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Thu May 23, 2024, 03:35 PM May 23

DU Feature Request Thread [View all]

As mentioned in my announcement on Monday, after many months of behind-the-scenes work on database and security updates, we're starting to look at getting back to front-end development work. We do have some ideas in mind for things that we would like to work on, but we thought this would also be a good opportunity to ask the community if you have any feature suggestions or requests.

A couple of caveats:

1) This is not a bug report thread. If you're having trouble with something as it currently exists on DU, please report it in the DU Community Help forum, or contact me via DU Mail.

2) This is not a thread for making suggestions to change the rules or the Jury System. We're satisfied with the way those things are working at the moment.

3) This is not a thread for requesting policy changes to certain forums, for example, suggesting that we move Gaza War threads from GD back to I/P. We're always keeping an eye on how things are going, so policies could change in the future, but we're not making policy changes at the moment.

What we're interested in is whether you have any ideas or suggestions for new features or functionality that you think could improve DU. Please bear in mind that we are a small team (two people) so not everything that you suggest might be possible for us to pull off, but we'll take note of any responses which we think might be practical, and consider adding them to our to-do list.

Oh and one last thing, I can't end this post without a shameless plug for the current Tip Jar Fund Drive. Friday is the last day!

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Please change the behavior of the "hide smilies" button! CrispyQ May 23 #1
Yes, please! intrepidity May 23 #9
I'd like smilies to open at the top of the smilies page, right now it opens to the bottom ms liberty May 24 #56
Yes, that too! CrispyQ May 24 #62
Please make the text box on the reply screen a bit smaller... Wounded Bear May 23 #2
How about a jacuzzi? Dave Bowman May 23 #3
Grovelbot got one for itself years ago 😀 underpants May 23 #5
Lol, lucky him. Dave Bowman May 23 #12
See who rec'd a post underpants May 23 #4
I like the anonymity. When the rec'cer is visible, it becomes ecstatic May 23 #21
Or folks spamming the recs for visibility or to sway readers in a contrarian way. ❤️ littlemissmartypants May 24 #50
I second this suggestion canetoad May 23 #23
Along those same lines, I would like a column to see the reply recces... Hugin May 24 #59
Ya beat me to it, my reply #70. ON EDIT, well just re-reread "retain anonymity" cancels out! UTUSN May 24 #71
Yes! But on the POSTS! - The names on the OP recs are there, clicking on "Info". UTUSN May 24 #70
Ability to create folders in the inbox. Mosby May 23 #6
Following entire posts vertically use to be easier. pwb May 23 #7
FB feature I like: When posting a news link the headline appears blm May 23 #8
I'd love the ability to save drafts of posts - nt Ohio Joe May 23 #10
Great idea! It would be very useful. Dave Bowman May 23 #13
Make selection of the post sort column sticky Disaffected May 23 #11
a warning icon for those posts that lead to paywalls or sign ins required, subscriptions required. clickbaits all nt msongs May 23 #14
How bout we just make the DU Lounge the only forum? BWdem4life May 23 #15
K&R for, great cartoon! UTUSN May 24 #74
Hi EarlG sheshe2 May 23 #16
I have a question, perhaps it could be a request Niagara May 23 #17
Probably the latter! True Dough May 23 #28
These are awesome looking, True Dough! Niagara May 23 #39
... littlemissmartypants May 24 #48
Don't you worry, I have a pair for you too! True Dough May 24 #58
Hahaha! littlemissmartypants May 24 #69
Make Bluesky posts embed here blogslug May 23 #18
As a bookmark junkie... I would love a way to mass delete them. chowder66 May 23 #19
Yes! Abolishinist May 24 #77
The ability to attach pictures to DU directly from our device... Talitha May 23 #20
I was going to suggest the same thing MagickMuffin May 23 #25
I think I read in the past Nittersing May 24 #65
Support for .webp images canetoad May 23 #22
just change .webp to .jpg Celerity May 23 #31
Strike me pink! The old xls trick canetoad May 24 #72
yw! Celerity May 24 #73
Sometimes it's as simple as changing the file extension... JoseBalow May 23 #36
That does not always work GenThePerservering May 23 #42
That's right, it does not always work JoseBalow May 23 #43
Africa forum. Maybe sub heads for countries or east/west. cbabe May 23 #24
Please don't make me give X any clicks..Have it open WhiteTara May 23 #26
Much of that is dependent on how the OP chooses to post tweets. littlemissmartypants May 24 #47
Give Omaha Steve's Act Blue Forum some real estate on the front page, OAITW r.2.0 May 23 #27
Too sleepy to think of anything Just wanted to say "Thanks" for all hard work you put in on this 👍 electric_blue68 May 23 #29
Taco tuesdays. Eko May 23 #30
it is taco Friday here in Sweden Celerity May 23 #37
Then to be inclusive we should have Taco Tuesdays and Taco Fridays. Eko May 23 #38
Those look great! Tacos are slowly coming to France, though the Lyon 'tacos' have been here for awhile GoneOffShore May 24 #55
A way to organize bookmarks Lars39 May 23 #32
Oh, I love this suggestion. Good one. nt crickets May 24 #64
A small request that will be easy to do and inconsequential to most Stinky The Clown May 23 #33
Supposedly, green is the color most visible to the human eye. littlemissmartypants May 24 #46
Ignoring a user goes both ways JoseBalow May 23 #34
Two-way "ignore" would be good. Think. Again. May 24 #52
Yes. I would like the feature back that lets one just click on a phrase/sentence niyad May 23 #35
Bring back "Unrec" A HERETIC I AM May 23 #40
NOoooooo!!!!! - upthread was going to ask a poster not to scuttle suggestions & here I am UTUSN May 24 #75
No no no, please don't do this Hekate May 25 #80
Millennials/Zillennials/Gen Zers Forum please Celerity May 23 #41
Bookmark...I'll be back. littlemissmartypants May 24 #44
Test. littlemissmartypants May 24 #45
A couple of things... Behind the Aegis May 24 #49
Scavenger hunt and $5 entry fee. Winner takes half. applegrove May 24 #51
Make the Ignore function more global sorcrow May 24 #53
When engaged in a long discussion with multiple people... Think. Again. May 24 #54
The ability to expand/collapse threads would be nice. Also, regarding the "New in (x) Forums" sections ... sl8 May 24 #57
Tags on posts Mr. Sparkle May 24 #60
Please Archive old Journals Kid Berwyn May 24 #61
Is it time to make recs kick a thread yet? intheflow May 24 #63
View thread posts in chronological order The Revolution May 24 #66
A "quick view" modal window opening mode for posts... TygrBright May 24 #67
A couple more forum suggestions: cbabe May 24 #68
Would you please--PLEASE--extend the dark mode NanaCat May 24 #76
I'll endorse this, because I also have photosensitivity and getting the dark mode was a real help Hekate May 25 #81
Bug report Whatthe_Firetruck May 24 #78
Could you implement the advanced search function for our inboxes and sent mail JudyM May 25 #79
OK, I understand the reason(s) for not doing so, Abolishinist May 27 #82
Also India forum. Other 'left out' countries? cbabe May 31 #83
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