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And Thomas wouldn't be sitting on The Bench were it not for B v Bd of Ed no_hypocrisy May 23 #1
Exactly. B.See May 23 #22
which is the reason, imo, he's had a stick up his a** for all these years. elleng May 23 #29
Clarence Thomas proving once again that he can keep getting more and more disgusting... highplainsdem May 23 #2
It's OK. When slavery is once again the rule of the land, Thomas will be made Trusty. erronis May 23 #12
They're heading for a pro slavery platform Johonny May 23 #3
And at the bottom of this barrel is the Dept Of Education that the GOP wants to abolish. flying_wahini May 23 #4
Instead of a generic pulling up of the ladder MutantAndProud May 23 #5
"Magic" is all illusion JoseBalow May 23 #11
But Thomas is different! He succeeded without even trying. He's the new Black BeJeezus. erronis May 23 #13
His complaint that racial adjudication is "predicated on black inferiority" nicely ignores histories of racial bias Bucky May 23 #6
That jumped out at me, too... Volaris May 23 #19
That's why REICH wingers and shit red counties B.See May 23 #24
This is sick, Uncle Ruckus type shit. Even for this talking hemorrhoid. nt Carlitos Brigante May 23 #7
NEXT: Thomas declares anti-lynching statutes unconstitutional dalton99a May 23 #8
Clarence Thomas goes full Uncle Ruckus sakabatou May 23 #9
The Subversive Court works to produce a white supremacist, Christofascist nation. Hermit-The-Prog May 23 #10
But the actual goal is to just disable the US and democracy erronis May 23 #14
refuKKKchickens come in all colors - its the only equality they condone bringthePaine May 23 #15
Yo, Clarence... catbyte May 23 #16
+100000000 Hekate May 23 #28
Sad. Oh, well. Kid Berwyn May 23 #17
A self-loathing black man. TomSlick May 23 #18
To be entirely fair, I mostly loathe him too Bucky May 23 #25
Very sad. elleng May 23 #31
"I got mine - heckles65 May 23 #20
Not in same league as Marshall bmichaelh May 23 #21
Just like driving, if you want to move forward select D. To go backward select R. OMGWTF May 23 #23
I think he's paying back someone for gifts. C Moon May 23 #26
Okay, now let's move on to the Loving decision. Permanut May 23 #27
Thomas's comments on Dobbs put us all on notice regarding every past decision based on the right to privacy Hekate May 23 #30
Next... wryter2000 May 24 #32
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