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proud patriot

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27. smiling and laughing
Fri May 10, 2024, 03:27 AM
May 10

my poor extreme dad ...

I wonder how this new info landed ..

he just turned 80 yesterday so it wasn't the time to bring it up today at the party .

Priceless! 50 Shades Of Blue May 9 #1
................. JohnSJ May 9 #2
Those little worms sure grow up big on a steady diet of lies. KS Toronado May 9 #3
But obviously not on a diet of intelligence in his case. Wonder Why May 9 #4
Looks like a bigly worm to me!! riversedge May 9 #5
He may soon wish to be known as Paul Muad'Dib. Hermit-The-Prog May 9 #6
That is hilarious! MorbidButterflyTat May 9 #7
Has Jr actually said WiFi causes cancer? Archae May 9 #8
Unfortunately.... EarlG May 9 #14
wow. just insane... nt orleans May 9 #23
Actually- he did win a court case against FCC womanofthehills May 10 #29
He actually admitted he "probably has cognitive damage." Martin68 May 9 #9
Which begs the question... OAITW r.2.0 May 9 #26
He's still an environmental lawyer womanofthehills May 10 #30
Spice! BumRushDaShow May 9 #10
Sand worm mistook his gray matter for spice, perhaps. nt TeamProg May 9 #21
I saw him on Ari's show last night PatSeg May 9 #11
He was struggling w/the facts/questions & blaming Ari. Kennedy appeared confused & angry & ready to blowup. AnotherMother4Peace May 9 #17
Yes, that's how he looked to me PatSeg May 9 #20
KNR niyad May 9 #12
K&R Hiawatha Pete May 9 #13
I actually saw a bumper sticker for this character over in southern Vermont this morning. Vinca May 9 #15
RFK jr is not Muad'Dib Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 9 #16
Dead of starvation. librechik May 9 #18
Perfect! LeftInTX May 9 #19
This one is inspired! nt TBF May 9 #22
OMG STOP IT EARLG Skittles May 9 #24
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote May 9 #25
smiling and laughing proud patriot May 10 #27
Plot twist: He actually did need the Ivermectin muriel_volestrangler May 10 #28
I have ridden the mighty brain worm! Initech May 10 #31
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