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We need to call out the fascists every damn day, gab13by13 May 22 #1
Love that last line, # 11 peggysue2 May 22 #2
I do, too... I think I'm going to edit the post to highlight it! demmiblue May 22 #3
Bookmarked! K & R! lastlib May 22 #4
Excellent Wild blueberry May 22 #5
Follow the power. Simple. erronis May 22 #6
From Frank Wilhoit markodochartaigh May 22 #7
Wow, that is so true. Elessar Zappa May 22 #9
I always liked John Kenneth Galbraith's definition: NanaCat May 23 #20
Prof. Snyder is a national treasure Layzeebeaver May 22 #8
Another, shorter definition DC77 May 22 #10
OUTSTANDING quotes! calimary May 22 #11
Regardless of what their propaganda says, fascism always serves an oligarchy William Seger May 22 #12
K N R Faux pas May 22 #13
describes Americ's current repuke party perfectly Skittles May 22 #14
Our parents beat them! surfered May 22 #15
In part, I agree. Igel May 22 #16
Nazi Germany was explicitly Christian NanaCat May 23 #21
Good ones............ DENVERPOPS May 22 #17
Fascism is all those things, but that is not a meaningful definition of fascism. Martin68 May 22 #18
Maybe consider that Mr Snyder was keeping it brief NanaCat May 23 #22
I'm not sure such a simplistic definition is very helpful. Martin68 May 23 #25
KNR niyad May 22 #19
I prefer Orwell, "imagine a boot stamping on a human face-- forever" nt Javaman May 23 #23
A word with a specific definition nearly 100 years old The Mouth May 23 #24
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