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Wed May 22, 2024, 01:22 PM May 22

Wisconsin Senate Candidate Says Old People Shouldn't Get To Vote Because They're Almost Dead. (Hovde-R) [View all]


I rec reading the article in the above link but I'll post a few snips from it.

Rethug senate candidate Eric Hovde, a carpetbagging bank owner from California has been parachuted into Wisconsin to run against incumbent Sen Tammy Baldwin-D.

snip from article

One of the only reasons we have been partially saved from uniform Republican government over the past two decades is the fact that serious whackadoos have been winning GOP Senate primaries. They've felt compelled to assure us that they are not witches, and talked about paying your medical bills with chickens. Last time around, they came up with the comically terrible Dr. Oz and the terribly comic Herschel Walker. In New Hampshire, Democratic incumbent Maggie Hassan was thought to be vulnerable, but the Republican primary coughed up Don Bolduc, a retired general who believed that there were litter boxes in public school classrooms. Hassan won from here to there. In the aftermath, the Republicans announced that they would be vetting their candidates with more care in 2024, when the Senate map seemed tilted in their favor.

Good luck with that. There were soup kitchens in the Depression that did a better job vetting their clientele.

This time, it seems, the GOP has settled on candidates who are not quite as outwardly bananas as Christine O'Donnell or poor old Herschel. But scratch off a little bit of the veneer, however, and the inner wingnut and/or incompetent shines right through. Take, for example, Eric Hovde, the California gozillionnaire whom the Wisconsin Republicans parachuted in to take on incumbent Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin. On the surface, Hovde looked ideal—young, handsome, and rich, and the whole carpetbagger thing doesn't seem to bite anywhere as hard as it once did. Unless, of course, the candidate turns out to be such a klutz that carpetbagging becomes just another example of the candidate's inability to tell his arse from his elbow. So meet Eric Hovde. He really likes you, Meemaw. He just doesn't think you should vote. From Wisconsin Public Radio:

“Well, if you’re in a nursing home, you only have five, six months life expectancy. Almost nobody in a nursing home is at a point to vote, and you had … adult children showing up and saying, ‘Who voted for my 85- or 90-year-old father or mother?’” Hovde said.

He also goes on saying he would support a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act and supports slashing SS benefits and increasing the retirement age to 72 in order to receive benefits.

Fellow Democrats, we really need to make this an issue during campaign season, starting now!

Hovde is this election cycle's version of Herschel Walker, Dr Oz, and Christine O'donnell all wrapped into one carpetbagging psychopath.

Let's keep on reminding elderly voters about him until election day.

Go Sen Tammy Baldwin!!!!
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Some one has to get a can of worms, open it, Arne May 22 #1
Funny you should say that... jls4561 May 22 #26
I just assume that magats take Ivermectin. Arne May 22 #28
Money talks and Hovde has LOTS of it. We all need to work hard to keep Baldwin as our Senator. riversedge May 22 #2
Yes, to the tenth degree!! Go Baldwin!! Imallin4Joe May 22 #21
I hope Tammy whips his ass. LiberalFighter May 22 #3
I'm so with you! I hope Tammy whips him too! Imallin4Joe May 22 #22
That would be another nail in the right wing coffin. bullimiami May 22 #4
So Hovde supports social darwinism. sakabatou May 22 #5
He supports Eugenics - if you're old, infirm, unable to procreate, be productive - over the cliff with you. Probatim May 22 #8
A fascist idea.. whathehell May 22 #11
And probably why it resonates with his likely voters. Probatim May 22 #16
Very Spartan of him Traurigkeit May 22 #24
My WI born and raised neighbor thinks WI GOP people shouldn't get to vote because they're STUPID n/t Attilatheblond May 22 #6
Amen to that! machoneman May 22 #7
True! An IQ test would disqualify 90% of GOP/MAGA voters! Imallin4Joe May 22 #23
Young Republican males shouldn't vote because they're stupid Warpy May 22 #9
Especially the big 4x4 crowd with the Trump flags attached to their pickup truck bed.. Imallin4Joe May 22 #30
Hovde. Consider their vote part of the inheritance. Mblaze May 22 #10
Fine, but then we should allow 5 year olds to vote Renew Deal May 22 #12
And if you gave a Repug some truth serum, they'd answer "As long as they're towheads and have 'American' sounding names" peppertree May 22 #19
He seems to following Trump's brilliant method of making enemies through insults. Ping Tung May 22 #13
the comically terrible Dr. Oz and the terribly comic Herschel Walker progressoid May 22 #14
Rachel Maddow had a great A block segment on him FelineOverlord May 22 #15
Thank you for posting.. Imallin4Joe May 22 #34
commercials for him full of lies + bs. pansypoo53219 May 22 #17
I never thought The Leopard Ate My Face Party would actually Eat my face! TeamProg May 22 #18
Is he aware of how old Rocknation May 22 #20
His idol, TSF , "isn't old" .... Traurigkeit May 22 #25
He has the IQ of a crayon. The one with the eaten end. Srkdqltr May 22 #27
I have to add to your perfect comment.. Imallin4Joe May 22 #33
Excellent. Srkdqltr May 22 #37
How old is Rebl2 May 22 #29
Yes! He's approaching that age now. Imallin4Joe May 22 #32
And that Rebl2 May 22 #35
Never trust anyone over thirty... pecosbob May 22 #31
the 70s called and wants its pornstache back Celerity May 22 #36
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