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Tue May 14, 2024, 09:00 AM May 14

DU is mentioned in a Reuters article today [View all]

Trump blasts his trial judges. Then his fans call for violence

In a review of commenters’ posts on three pro-Trump websites, including the former president’s own Truth Social platform, Reuters documented more than 150 posts since March 1 that called for physical violence against the judges handling three of his highest-profile cases – two state judges in Manhattan and one in Georgia overseeing a criminal case in which Trump is accused of illegally seeking to overturn the state’s 2020 election results.

Those posts were part of a larger pool of hundreds identified by Reuters that used hostile, menacing and, in some cases, racist or sexualized language to attack the judges, but stopped short of explicitly calling for violence against them.


A Reuters examination of websites catering to the left revealed dozens of hostile comments attacking the competence and credibility of conservative jurists. The targets include U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee who has issued a number of rulings favorable to the former president in his ongoing federal prosecution in Florida for misappropriating classified documents after leaving office. On Democratic Underground, a liberal site, posters have attacked Cannon as “corrupt” and suggested she be tried for espionage.

But a review of comments on those sites did not reveal the sort of violent language that Trump supporters use in their online posts, including suggestions that judges be beaten or killed.


I know we're not always perfect, but I'm glad we have standards here, and I appreciate you all for doing your best to stick to them.
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I had just a tiny moment of fear there, after I read your headline! ms liberty May 14 #1
I know, I said Jebus what did we do now. Irish_Dem May 14 #51
I want Shot Out of a Canon rpannier May 15 #130
This reminds me of when my grandmother madaboutharry May 14 #2
I am laughing out loud.... Irish_Dem May 14 #52
Mrs unblock tells me I'm her favorite husband unblock May 14 #103
I'm in my spouse's top three. Beartracks May 14 #108
I can claim a more favorite ex-wife and a less favorite ex-wife. That's about as far as I've got so far. NBachers May 14 #110
That's pretty cool PatSeg May 14 #3
Says something about... 2naSalit May 14 #4
We get praised for not being vicious murdering thugs. Irish_Dem May 14 #5
exactly. kpete May 14 #6
Oh crap. Maybe I should delete my last post. mountain grammy May 14 #7
lololol Celerity May 14 #14
opened DU as I sat down with my coffee and bagel mountain grammy May 14 #27
I better clean up my act. Irish_Dem May 14 #54
Oh yeah. Been meaning to talk to you about that mountain grammy May 14 #55
Jebus God. I grew up in an Irish Catholic military family. Irish_Dem May 14 #61
As we age mountain grammy May 14 #78
Yiddish bad words are the best. Irish_Dem May 14 #79
So true and what great memories you just triggered mountain grammy May 14 #105
My response to some who says, "You can't swear at me like that", is niyad May 14 #87
I love that response. Irish_Dem May 14 #93
My husband's first wife was Nisei, soldierant May 14 #106
Hilarious story. Irish_Dem May 14 #107
Cussing,,, well I aughta. Prairie_Seagull May 14 #72
Sadly, I predict an influx of trolls. MIRT may be quite busy. niyad May 14 #8
At Daily KOS, we call that 'Thursday' n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 May 14 #35
MIRT can handle it. Irish_Dem May 14 #49
Oh, I have absolute faith in MIRT. niyad May 14 #88
Wow Tom of Temecula May 14 #9
Actually I was asked if I would like to comment (last Friday) but they didn't use it EarlG May 14 #24
Well said EarlG. Irish_Dem May 14 #59
Shame they didn't use your last sentence. KS Toronado May 14 #60
They probably don't believe a word you said, but I am glad they made the connection. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E May 14 #75
Excellent response! llmart May 14 #95
Well said. 3catwoman3 May 14 #97
I suppose that includes "no flaming bags of dog poo on their porch," right? Orrex May 14 #117
shhhhh, you are not supposed to tell!!! niyad May 15 #132
Oh. I was, uh, speaking hypothetically, of course. Orrex May 15 #135
Cool LetMyPeopleVote May 14 #10
Cool, they gave us a feather in our hat. KS Toronado May 14 #11
Kicked and recommended Uncle Joe May 14 #12
I don't do archives, gab13by13 May 14 #13
I wondered who made that statement. Irish_Dem May 14 #65
I think that any who do try will get the alert and jury hide. BumRushDaShow May 14 #15
I know, who else is reading our ramblings? Irish_Dem May 14 #66
Nice! ismnotwasm May 14 #16
I did go to my archives, gab13by13 May 14 #17
But not violent. No one is calling for her to be hanged.. question everything May 14 #22
Wow, Gab, you were a non-attributed DU source for Reuters. Irish_Dem May 14 #69
I also noticed, that while the first websites mentioned, were described as ..... 70sEraVet May 14 #18
hear hear. thanks for your service . AllaN01Bear May 14 #21
Yes we are not a cult adhering insanely to any one person. Irish_Dem May 14 #71
