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I call her 'MAGA Haberman'. This is why. n/t CousinIT May 14 #1
What did she get in return? Irish_Dem May 14 #2
Access. Exclusive info. Fodder for stories. RockRaven May 14 #5
Her NYT bosses didn't care that she was lying Irish_Dem May 14 #9
They hide it under "Op-ed". I don't know if that was the case here LisaM May 14 #17
this is more than that. mopinko May 14 #12
Wouldn't surprise me in the least. Irish_Dem May 14 #19
And the FBI who were in Trump's pocket. yardwork May 14 #75
Some of the classified doc boxes contained blackmail material. Irish_Dem May 15 #80
No doubt about it peppertree May 15 #89
In most cases he only cared about getting his name in the news. LiberalFighter May 14 #25
But the election changed that drastically. Irish_Dem May 14 #40
Right it changed LiberalFighter May 14 #42
ACCESS - the lifes blood of any reporter getagrip_already May 14 #6
Pulitzer Prize, I think. Joinfortmill May 14 #37
After today that is a remote possibility? Irish_Dem May 14 #41
No, she's already won a Pultizer prize for her reporting on Trump. Joinfortmill May 14 #48
SMH Irish_Dem May 14 #51
Yeah, her book Farmer-Rick May 14 #57
Book fodder. Which she sat on until drumph lost. She's a hack and now we know she has no integrity. Comfortably_Numb May 14 #43
She might as well just join Trump's communication team. Irish_Dem May 14 #49
It's the fact that she fancies herself a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, when she's a retained spokesperson. Comfortably_Numb May 14 #63
She is not a journalist. She is a paid GOP operative. Irish_Dem May 14 #65
Wait, i thought the media was liberal n/t gay texan May 14 #3
riiigght. AllaN01Bear May 14 #30
Maggie's mother was an exec at a famous NYC PR firm, which the Trumps RockRaven May 14 #4
You forgot one atreides1 May 14 #10
She is the MAGA repubes special PR agent and stenographer BoRaGard May 14 #11
These incestuous relationships are destroying America. nt delisen May 14 #15
IIRC, she's also Roger Stone's goddaughter. GoCubsGo May 14 #24
Can you imagine wanting your offspring to be associated with that filth? NoSheep May 14 #38
The Kushners and Murdoch also clients mercuryblues May 14 #26
Lots of rats in that nest. Hermit-The-Prog May 14 #68
I always just assumed she was lazy but ecstatic May 14 #72
You'd think NYT had learned their lesson from the Judith Miller incident. Ocelot II May 14 #7
Absolutely insane! Johnny2X2X May 14 #8
wasnt there something about this in the panama papers ? im not really sure. AllaN01Bear May 14 #31
Oops! PatSeg May 14 #13
I remember vague rumors about a family friendship when Trump was first running. No one followed up, of course. Joinfortmill May 14 #39
NYT Haberman was stenographer for Trump's fixer, Cohen delisen May 14 #14
Sounds like Cohen is taking no prisoners - which is good in this case TBF May 14 #16
Could be exposure is Cohen's safety plan. nt PufPuf23 May 14 #71
We need a new newspaper of record. I have one in mind. KY_EnviroGuy May 14 #18
Hard to say if MAD Magazines publishers would BELIEVE any of what is happening Traurigkeit May 14 #20
im still miffed at mad for dumping circulation and me half way thrugh a full year sub due to no more humor. AllaN01Bear May 14 #33
Suggestion... KY_EnviroGuy May 15 #77
good idear. will check it out. thanks AllaN01Bear May 15 #81
just bookmarked web page . AllaN01Bear May 15 #82
See..... KY_EnviroGuy May 16 #90
Why not resurrect Hustler Magazine as the current media communications instrument of record ?,... magicarpet May 14 #67
So Maggie and the New York Times are co-conspirators in the Trump Republican crime wave. NBachers May 14 #21
Maggie Haberman is the David Pecker of the NYTimes LetMyPeopleVote May 14 #22
We knew. She thought she had us snowed, but we know exactly who Maga Habs is. Comfortably_Numb May 14 #45
Just following orders ? republianmushroom May 14 #23
Fit to print news? czarjak May 14 #27
"She always wrote what we told her." Sogo May 14 #28
It's an inference, masquerading as a quote. TwilightZone May 15 #83
Haberman was quite feted by her colleagues. shrike3 May 14 #29
Rather than Haberman being "feted," majdrfrtim May 14 #73
Me, too. n/t shrike3 May 14 #74
I hope she was in the courtroom. n/t Harker May 14 #32
Apparently, she was. Oh, boy, MSNBC is going to be something tonight. Joinfortmill May 14 #44
CNN is all in with that hack. Seems like she's on more often than Tapper. I swore CNN off, but I'd love to see their Comfortably_Numb May 14 #47
No doubt. Harker May 14 #52
She was. Here she is a couple of hours ago: ok_cpu May 14 #56
Thanks! I'll be interested to see what comes of this. n/t Harker May 14 #61
trumps circle seems to have that same pouting face . AllaN01Bear May 14 #34
Does this go to her crudibility? dchill May 14 #35
I cannot wait to hear Keith Olbermann about this tomorrow, provided niyad May 14 #36
OMG, gotta listen to that. Joinfortmill May 14 #46
Has she resigned yet. malaise May 14 #50
I remember that she wrote that HRC needed to Botany May 14 #53
Yet, I bet she doesn't feel the need to wear Ilsa May 14 #54
Where are the DUers that stand up for the media now? twodogsbarking May 14 #55
Where are the DUers who will call out the headline for being completely false? TwilightZone May 15 #85
So the media is, well, misleading? twodogsbarking May 15 #86
I'm guessing she had an idea this would come out from Cohen... jcgoldie May 14 #58
Has the Pulitzer committee ever rescinded a prize? Think. Again. May 14 #59
just scrolled back through the NYT live blog on which Haberman is contributing from the courtroom... jcgoldie May 14 #60
wasn't she saying just yesterday about hiw MC"s testimony was hearsay and uncredible fishwax May 14 #62
Yes, Haberman tweeted some Trump-kissing BS the other day. yardwork May 14 #76
A aloof, grim-faced hack Bristlecone May 14 #64
Trump is just like a magnet for corruption SupportSanity May 14 #66
Trump should have nominated her for the Supreme Court Sessuch May 14 #69
eww. If this is true, she needs to be fired immediately. SMH. nt ecstatic May 14 #70
has she put out a statement yet? dsp3000 May 15 #78
But didn't Bob Woodward do the same? betsuni May 15 #79
This is an education on the core problem with modern American "journalism" Picaro May 15 #84
The Spew Pork Crimes is a rancid propaganda outlet Mysterian May 15 #87
It may be the perfect epitaph for the Grey Lady, too. Kid Berwyn May 15 #88
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