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44. Republicans control the House of Representatives
Sat May 18, 2024, 03:52 AM
May 18

What exactly is their plan to help out families living paycheck to paycheck? They've had over a year to come up with something.
And how about all the red states led by Republican Governors and state legislatures? What are they doing to improve the lives of their constituents?

President Biden can only do so much unilaterally. He's not a miracle worker or a king And for the past 3 years he's doing something every day to improve the economy and help struggling Americans.

He can promise a bunch of great programs for a 2nd term but unless Democrats take back the House and gain a fillibuster proof majority in the Senate none of that progressive legislation is getting passed.

Honestly after following politics since the days of Reagan I have no idea what average Americans want from their federal government. Seems like they want the government to stay out of their lives and also fix every problem in their lives.

I really wanted to see money XanaDUer2 May 17 #1
The people I've talked to feel it in everyday things like gas and groceries. They're not into the stock market Raven May 17 #5
Be sure to let him know. He's probably never even thought of it! Ocelot II May 17 #12
Well, I guess he'll have to win the election, for starters. Raven May 17 #13
I'm interested in what clamping down on capitalism means, too! betsuni May 17 #33
We're really poor and eat eggs a lot XanaDUer2 May 17 #14
Tell them that this the GOP plan. Happy Hoosier May 18 #60
That would have created more inflation. Ruby Soho May 17 #7
But of course the GOP would have blocked it. Ocelot II May 17 #24
It would actually make inflation worse. jimfields33 May 18 #53
It is pretty good for all of my family. pwb May 17 #2
yes Skittles May 17 #3
Thank you for asking, Skittles, I'm doing ok. Raven May 17 #8
Yep, corporate profits are at an all-time high. Think. Again. May 17 #4
Worse Than Merely Profuts ProfessorGAC May 17 #25
The "living paycheck to paycheck" doesn't fit well with campaign's message economy is doing well. Silent Type May 17 #6
I'm afraid that Biden is giving the impression that everything is fine and it's just not. Raven May 17 #9
This is the best economy of my lifetime...it won't get any better than this... Demsrule86 May 17 #16
Pretty good for me, but I have modest expectations. SarahD May 17 #30
Americans are bad at saving money, being frugal, having modest expectations compared to a lot of other countries. betsuni May 17 #34
This has been the worst year for me in thirty years Tribetime May 17 #36
You are self-admittedly well off. ZERO wrong with that. I am too. But for tens of millions in the lowest deciles, the Celerity May 18 #45
My husband has progressive neuropathy and has disability I am on Medicare...it took us over a year to qualify Demsrule86 May 19 #69
Maybe I have you confused with another poster from Ohio, but I seem to recall you complaing about paying more Celerity May 19 #71
And you want to blame something for some of the remaining issues with the economy...I nominate globalism... Demsrule86 May 19 #70
So would you expect him to talk about "how awful things are"? No, you highlight all the GOOD, and there is a LOT of it. Bob0264 May 19 #72
People have been living paycheck to paycheck for pretty much ever. Ruby Soho May 17 #10
Yup. Ocelot II May 17 #17
Six months ago a couple told me the food prices here were so high SomedayKindaLove May 17 #27
+1 betsuni May 17 #32
That 78 per cent figure is not from 2019. It is from May 24 to June 16, 2017, 4 to 5 months Celerity May 18 #47
Did you read my post? Ruby Soho May 18 #49
Of course it matters. Celerity May 18 #50
The basic facts are the same. Ruby Soho May 18 #59
It also helps to know how these polls/reports define "paycheck to paycheck" sl8 May 18 #58
Yeah, to me PC to PC is "scraping to find this month's rent money" RandomNumbers May 18 #63
I know MANY people who live paycheck to paycheck but wouldn't need to RandomNumbers May 18 #62
People live paycheck to paycheck because they sometimes spend too much. Demsrule86 May 17 #20
So if you're living paycheck the paycheck it's your fault because you spend too much Tribetime May 17 #38
Not to be cynical but it's always like that underpants May 17 #11
I'm making $20,000 a year, if not more, than I was four years ago. Ruby Soho May 17 #19
Yes. Me as well underpants May 17 #29
When I was a young married woman with children...we bought a house interest rates were in double digits, Demsrule86 May 17 #15
Today the average starter home is $240,000. questionseverything May 18 #54
Yeah, the old punchline, "but what have you done for lately?" Torchlight May 17 #18
Post removed Post removed May 17 #21
"Bidenomics" GenThePerservering May 17 #22
White House uses the term 'Bidenomics' to help sell the president's economic agenda Celerity May 18 #68
Most people I know are better off than 2019. pwb May 17 #23
I have to say, I've always been paycheck to paycheck elias7 May 17 #26
The economy is obnoxiousdrunk May 17 #28
Demographics Sympthsical May 17 #40
DU is much, much older than the general population. GenThePerservering May 17 #41
Every poll I've ever seen on DU Sympthsical May 17 #42
I could tell a number of posters were older GenThePerservering May 18 #66
Extraordinarily so. Also, there are staggeringly few posters under 30yo or so. Celerity May 18 #48
The average age of someone in America is 38 years old. Ruby Soho May 18 #65
A few own 99% of the wealth. usonian May 17 #31
Brilliant! I love these. MrsCheaplaugh May 17 #35
Economists blame the latest unemployment report and the price of washing machines, but usonian May 17 #39
This one has always illustrated things best to me: True Dough May 18 #56
If people are poor or not many live paycheck to paycheck anyway. doc03 May 17 #37
A lot of it is just bad choices BannonsLiver May 18 #43
I had a co-worker that took the pension buyout, he received around $120k. He went out doc03 May 18 #57
Thank you, you expressed it better than I did. RandomNumbers May 18 #64
Republicans control the House of Representatives liberalmediaaddict May 18 #44
Thank you. Obstructionist Republican control of the House for 6 of 8 years of Clinton and Obama, 2 of Biden betsuni May 18 #46
The oligarchy isn't working for many people. It's paycheck to paycheck for many families, especially young families. Mister Ed May 18 #51
Housing is the biggest issue for me. LisaM May 18 #52
People have lived paycheck to paycheck for as long as I can remember FloridaBlues May 18 #55
Rent and food prices are not the Historic NY May 18 #61
Winless battle never able to do anything about. edisdead May 18 #67
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