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Just saw Marjorie Crazy Greene gushing Iike a 13 year-old. Christ, this is going to be Silent Type Jun 13 #1
She WANTS to be Diarrhea Donny's bitch Blue Owl Jun 13 #10
She's already COL Mustard Jun 13 #22
Spot on assessment and Prof. Toru Tanaka Jun 14 #58
My thought exactly. This video explains House Rep Cultism right here. OAITW r.2.0 Jun 13 #53
She gushes like a lanced boil. hadEnuf Jun 14 #62
Utterly nauseating. BigDemVoter Jun 13 #2
Agree wholeheartedly BigDemVoter Pas-de-Calais Jun 13 #49
I think that is true of many of them, PatSeg Jun 14 #60
He represents what they want. He is their public face, their vote getter. wnylib Jun 13 #55
Rethugs Gone Wild! Scarlet Begalas Jun 17 #73
This is the Republican Party, everyone. TSExile Jun 13 #3
It's amazing how low Republicans will go. Emile Jun 13 #4
yup Skittles Jun 13 #5
I'm thinking more like the Marianas... 3catwoman3 Jun 13 #51
we have to remember....... Skittles Jun 13 #52
History bears this out... returnee Jun 14 #59
No kidding! calimary Jun 14 #66
You ain't seen nuthin' yet..... lastlib Jun 13 #6
We're not to the bottom yet COL Mustard Jun 13 #24
There isn't one that our current physics can describe TheKentuckian Jun 13 #30
November. Be prepared Evolve Dammit Jun 13 #38
Power is all they care about. Except for controlling women's... surfered Jun 13 #7
Always a sickening disgrace, and they worship him Bundbuster Jun 13 #8
Every time I reread that I want to take a huge cast iron frying pan to that ugly face. llmart Jun 13 #13
He is bdamomma Jun 13 #16
Post removed Post removed Jun 13 #25
The GOP is in an abusive relationship Blue Owl Jun 13 #9
That sounds right. There certainly is no counseling involved... Evolve Dammit Jun 13 #36
How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? SarahD Jun 13 #11
I agree with all of it. llmart Jun 13 #12
Good news. I know that Republican minds can turn into pretzels.. ananda Jun 13 #14
You are bdamomma Jun 13 #15
'Bobbleheads 'R Us: Not A Rapist, Thief, Grifter, Liar, Bully and Complete Ignoramus.' (Abby Zimet) sop Jun 13 #17
a friend of mine says," i cant understand what they see in him". AllaN01Bear Jun 13 #18
Easy: THEY SEE THEMSELVES. B.See Jun 13 #23
Worst Case Scenario DET Jun 13 #19
Not to mention all these slightlv Jun 13 #27
You are correct re them being part of the Sovereign Citizens bullshit Attilatheblond Jun 13 #37
civil war Evolve Dammit Jun 13 #35
Not happening mahina Jun 13 #43
Too bad for TFG, President Biden will still be President. dmr Jun 13 #48
Understood DET Jun 13 #50
It was a publicity stunt to get Fox News ratings. Initech Jun 13 #20
To be quite truthful about it, they engaged in and participated as collaborators in TREASON. B.See Jun 13 #26
Fox News is a terrorist organization, full stop. Initech Jun 13 #29
Exactly. Heritage Foundation's et al's Project 2025 is MAGA'S MEIN KAMPF B.See Jun 13 #31
Isn't this rapture thing way overdue by now? NBachers Jun 13 #21
Oh, I'm convinced their Rapture happened... slightlv Jun 13 #28
Makes me think, what the fuck did I do wrong to get left with these assholes? paleotn Jun 13 #44
Have read that it won't happen until some magic number of 'souls' have been born Attilatheblond Jun 13 #39
Amen, brother! paleotn Jun 13 #42
Toad Stool Worship. dchill Jun 13 #32
Delete the "Toad" part and you're right again! calimary Jun 14 #68
Kiss the ring or his ass? vapor2 Jun 13 #33
The arsonist returns to the scene and is embraced by the spineless power seekers. Evolve Dammit Jun 13 #34
This will all come back to bite them in the butt FakeNoose Jun 13 #40
I hate them. I fucking hate them. paleotn Jun 13 #41
Right there with you. Traildogbob Jun 13 #45
Kevin McCarthy opened the floodgates Zambero Jun 13 #46
But we also need a plan of very last resort The Grand Illuminist Jun 13 #47
Kick orangecrush Jun 13 #54
Republicans didn't run out of fear they were in on the whole plot--all of them. live love laugh Jun 14 #56
I said a long time ago, if Trump is put back into the WH Dan Jun 14 #57
If I were running to unseat a Republican congressperson... ECL213 Jun 14 #61
Having worked in her district, her supporters don't care. They love her inbred look and actions. Silent Type Jun 14 #63
I had that thought while I was typing... ECL213 Jun 14 #64
was he actually in the capitol? in someone's office? a meeting room? did they go to a restaurant? banquet room? orleans Jun 14 #65
lube me up! poozwah Jun 14 #67
Use me, Donald! Treat me like shit and then take all my money! Blue Owl Jun 14 #69
Reminds me of new season of the Boys, Ep1 cynical_idealist Jun 14 #70
We're in a battle for our democracy. VOTE. Joinfortmill Jun 14 #71
The irony is soldierant Jun 14 #72
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