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Sat Dec 15, 2012, 08:14 PM Dec 2012

Has gun violence ever touched you or someone you knew? [View all]

My ex-husband's nephew was shot and killed when he and a friend were playing with a gun. He was 12 years old at the time.

A friend I went to school with in the early 70's was murdered in a massacre. She was murdered in 1978.

Please share your stories if you'd like.

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Best friend in high school was shot by her soon to be ex Warpy Dec 2012 #1
I was robbed at gunpoint..(9mm at my head) SoCalDem Dec 2012 #2
a friend of my husband's lost her eye sight from a gunshot liberal_at_heart Dec 2012 #3
close friend ended his life with a gun, almost two decades ago, still hurts chowder66 Dec 2012 #4
Newtown, CT A woman I play guitar with taught some of these children in..... Bonhomme Richard Dec 2012 #5
My boss was shot while he was standing in front of a movie theater. dimbear Dec 2012 #6
Yes. And rec. And kick. Cerridwen Dec 2012 #7
3 friends to suicide iwillalwayswonderwhy Dec 2012 #8
Twice. Igel Dec 2012 #9
One friend was murdered by a burglar in his S.F. apartment in the '70s pinboy3niner Dec 2012 #10
I forgot war casualties. Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #93
I'm sorry for your loss, Blue pinboy3niner Dec 2012 #99
I have had Skidmore Dec 2012 #11
My best friend's son. City Lights Dec 2012 #12
Oh, if crossfire counts union_maid Dec 2012 #15
I wasn't sure if I should share it since no one was injured or killed. City Lights Dec 2012 #17
That happened to me once, too. Frank Cannon Dec 2012 #66
Yes union_maid Dec 2012 #13
Had a gun put to my neck while my pockets were searched. Skip Intro Dec 2012 #14
A good friend of mine killed himself last week. Separation Dec 2012 #16
Several former students have been murdered with guns proud2BlibKansan Dec 2012 #18
The President of my country was shot when I was 9 . . . Journeyman Dec 2012 #19
A police officer killed my friend who was 17 Generic Other Dec 2012 #20
Three instances ... JoePhilly Dec 2012 #21
Just two weeks ago.. AzSweet Dec 2012 #22
My Grandpa. Marinedem Dec 2012 #23
My brother Willie who was 11 sorefeet Dec 2012 #24
sorefeet, may I ask you how old you were when Willie died? Skittles Dec 2012 #81
I think I would have been sorefeet Dec 2012 #96
so, so sorry Skittles Dec 2012 #97
A friend in HS took his dad's service revolver... a la izquierda Dec 2012 #25
And this is the main reason I don't keep my guns in my house. I have teens, and I GreenPartyVoter Dec 2012 #69
It was a long time ago... a la izquierda Dec 2012 #71
Yeah. :^( I would not go back to being a teen. No way. GreenPartyVoter Dec 2012 #72
buddy i grew up with was murdered in 2006 d_b Dec 2012 #26
My friend, the municipal judge, was ambushed and shot. He survived. Kolesar Dec 2012 #27
I saw my neighbor die. Joe Bacon Dec 2012 #28
A good friend of mine was shot 5 times by his wife during an ugly divorce rustydog Dec 2012 #29
My Xerox repairman went on a mass shooting spree and killed 7 of his co-workers dkf Dec 2012 #30
my dad shot himself in the head Skittles Dec 2012 #31
My god CountAllVotes Dec 2012 #77
The husband of a former teaching colleague was one of the physics professors Lydia Leftcoast Dec 2012 #32
My dad was a cop and he was shot. MrSlayer Dec 2012 #33
a 16 yr old student at my daughter's school committed suicide in school parking lot Thursday night liberal_at_heart Dec 2012 #34
My boss was shot right outside my office door by a sufrommich Dec 2012 #35
close shave azul Dec 2012 #36
Held at gunpoint once. nolabear Dec 2012 #37
I had both an uncle and a cousin commit suicide kestrel91316 Dec 2012 #38
Mentally-ill guy shooting random people truebluegreen Dec 2012 #39
A couple I knew stupidly put loaded gun under cushion in couch marlakay Dec 2012 #40
