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Sat Dec 15, 2012, 02:58 PM Dec 2012

would you supoport this gun-control measure? [View all]

Simple question about an idea I had.

Would you support a law requiring a gun safe to accommodate firearm collections in homes, in tandem with a .gov subsidy for the implementation of the program?

Essentially, unless your gun is currently being used, it must be in a safe. A .gov subsidy would be introduced to ensure rapid compliance with the law. A gun stolen due to negligence of proper storing results in heavy fines (Say, $5K per firearm). A gun stolen and used in a crime results in a sentence half the length of the one imposed on the perpetrator.

I'm trying to take the middle road here. Screaming "Ban em all", or "Guns for all" are equally stupid positions, IMO.

24 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I would support this.
14 (58%)
I wouldn't support this.
8 (33%)
Other (Specify).
2 (8%)
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And what is the use of a firearm in a safe? Indydem Dec 2012 #1
Biometric locks. Marinedem Dec 2012 #2
I went to look to disprove you, but I see that they make biometric Rifle safes now. Indydem Dec 2012 #4
Other: KarenS Dec 2012 #3
+1 Squinch Dec 2012 #6
Doesn't do nearly enough etherealtruth Dec 2012 #5
Norway has it and Norwegians are allowed guns and many own guns as they like to CTyankee Dec 2012 #7
"The police can check your house to see if your safe is working properly." etherealtruth Dec 2012 #10
Well, as I said Norwegians agree with these house checks. Just because we can't imagine CTyankee Dec 2012 #13
I understand Norway's form of government etherealtruth Dec 2012 #18
Well, we can educate the American people. In the mid 19th century most Americans CTyankee Dec 2012 #21
I thought you might have hadfirst hand knowledge ... etherealtruth Dec 2012 #24
So does the US (mostly) Sgent Dec 2012 #30
No, but I had researched it once a while back and it was interesting how guns are CTyankee Dec 2012 #33
Good for them. We desperately need a ban on automatic/assault weapons in the US. JimDandy Dec 2012 #59
Count me out on the "house checks" by the police. DefenseLawyer Dec 2012 #55
Surely we can figure out a way to do this as a matter of public safety. CTyankee Dec 2012 #58
Almost every act that increases police power is done in the name of "public safety" DefenseLawyer Dec 2012 #60
A good question is how other constitutional democracies keep their individual rights CTyankee Dec 2012 #62
Do you know of a legal reason JimDandy Dec 2012 #63
Seriously... ohheckyeah Dec 2012 #39
But that's just you. I don't feel that way. And I don't feel deprived of anything. CTyankee Dec 2012 #44
I don't feel deprived... ohheckyeah Dec 2012 #46
I don't think a safety check is necessarily an invasion of privacy. CTyankee Dec 2012 #47
Opinion is irrelevant... ohheckyeah Dec 2012 #49
Oh, no police state. But say the authorities were checking gas leaks in the neighborhood CTyankee Dec 2012 #50
I'd let the gas company check for gas leaks... ohheckyeah Dec 2012 #54
What about having the city housing inspector JimDandy Dec 2012 #61
And why would a city housing inspector be ohheckyeah Dec 2012 #68
didn't Norway recently have a horrific massacre of its own? 0rganism Dec 2012 #56
Was the law allowing police to check gun safes in Norway JimDandy Dec 2012 #64
It's one thing, though. Union Scribe Dec 2012 #9
You are probably right about incremental steps etherealtruth Dec 2012 #11
I'd rather assault weapons be heavily regulated and difficult to obtain mmonk Dec 2012 #8
LOL, are you fucking serious...... Logical Dec 2012 #12
You'd rather ban them all? Starboard Tack Dec 2012 #35
So 20 years in prison for leaving your gun safe unlocked? So the person breaks in my house...... Logical Dec 2012 #37
It would be the last time you left it unlocked. Starboard Tack Dec 2012 #42
I agree with gun safes being the law. But not 1/2 the sentence of the idiot who actually did it. I.. Logical Dec 2012 #45
ST, according to you if you had a 500# safe in your house oneshooter Dec 2012 #70
That's right. Secure means secure. Starboard Tack Dec 2012 #72
To what purpose? Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #14
That was my thought .... etherealtruth Dec 2012 #19
I think we could figure out a solution to that problem... CTyankee Dec 2012 #22
I just know this is going to end badly, but here goes. Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #27
I can see how you come to your belief that guns cannot ever be banned in this CTyankee Dec 2012 #38
I don't believe that guns cannot ever be banned, I just don't think it would do much good. Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #65
Well, let's use "view" then. Fine with me. CTyankee Dec 2012 #66
Yes PD Turk Dec 2012 #15
Hell no! 99Forever Dec 2012 #16
I'm glad you don't own guns. Marinedem Dec 2012 #20
I don't need a gun for my masculinity to be alright. 99Forever Dec 2012 #26
Well... Marinedem Dec 2012 #31
A poster presents a positive, realistic plan Union Scribe Dec 2012 #34
Old enough not to require a surrogate penis extension... 99Forever Dec 2012 #41
You seem to have dick on the brain. Union Scribe Dec 2012 #43
+1000 Cetacea Dec 2012 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author PD Turk Dec 2012 #17
Sounds like window dressing to me. forestpath Dec 2012 #25
Nowhere near enough. n/t RomneyLies Dec 2012 #28
I need a better definition of used. JVS Dec 2012 #29
Okay. Marinedem Dec 2012 #32
Would use in a home defense situation apply to the gun in the dresser drawer next to a sleeping... JVS Dec 2012 #36
I'm with you all the way. Starboard Tack Dec 2012 #40
Other. They pay for it. If they can't they turn in their guns. DevonRex Dec 2012 #48
A view 1%ers may support Kaleva Dec 2012 #67
I will go a step further nadinbrzezinski Dec 2012 #51
A lot of people who be fined or jailed overmisunderstandings and simple oversights bluestateguy Dec 2012 #52
Other: Ban 'em all AldoLeopold Dec 2012 #53
Good idea in theory Mr.Bill Dec 2012 #57
No AlexSatan Dec 2012 #69
All of my safes are 650# empty, bolted to the wall(concrete filled concrete blocks) oneshooter Dec 2012 #71
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