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30. Especially the big 4x4 crowd with the Trump flags attached to their pickup truck bed..
Wed May 22, 2024, 05:36 PM
May 22

those assholes are the height of stupidity!

Some one has to get a can of worms, open it, Arne May 22 #1
Funny you should say that... jls4561 May 22 #26
I just assume that magats take Ivermectin. Arne May 22 #28
Money talks and Hovde has LOTS of it. We all need to work hard to keep Baldwin as our Senator. riversedge May 22 #2
Yes, to the tenth degree!! Go Baldwin!! Imallin4Joe May 22 #21
I hope Tammy whips his ass. LiberalFighter May 22 #3
I'm so with you! I hope Tammy whips him too! Imallin4Joe May 22 #22
That would be another nail in the right wing coffin. bullimiami May 22 #4
So Hovde supports social darwinism. sakabatou May 22 #5
He supports Eugenics - if you're old, infirm, unable to procreate, be productive - over the cliff with you. Probatim May 22 #8
A fascist idea.. whathehell May 22 #11
And probably why it resonates with his likely voters. Probatim May 22 #16
Very Spartan of him Traurigkeit May 22 #24
My WI born and raised neighbor thinks WI GOP people shouldn't get to vote because they're STUPID n/t Attilatheblond May 22 #6
Amen to that! machoneman May 22 #7
True! An IQ test would disqualify 90% of GOP/MAGA voters! Imallin4Joe May 22 #23
Young Republican males shouldn't vote because they're stupid Warpy May 22 #9
Especially the big 4x4 crowd with the Trump flags attached to their pickup truck bed.. Imallin4Joe May 22 #30
Hovde. Consider their vote part of the inheritance. Mblaze May 22 #10
Fine, but then we should allow 5 year olds to vote Renew Deal May 22 #12
And if you gave a Repug some truth serum, they'd answer "As long as they're towheads and have 'American' sounding names" peppertree May 22 #19
He seems to following Trump's brilliant method of making enemies through insults. Ping Tung May 22 #13
the comically terrible Dr. Oz and the terribly comic Herschel Walker progressoid May 22 #14
Rachel Maddow had a great A block segment on him FelineOverlord May 22 #15
Thank you for posting.. Imallin4Joe May 22 #34
commercials for him full of lies + bs. pansypoo53219 May 22 #17
I never thought The Leopard Ate My Face Party would actually Eat my face! TeamProg May 22 #18
Is he aware of how old Rocknation May 22 #20
His idol, TSF , "isn't old" .... Traurigkeit May 22 #25
He has the IQ of a crayon. The one with the eaten end. Srkdqltr May 22 #27
I have to add to your perfect comment.. Imallin4Joe May 22 #33
Excellent. Srkdqltr May 22 #37
How old is Rebl2 May 22 #29
Yes! He's approaching that age now. Imallin4Joe May 22 #32
And that Rebl2 May 22 #35
Never trust anyone over thirty... pecosbob May 22 #31
the 70s called and wants its pornstache back Celerity May 22 #36
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