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Thu Jun 13, 2024, 06:03 PM Jun 13

Today was a sickening disgrace... [View all]

To watch the spineless, toady Republicans kiss the ring of the guy that threatened their lives on January 6th, 2021, in our nation's Capitol.

At this very moment, every American should be bent over their toilets vomiting. If this doesn't make you sick, as an American, then something is seriously wrong with you.

The convicted felon returned to the scene of the crime. It was a sight to behold. The looks on the faces of the Republicans welcoming him back to the place they had to run from on January 6th. Their loving glances and embraces for their Cult Leader. It was nothing less than disgraceful.

But, for Trump, it was a necessity. He cannot survive without the support of the Republican Party. He is toast if he does not win the nomination of their Party. So, he uses the same old bullshit and lies that he has used for the last nine years. And with the disgraceful Republicans, it works every time.

Four weeks from today, he is to stand before the Judge for his sentencing. How much damage can he do to our institutions and our rule of law in four short weeks? There is no simple solution. Simply putting him in jail does not fix the damage he has already done. Nothing the Judge will do will change the minds of the cult that follows Trump, including elected Republicans.

These same Republicans want to subpoena the Manhattan DA and Prosecutor to testify before their Committee on July 12th, the day after the sentencing. Nobody should expect anything good to come from that.

The voters must understand by now that the Justice system is not going to work for them. The Congress is not going to work for them. The Supreme Court is not going to save them from the scourge that has attacked our democracy.

The voters can only save themselves. There is no one else to save us. Even then, there is no guarantee that our votes will not be corrupted. We are the last line of defense.

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Just saw Marjorie Crazy Greene gushing Iike a 13 year-old. Christ, this is going to be Silent Type Jun 13 #1
She WANTS to be Diarrhea Donny's bitch Blue Owl Jun 13 #10
She's already COL Mustard Jun 13 #22
Spot on assessment and Prof. Toru Tanaka Jun 14 #58
My thought exactly. This video explains House Rep Cultism right here. OAITW r.2.0 Jun 13 #53
She gushes like a lanced boil. hadEnuf Jun 14 #62
Utterly nauseating. BigDemVoter Jun 13 #2
Agree wholeheartedly BigDemVoter Pas-de-Calais Jun 13 #49
I think that is true of many of them, PatSeg Jun 14 #60
He represents what they want. He is their public face, their vote getter. wnylib Jun 13 #55
Rethugs Gone Wild! Scarlet Begalas Jun 17 #73
This is the Republican Party, everyone. TSExile Jun 13 #3
It's amazing how low Republicans will go. Emile Jun 13 #4
yup Skittles Jun 13 #5
I'm thinking more like the Marianas... 3catwoman3 Jun 13 #51
we have to remember....... Skittles Jun 13 #52
History bears this out... returnee Jun 14 #59
No kidding! calimary Jun 14 #66
You ain't seen nuthin' yet..... lastlib Jun 13 #6
We're not to the bottom yet COL Mustard Jun 13 #24
There isn't one that our current physics can describe TheKentuckian Jun 13 #30
November. Be prepared Evolve Dammit Jun 13 #38
Power is all they care about. Except for controlling women's... surfered Jun 13 #7
Always a sickening disgrace, and they worship him Bundbuster Jun 13 #8
Every time I reread that I want to take a huge cast iron frying pan to that ugly face. llmart Jun 13 #13
He is bdamomma Jun 13 #16
Post removed Post removed Jun 13 #25
The GOP is in an abusive relationship Blue Owl Jun 13 #9
That sounds right. There certainly is no counseling involved... Evolve Dammit Jun 13 #36
How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? SarahD Jun 13 #11
I agree with all of it. llmart Jun 13 #12
Good news. I know that Republican minds can turn into pretzels.. ananda Jun 13 #14
You are bdamomma Jun 13 #15
'Bobbleheads 'R Us: Not A Rapist, Thief, Grifter, Liar, Bully and Complete Ignoramus.' (Abby Zimet) sop Jun 13 #17
a friend of mine says," i cant understand what they see in him". AllaN01Bear Jun 13 #18
Easy: THEY SEE THEMSELVES. B.See Jun 13 #23
Worst Case Scenario DET Jun 13 #19
Not to mention all these slightlv Jun 13 #27
You are correct re them being part of the Sovereign Citizens bullshit Attilatheblond Jun 13 #37
civil war Evolve Dammit Jun 13 #35
Not happening mahina Jun 13 #43
Too bad for TFG, President Biden will still be President. dmr Jun 13 #48
Understood DET Jun 13 #50
It was a publicity stunt to get Fox News ratings. Initech Jun 13 #20
To be quite truthful about it, they engaged in and participated as collaborators in TREASON. B.See Jun 13 #26
Fox News is a terrorist organization, full stop. Initech Jun 13 #29
Exactly. Heritage Foundation's et al's Project 2025 is MAGA'S MEIN KAMPF B.See Jun 13 #31
Isn't this rapture thing way overdue by now? NBachers Jun 13 #21
Oh, I'm convinced their Rapture happened... slightlv Jun 13 #28
Makes me think, what the fuck did I do wrong to get left with these assholes? paleotn Jun 13 #44
Have read that it won't happen until some magic number of 'souls' have been born Attilatheblond Jun 13 #39
Amen, brother! paleotn Jun 13 #42
Toad Stool Worship. dchill Jun 13 #32
Delete the "Toad" part and you're right again! calimary Jun 14 #68
Kiss the ring or his ass? vapor2 Jun 13 #33
The arsonist returns to the scene and is embraced by the spineless power seekers. Evolve Dammit Jun 13 #34
This will all come back to bite them in the butt FakeNoose Jun 13 #40
I hate them. I fucking hate them. paleotn Jun 13 #41
Right there with you. Traildogbob Jun 13 #45
Kevin McCarthy opened the floodgates Zambero Jun 13 #46
But we also need a plan of very last resort The Grand Illuminist Jun 13 #47
Kick orangecrush Jun 13 #54
Republicans didn't run out of fear they were in on the whole plot--all of them. live love laugh Jun 14 #56
I said a long time ago, if Trump is put back into the WH Dan Jun 14 #57
If I were running to unseat a Republican congressperson... ECL213 Jun 14 #61
Having worked in her district, her supporters don't care. They love her inbred look and actions. Silent Type Jun 14 #63
I had that thought while I was typing... ECL213 Jun 14 #64
was he actually in the capitol? in someone's office? a meeting room? did they go to a restaurant? banquet room? orleans Jun 14 #65
lube me up! poozwah Jun 14 #67
Use me, Donald! Treat me like shit and then take all my money! Blue Owl Jun 14 #69
Reminds me of new season of the Boys, Ep1 cynical_idealist Jun 14 #70
We're in a battle for our democracy. VOTE. Joinfortmill Jun 14 #71
The irony is soldierant Jun 14 #72
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