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I'm betting the orange lump of shit cilla4progress Jun 11 #1
Passes on the debate, or just passes on? cloudbase Jun 11 #4
Best case scenario... 2naSalit Jun 11 #8
I hope he passes on one week before the election KS Toronado Jun 11 #32
Why wait so long? birdographer Jun 11 #46
No time left for the enemy to regroup KS Toronado Jun 11 #64
Ah ha! Gotcha. birdographer Jun 11 #65
That would be best... 2naSalit Jun 11 #62
I wish Rumpy would pass away. All these pass phrases are coming fast. Trueblue1968 Jun 11 #13
Hey, either one. calimary Jun 11 #29
Starting to realize how bad Trump's sanity is. Emile Jun 11 #2
Fuck hannity. spanone Jun 11 #3
Someone's afraid to defend his horrible record Qutzupalotl Jun 11 #5
Even his appearance! charliea Jun 11 #23
I noticed that in a clip of the birdographer Jun 11 #50
So he's admitting Joe is a formidable opponent and maybe a Red Bull and caffeine pills is all it takes to beat Donnie? unblock Jun 11 #6
Fox and all of them are a joke. And where do they come up w/ the Dems worried about Biden's chances in Nov.? SWBTATTReg Jun 11 #7
They have a very carefully crafted system of lies Farmer-Rick Jun 11 #44
The insiders know clown is losing it. MOMFUDSKI Jun 11 #9
Trump should tell his fun Shark Story for his opening statement Prairie Gates Jun 11 #10
Joe has no reason to debate a felon ScratchCat Jun 11 #11
Neither can afford to give the appearance they're ducking the debate. Misery Business Jun 11 #20
The stinking Nazi can easily bow out Farmer-Rick Jun 11 #45
FOX might but that doesn't mean he can afford it. Misery Business Jun 11 #48
Yeah, it will hurt him some Farmer-Rick Jun 11 #54
That's different because he already had a commanding lead in the primary. Misery Business Jun 11 #59
State-by-state legal attacks.... returnee Jun 12 #70
The GOP has legitimized Trump to be a major party nominee. Gore1FL Jun 11 #34
I have said the same thing, Scratch Cat. Deuxcents Jun 11 #63
We knew trump will never debate calguy Jun 11 #12
LOL, this has everything to do with Trump and not Biden Johnny2X2X Jun 11 #14
This is the point: without a teleprompter, trump is lost at sea...facing the sharks and wishing for electrocution! BComplex Jun 11 #30
AND be muted when his time is up birdographer Jun 11 #52
He probably intends to anyhow Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 11 #15
Exactly Farmer-Rick Jun 11 #47
If Trump is Hitler, Hannity is Goebbles. Initech Jun 11 #16
Trump is known to be an Adderall user. Last I checked... keep_left Jun 11 #17
At his rallies, Trump often leans hard on the podium, as if he needs it to prop himself up. Lonestarblue Jun 11 #18
Remember the times Farmer-Rick Jun 11 #51
Trump backing out of the Debate? Chili Pepper Jun 11 #19
Yeah, Trump's leading right now.So there's no way he's gonna debate Tribetime Jun 11 #21
Hannity is clanging... littlemissmartypants Jun 11 #22
Oh, and do we wish he would hurt himself, severely! machoneman Jun 11 #31
A ploy to get the orange one off the hook. Hope22 Jun 11 #24
Dodge the draft. Dodge the debate. How republican is that? BoRaGard Jun 11 #25
I look forward to the debates ClaudetteCC Jun 11 #26
Facist playbook, enemy is both weak and strong n/t hibbing Jun 11 #27
"Work hard, play by the rules, you too can be a success in Ametica." czarjak Jun 11 #28
Why Sean? Don knows someone who went to MIT, so that means he is smart! OAITW r.2.0 Jun 11 #33
And Now - Boats, Sharks & Electrocution.....nt global1 Jun 11 #39
New lyrics to this classic! central scrutinizer Jun 12 #71
Hannity is a talking shit dummy. He hates what America stands for. Jakes Progress Jun 11 #35
Trump should definitely back out of any debate! John Farmer Jun 11 #36
Come on, TSF, you can do this! Permanut Jun 11 #37
There will be some excuse to back out. dslyahoo Jun 11 #38
ROFL -- Why am not surprised? ananda Jun 11 #40
Ugh moose65 Jun 11 #41
Can we ever be lucky enough for it to be the second option? onecaliberal Jun 11 #42
BAWK, bawk bawk, BAWWWK........ getagrip_already Jun 11 #43
He's tight w tscf. He wouldn't discuss this without permission. I think this means tscf isn't showing lindysalsagal Jun 11 #49
Figures Rebl2 Jun 11 #53
Do it Donald. Show everyone what a chickenshit you are. apnu Jun 11 #55
"It's obvious this guy is a mumbling bumbling stumbling fumbling..." Silent3 Jun 11 #56
Anywhere. Anytime. Anyplace keithbvadu2 Jun 11 #57
He was never going anyway. bullimiami Jun 11 #58
D'ya suppose Donald will play the sick card? After saying Hillary did not have the stamina. keithbvadu2 Jun 11 #60
Think of it like delaying a trial forever Turbineguy Jun 11 #61
Who is surprised by this? LetMyPeopleVote Jun 11 #66
Translation into English from the original Republicanese DFW Jun 11 #67
I'd be amused if Trump blew up over this. He does it to them all the time. Trump could indicate that was what he brewens Jun 11 #68
There problem with debates is that somewhere along the line B.See Jun 11 #69
One can understand why, it will be like a convicted felon guppy vs a shark. republianmushroom Jun 12 #72
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