eggscllent. we may hate him but we are not mean AllaN01Bear May 14 #19
We can do well deserved meanness/snark. Irish_Dem May 14 #77
Physical violence is never the answer. Way to go DU!!!! wolfie001 May 14 #20
Oh, But Sometimes... GB_RN May 14 #25
Just let us know if you need us to step up the game EarlG dweller May 14 #23
K N R Faux pas May 14 #26
Kick mcar May 14 #28
and I thank all the "top brass" here on DU for those standards.....THANK YOU ALL. a kennedy May 14 #29
such a perfect portrait of DUers in that quote bigtree May 14 #30
Awesome, Goddessartist May 14 #31
I guess that means a lot more traffic here on DU. Not all will be the good kind, either. flying_wahini May 14 #32
Recommended. H2O Man May 14 #33
I see that they overlooked my many posts wishing that Trump would stroke out Orrex May 14 #34
That's not inciting violence Jimbo S May 14 #46
They could have cited me as a counterpoint to incitements to violence Orrex May 14 #50
And mine! but wishing his body would do the correct thing is not niyad May 14 #47
Pencil me in for two, front row center Orrex May 14 #118
Done!!! niyad May 14 #121
It's not as much wishing as for a stroke than it is rooting for arterial plaque to be victorious. FSogol May 14 #85
A great victory to be won, indeed. Orrex May 14 #119
let it happen vs make it happen.. ecstatic May 14 #116
lol Orrex May 14 #120
Language calling for physically attacking judges is not OK Wednesdays May 14 #36
Violence is the last refuge of the incompetant. Isaac Asimov Ping Tung May 14 #37
The article indicates that supporters of DU are: TeamProg May 14 #38
I kind of wish they hadn't mentioned our safe haven DU kimbutgar May 14 #39
Not to worry. The pizza oven is fired up and ready to go at a moment's notice... Hekate May 14 #68
Or an influx of new good people. Voltaire2 May 15 #126
I like your optimism! niyad May 15 #133
RWers are violent and psychotic while DUers are not IronLionZion May 14 #40
I think Judge Cannon should be demoted back down to state court SpankMe May 14 #41
I think she should be sent back to whatever paper or dance class she niyad May 14 #89
You're right SpankMe May 15 #131
You had scones, and didn't offer to share??? niyad May 15 #134
You got it, EarlG. At the end of the day credibility is everything bucolic_frolic May 14 #42
MIRT Hekate May 14 #70
It's going to get busy around here Renew Deal May 14 #43
Give me one good reason gab13by13 May 15 #127
Had it been the other way around tavernier May 14 #44
Who here called for her to be tried for espionage? Baitball Blogger May 14 #45
No one here called for her to be tried for espionage. gab13by13 May 15 #128
Interesting. Baitball Blogger May 15 #129
K&R gademocrat7 May 14 #48
A good reminder that our posts ARE public... Think. Again. May 14 #53
Sorry, I have no intention of self-censoring for fear of some reichwing niyad May 14 #90
You might have responded to the wrong post? Think. Again. May 14 #94
No, I was responding to your post. I understood it perfectly, which niyad May 14 #96
You're right, I apologize, I did mention rightwingers... Think. Again. May 14 #99
Not a problem. niyad May 14 #100
I like Reuters and frequently get my news there. BUT. markodochartaigh May 14 #56
K&R...big time... MiHale May 14 #57
Thank you for setting & enforcing standards for DU. nt Ilsa May 14 #58
Wow - we got credit for not threatening to shoot, hang or stab political enemies! Vinca May 14 #62
'... a liberal site...' cbabe May 14 #63
The DU post is nowhere near the other ones and shouldn't be equated with them at all underpants May 14 #64
It provides a good contrast Hekate May 14 #74
It was an example of the worst they could find on DU. Irish_Dem May 14 #76
I'm busting out in pride. What you have created with DU has ripples duhneece May 14 #67
Thank you, EarlG, and thanks to MIRT and a functioning jury system... Hekate May 14 #73
As mentioned, attracting trouble makers. SarahD May 14 #80
Occasionally, I'm there to poke and prod at 'em' but usually I show up after the clean-up on aisle 6 and wonder what it NBachers May 14 #112
This is yet more evidence that both sides are not the same. Hermit-The-Prog May 14 #81
DU. The top of the bottom that is social media. High Praise? Or. High. Praise. Kennah May 14 #82
switching two words makes a big difference. SleeplessinSoCal May 14 #83
Change two words to make it a question. SleeplessinSoCal May 14 #84
Nice! liberalla May 14 #86
Of whom EarlG is one! niyad May 14 #92
He most certainly is! liberalla May 14 #101
kick blogslug May 14 #91
Aww! Yeah, We Do Get Mad.. It Our Democracy We're Fighting Cha May 14 #98
KNR Niagara May 14 #102
Sums us up pretty well. Elessar Zappa May 14 #104
Go DU, Go DU, Go DU. Go admins. applegrove May 14 #109
Cool MustLoveBeagles May 14 #111
this prodigitalson May 14 #113
lol! Our comments are being made for good reason. ecstatic May 14 #114
K&R red dog 1 May 14 #115
DU is smart to steer clear of the most inflammatory language... WarGamer May 14 #122
Wonder if we'll see an influx of trolls. nolabear May 14 #123
We ain't perfect, but we're better'n them. Iggo May 15 #124
K&R and kudos to our fellow DUers and to our wonderful admins! Rhiannon12866 May 15 #125
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