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105. I saw a video of a helicopter firing at armed people
Sat Dec 1, 2012, 12:14 PM
Dec 2012

I haven't seen the video you're talking about. Did he leak two?

K&R Mnemosyne Nov 2012 #1
A lesson I learned early in life, is if you are going to report the boss for breaking the rules Cleita Nov 2012 #2
He was prepared, and he said so. Which is what makes him all the more of a hero. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #8
I think his idea of prison was different than what he got. Cleita Nov 2012 #10
I think that is part of US strategy. And it is shameful. We used to attack dictatorships for sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #19
I agree... Rockyj Nov 2012 #45
Daniel Ellsberg backs Manning and that's good enough for me and should be good coalition_unwilling Nov 2012 #47
What a great reminder and example of why this treatment of Manning is very concerning... midnight Nov 2012 #60
At some point in time, the Nixon wing of the GOP was absorbed by the.... Smarmie Doofus Dec 2012 #75
My wife frequently argues that Obama's policies are to the right coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #90
The old GOP was WAY to the left of where the RW of the DEM party is now. Smarmie Doofus Dec 2012 #115
I mark the end of the Dem Party I know and love to Clinton's embrace of coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #117
Screw Bradley Manning. Marinedem Nov 2012 #3
I remember DU. Gregorian Nov 2012 #4
Gregorian even though the popularity of human rights is not a hot ticket item... I can't wonder how midnight Nov 2012 #6
Yes, human rights thinking seem to be in short supply Cleita Nov 2012 #12
This is interesting.... I thought we brought the German Scientist here to help our industries... midnight Nov 2012 #22
Apples and Oranges. We didn't bring them here. The scientists were a different Cleita Nov 2012 #29
What a terrible fate... My uncle never came home from war. midnight Nov 2012 #62
I 'm sorry. Cleita Nov 2012 #63
Me too..... midnight Dec 2012 #67
"I wonder if the Russians of WWII would have even been okay with what we have done..." EX500rider Nov 2012 #56
I know about that and probably it was Cleita Nov 2012 #57
Putting those stats in perspective (and not excusing war crimes): the coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #109
Oh I agree there... EX500rider Dec 2012 #110
Yeah, again, I'm not excusing war crimes no matter who commits them. But it was not coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #113
I stand with Gen. Smedley Butler. And from the very beginning, these were wars of aggression. Gregorian Nov 2012 #32
Some of us, like myself, have a serious problem with his treatment. NCTraveler Nov 2012 #9
I don't think this is all about Manning. This is about war crimes. Gregorian Nov 2012 #37
Exactly. Your post says it all. It's not about Manning LittleGirl Nov 2012 #41
There was one video of a questionably legal air strike. Recursion Dec 2012 #83
Show me the war crime directly linked to Manning. Yes I saw those videos. NCTraveler Dec 2012 #88
^^^ That. We don't know what Manning did and didn't leak Recursion Dec 2012 #95
You're right. I am grouping it all in with Wikileaks. Gregorian Dec 2012 #111
Agree with everything in your post. NCTraveler Dec 2012 #118
Why? For exposing War Crimes? sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #61
We don't know what he did and didn't leak, or why Recursion Dec 2012 #78
Yet his attorneys are preparing to plead guilty to some of the charges. randome Dec 2012 #85
Specifically, we don't know about the Guantanamo leaks, and they're different Recursion Dec 2012 #86
Yes we do, because he himself spoke about what he leaked before he was sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #112
He had no clue what was in the information released. nt. NCTraveler Dec 2012 #87
Since you never spoke with Bradely Manning... I can assume that you have nothing to lose by midnight Nov 2012 #5
Strange that you haven't chided anybody else in this thread for putting words mythology Nov 2012 #65
Usually I only have to question the intentions of another person's words when they dismiss midnight Dec 2012 #66
And you couldn't be more wrong. sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #11
yeah, it's not like he wouldn't lie to make himself look good. And it's very easy to oppose torture KittyWampus Nov 2012 #21
So exactly how is someone supposed to oppose torture? reusrename Dec 2012 #92
I think this is an awaking for many of us who thought our govt. didn't torture... But now that midnight Nov 2012 #24
I get it, those that do morally reprehensible things should never be "narced on" by a fellow uniform Dragonfli Nov 2012 #17
Whatever. Marinedem Nov 2012 #25
Not projection, I just know how certain types think and what they say when they are home and drunk Dragonfli Nov 2012 #35
Yeah, if he had just helped cover it up, like Colin Powell and My Lai Fuddnik Nov 2012 #55
How many classified documents have you actually read? Recursion Dec 2012 #98
Let's assume that everything you said is true. spooky3 Nov 2012 #28
That's a whole 'nuther kettle of fish Marinedem Nov 2012 #34
