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These jurors should have been sequestered. Scrivener7 May 22 #1
I know Iwasthere May 22 #3
Definitely agree Rebl2 May 22 #5
For six weeks? PJMcK May 22 #31
It is one of the cases that will decide whether the rule of law can withstand the vile thing. Scrivener7 May 22 #34
Should it come to that, I doubt any juror harbors any illusion they'd ever get paid Torchlight May 22 #2
Besides, mob thugs don't offer money. They make the kind of offer that you can't refuse. wnylib May 22 #21
I imagine having a peaceful breakfast at a Manhattan diner, when ... JustABozoOnThisBus May 22 #33
I picture Stephen Miller or Erik Prince sitting next to a juror in a bar wnylib May 22 #38
It won't be a matter of payment. People always forget that the vile thing Scrivener7 May 22 #37
Everyone has a price getagrip_already May 22 #4
Jurors probably have been given instructions on what to do. LiberalFighter May 22 #14
Hope so, but it might lead to a mistrial if enough get contacted getagrip_already May 22 #15
Trust the judge and prosecutors. LiberalFighter May 22 #22
he always keeps his distance..... getagrip_already May 22 #25
They will know where to look. LiberalFighter May 22 #27
I was no where near jimmy hoffa on the day he disappeared..... getagrip_already May 22 #30
Trump is not smart enough. LiberalFighter May 22 #32
Oh please NanaCat May 23 #41
I think you missed the point.. getagrip_already May 23 #42
RNC announcement : Lara Lea Trump will head the new "Bribe a Juror" PAC. jls4561 May 22 #6
Does the Manhatten trial DEMAND a unanimous verdict? Model35mech May 22 #7
Ramos v. Louisiana 2020 - all jury convictions must be unanimous. unblock May 22 #8
Ok thanks Model35mech May 22 #11
if they deadlock on felonies... they can find him guilty of the base misdemeanor. WarGamer May 22 #9
Is 'misdemeanor' what is meant by petty? Model35mech May 22 #12
Nope, not unless the defense petitions for it to be included in charging instructions getagrip_already May 22 #16
The judge will give instructions. LiberalFighter May 22 #18
there will be no misdemeaner vote unless the defense waves the statute of limitations and allows the charge.... getagrip_already May 22 #26
Unanimous is required for conviction and acquittal. Elessar Zappa May 22 #10
As the old saying H2O Man May 22 #13
I coulda sworn Bob's your uncle. Iggo May 22 #39
I had an Uncle Bob. H2O Man May 23 #40
Why engage in fantasy? brooklynite May 22 #17
And if someone does try the juror will see it confirming guilt. LiberalFighter May 22 #19
Because like I said Iwasthere May 22 #20
No, they won't be "finished" brooklynite May 22 #23
sure there is.... getagrip_already May 22 #28
Sure. Gotti won every case for decades before the one that convicted him because he was innocent Scrivener7 May 22 #35
I believe Trump can write that off as a business expense Generic Brad May 22 #24
social media expense? getagrip_already May 22 #29
Salary for whoever has replaced Cohen as the fixer. Scrivener7 May 22 #36
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