I lost a young childhood friend who was accidentally shot by his brother, polly7 Dec 2012 #41
Sister, nephew and great-nephew KT2000 Dec 2012 #42
No one close to me, but a number of people at some remove. SheilaT Dec 2012 #43
Mostly self inflicted gun things quakerboy Dec 2012 #44
My brother knew someone who shot himself. Initech Dec 2012 #45
As a first responder. nadinbrzezinski Dec 2012 #46
Kicking. n/t cynatnite Dec 2012 #47
My baby brother was murdered at age 29 in 1995 by his estranged wife...she was acquited.... Rowdyboy Dec 2012 #48
My half brother shot and killed my father. Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2012 #49
At least 3 times just off the top of my head........... socialist_n_TN Dec 2012 #50
This message was self-deleted by its author slackmaster Dec 2012 #51
Yes. My younger brother's best friend Island Blue Dec 2012 #52
Woman down the street killed two of her sons and committed suicide BeyondGeography Dec 2012 #53
When I was a kid loyalsister Dec 2012 #54
My wife was robbed and beat with a gun. axetogrind Dec 2012 #55
A man killed 5 women in a Lane Bryant store Drale Dec 2012 #56
Wow. I don't remember hearing about it ecstatic Dec 2012 #91
I remember that crime very well. It happened near Chicago. ywcachieve Dec 2012 #103
Actually, quite a bit. Family, friends, former classmates. Many of them would have had some chance TheKentuckian Dec 2012 #57
A good friend of mine killed by a stray bullet from a gang-related shooting in Chicago in the mid-90 Withywindle Dec 2012 #58
I saw someone get shot point blank in the chest 12 years ago. Throd Dec 2012 #59
Several. Hassin Bin Sober Dec 2012 #60
a friend from high school's brother and his girlfriend -- murder/suicide just this past summer cherish44 Dec 2012 #61
Two coworkers and an acquaintance all blew their heads off years ago IDemo Dec 2012 #62
Lost a friend in 6th grade to a gun accident. Frank Cannon Dec 2012 #63
My father's cousin was shot, on his doorstep, my uncle's niece was chased down and shot Siwsan Dec 2012 #64
My aunt and her youngest child pscot Dec 2012 #65
12 year old student, accidental or intentional, who knows TexasBushwhacker Dec 2012 #67
Suicide in my family. GreenPartyVoter Dec 2012 #68
If having a loaded gun pointed at me counts, yes. MadrasT Dec 2012 #70
Close friend committed suicide + rurallib Dec 2012 #73
My great great grandfather was killed when erinlough Dec 2012 #74
Mugged at gun point by 2 teenagers. nt justiceischeap Dec 2012 #75
not just one, several CountAllVotes Dec 2012 #76
A good friend, a police officer now retired... CherokeeDem Dec 2012 #78
yes, several times shanti Dec 2012 #79
When i was 15.. SummerSnow Dec 2012 #80
My favorite cousin was murdered in 1985 malaise Dec 2012 #82
Right there with you JustAnotherGen Dec 2012 #84
My cousin JustAnotherGen Dec 2012 #83
A classmate of mine in high school... cascadiance Dec 2012 #85
My 7th grade teacher's boyfriend was one of four airmen kidnapped in Turkey back in the 70's... cascadiance Dec 2012 #95
Best friend was murdered by her cop husband with his service weapon in the 90's. Waiting For Everyman Dec 2012 #86
Several times susanr516 Dec 2012 #87
I forgot about armed robberies. Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #94
My older half-brother LWolf Dec 2012 #88
I taught an accomplice to murder-by-gun. WinkyDink Dec 2012 #89
Yes - twice MOMFUDSKI Dec 2012 #90
As I mentioned in another thread, Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #92
Yes, as I answered in another poll question. A Brand New World Dec 2012 #98
A friend of mine shot himself while playing Russian roulette. UnrepentantLiberal Dec 2012 #100
I coached against this young man Dyedinthewoolliberal Dec 2012 #101
Three of my friends in high school Recursion Dec 2012 #102
My brother a pilot was shot down in Korea. broiles Dec 2012 #104
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