I don't think it is separate--it's all part of the same complex situation. spooky3 Nov 2012 #38
I agree. His release was more tantrum than whistle blowing, regardless pnwmom Nov 2012 #31
Marinedem, That's the line directly from the propaganda machine. Dont call me Shirley Nov 2012 #33
Well... Marinedem Nov 2012 #36
blah blah blah blah femrap Nov 2012 #42
Woops! Here come the MIC apologists! loudsue Nov 2012 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #53
Some were nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #54
Manning revealed the commission of war crimes that were not being prosecuted or coalition_unwilling Nov 2012 #48
What are you thinking of? He never claimed credit for the Gitmo leaks even to Lamo Recursion Dec 2012 #79
I was thinking specifically of the footage of the helicopter pilot. I'm not an expert coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #91
I don't argue by credential Recursion Dec 2012 #93
I try not to argue by credential either, but life is short and there's more than coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #96
I haven't heard a "word of the political establishment" Recursion Dec 2012 #97
Just as Nixon's goombahs hoped to use Ellsberg as a demonstration project to any other coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #99
I'm still missing what "crimes and perfidies" he exposed Recursion Dec 2012 #100
Helicopter pilot firing on unarmed civilians. Q.E.D. Now go fight with others on coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #101
I saw a video of a helicopter firing at armed people Recursion Dec 2012 #105
Google is your friend: coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #107
I am so glad we have you to set us straight. You seem to know his intentions. Which of rhett o rick Nov 2012 #50
Damn, I guess Daniel Elsberg should have been shot nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #52
Thank you for reminding us about the pre-trial punishment being against UCMJ. midnight Dec 2012 #70
I know nothing about the man... but... sibelian Dec 2012 #71
There are people here who will challenge your progressive bona fides for stating the obvious. MADem Dec 2012 #104
That's the biggest piece of shit I've read today on DU... MrMickeysMom Dec 2012 #116
Kinda like going to the bank robbers to get an OK to inform on them. Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2012 #7
Very good way of putting it. Cleita Nov 2012 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #20
K&R! hrmjustin Nov 2012 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #14
When I read your title, this was the man who came to my mind... midnight Nov 2012 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #26
Joseph Darby comes to mind (the soldier who blew the early whistle on Abu Ghraib). Then coalition_unwilling Nov 2012 #49
This message was self-deleted by its author AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #51
I wonder if he was responsible for Colonel Ann Wright's inspection and later midnight Nov 2012 #64
K&R woo me with science Nov 2012 #15
If it was up to me everyone who participated in torture or approved it... white_wolf Nov 2012 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #30
I agree, but the guy who wrote the memo is teaching our new batch of law students... midnight Nov 2012 #39
This message was self-deleted by its author AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #40
I know right? Absolutely nuts... midnight Dec 2012 #69
So you're assuming Manning did the Gitmo leak, too? Recursion Dec 2012 #80
Manning now joins the ranks of those who have done their nation a great service - truedelphi Nov 2012 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author AnotherMcIntosh Nov 2012 #44
The 'careerists commissioned officers' = REMFs :) - n/t coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #106
I had not heard of Hugh Thompson until about a year ago on DU. Funny how real heroes sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #59
I forgot about Thompson. Thanks. Smarmie Doofus Dec 2012 #114
K&R blackspade Nov 2012 #43
I and others who have followed Manning's case closely are grateful for his heroism, snot Nov 2012 #58
HUGE K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Dec 2012 #68
I guess I'm confused.. Mangoman Dec 2012 #72
Collateral murder video. Smarmie Doofus Dec 2012 #74
I never got this one... Lightbulb_on Dec 2012 #77
yeah I don't think most know.. EX500rider Dec 2012 #108
I got the impression.. Mangoman Dec 2012 #84
I'm pretty sure he saw it before and discussed it w. Adrian Lamo. Smarmie Doofus Dec 2012 #89
I think a lot of what one thinks depends on how much one trusts Lamo Recursion Dec 2012 #94
It's mostly myth. We don't know what he leaked Recursion Dec 2012 #81
i suppose you were all over Scooter Libby as a traitor RomneyLies Dec 2012 #73
It seems the most serious crime of all is exposing the second most serious crime of all Coyotl Dec 2012 #76
What crime are you saying he exposed? Recursion Dec 2012 #82
Before we answer for Operation Shocking and Awful, there is the little matter of coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #103
Why is that unreasonable? treestar Dec 2012 #102
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