committing genocide manifestly is antisemitism Steven Maurer May 1 #29
Neither is opposing Israel's social system. David__77 May 1 #33
I say ethnic cleansing, but that's inherently genocidal, imho. Duncan Grant May 1 #36
Except when it is... JCMach1 May 1 #38
It seems that any disagreement with the Israeli government is now considered by many as anti-Semitic. Chainfire May 1 #41
They don't teach or care about history. I learned from my dad, WWII Veteran. onecaliberal May 2 #54
Genocide is such a loaded word, lets say Crimes Against Humanity sanatanadharma May 1 #46
I'm presently watching "We Were The Lucky Ones" and the walkingman May 1 #47
Okay. Texasgal May 1 #52
You are correct of course! Goddessartist May 2 #57
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby May 2 #61
. TomDaisy May 2 #64
Alas, this is gibberish gulliver May 3 #88
you're really making your case TomDaisy May 3 #94
"Heritage, not Hate' Bonx May 3 #90
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