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Sun Dec 16, 2012, 01:22 PM Dec 2012

How does someone look a little child in the eyes and shoot him? [View all]

I hate to say it but he must have been desensitized by our culture of movies and especially video games.

If every day was consumed by playing games where you look other humans in the eye and shoot them, it becomes much too normal.

I am not one for banning things so I am not advocating any government action. But this could be part of the puzzle to determining who is potentially dangerous.

We search out terrorists. Maybe we need to start putting the pieces together to understand who is a potential mass murderer.

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A person would obviously have to be severely mentally ill to do that slackmaster Dec 2012 #1
Odd you post that because a few seconds ago, I heard a reporter asking Skidmore Dec 2012 #2
I wonder if that was true for little kids. dkf Dec 2012 #16
It is but not surprising given his cluster of Skidmore Dec 2012 #17
they obtain a gun. waaay too easily. bettyellen Dec 2012 #3
By killing his mother atreides1 Dec 2012 #5
he killed his mom before stealing the gun to kill her with? bettyellen Dec 2012 #12
People who have had a psychotic break from reality Lex Dec 2012 #4
But if your reality was playing video games where you kill every day dkf Dec 2012 #8
I play videgames most nearly every day and I know the damn difference. white_wolf Dec 2012 #55
Millions of people play violent video games and own guns and still know the difference. xoom Dec 2012 #76
Someone who has no soul or heart. axetogrind Dec 2012 #6
Diagnosing Adam Lanza FarCenter Dec 2012 #7
I've been thinking this too. Skidmore Dec 2012 #9
The Most Detailed Account Yet Of The Sandy Hook Massacre FarCenter Dec 2012 #18
How effective are our treatments? dkf Dec 2012 #35
From a quick look around -- not good FarCenter Dec 2012 #38
How does someone know that this shit happens & still oppose gun control? baldguy Dec 2012 #10
Gun control won't solve, in and of itself, guns are a symptom of the ROOT CAUSES. nt patrice Dec 2012 #29
There's oxygen & fuel in every forest. What prevents forest fires is the lack of a spark baldguy Dec 2012 #40
+++1 Guns are a spark, the MOST powerful spark. nt patrice Dec 2012 #49
Although, I guess I should say I think we need to address the "addicts' " connections to their patrice Dec 2012 #54
Adam Lanza seems devoid of sensitivity. GeorgeGist Dec 2012 #11
Movies and Video Games RetroLounge Dec 2012 #13
Turn on the tv LOOK at "our" culture. Our history, recent & otherwise, e.g. 100K dead Iraqis patrice Dec 2012 #14
"Eight Myths About Video Games Debunked" Starry Messenger Dec 2012 #15
I wouldn't says it causes people to do this... dkf Dec 2012 #21
Science says no. Starry Messenger Dec 2012 #24
You can expose well developed youngsters to LOTS of stuff & they'll steer their way through & out patrice Dec 2012 #34
That person has to be dead inside before that can happen. n/t Cleita Dec 2012 #19
+1google! We are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind the curve on this. There are reasons why zombies are patrice Dec 2012 #26
Right. Out of the millions of video games and violent movies on the market today.... OldDem2012 Dec 2012 #20
The gun doesn't do it the games don't do it the mental health dkf Dec 2012 #22
Ya think? Big admission coming from you. nt. OldDem2012 Dec 2012 #28
It's a pretty obvious conclusion... dkf Dec 2012 #32
Research does not produce absolutes. Using the word "proof" & its derivations is usually a mistake. patrice Dec 2012 #51
I'll take all of that as an agreement that there is no proof of a link between gun violence and.... OldDem2012 Dec 2012 #60
Please read up on "the nature of (what is commonoly referred to as) proof". It's not what you are patrice Dec 2012 #63
Tipper Gore has returned! quinnox Dec 2012 #23
No kidding ! arthritisR_US Dec 2012 #39
Fundamentally, most problems begin & end in families. & It appears that families patrice Dec 2012 #25
Some people are just wired wrong. That has nothing to do with their families and how.... OldDem2012 Dec 2012 #30
Biological traits, appropriately assessed, usually reveal some degree of strength. If this weren't patrice Dec 2012 #44
Do you believe everyone is born mentally sound? Yes or no? nt. OldDem2012 Dec 2012 #62
I think that oversimplification leads to GAS OVENS. Please read the article I linked for you and patrice Dec 2012 #64
Sorry, but the only person here talking about "gas ovens" is you.... OldDem2012 Dec 2012 #66
Try actually informing yourself on what you're talking about and try me again. Until then, eom. patrice Dec 2012 #67
There won't be a "later" as far as you're concerned. Consider yourself on "ignore". See ya. OldDem2012 Dec 2012 #73
+1. HiPointDem Dec 2012 #70
You might think I was kicking butt just to kick butt (sorry if you do!), but here's a link that will patrice Dec 2012 #61
No human Berserker Dec 2012 #27
Battering and murdering of children is fairly common. Often by other family members. FarCenter Dec 2012 #31
Something to think about... dkf Dec 2012 #33
In 2010 there were 1,277 murders of children under 18. FarCenter Dec 2012 #59
because he was severely mentally disturbed TorchTheWitch Dec 2012 #36
"odd, unsociable, a loner, uncommunicative, etc." sounds like you're talking about my 2nd husband... patrice Dec 2012 #46
The person was mentally ill, that's a given to do arthritisR_US Dec 2012 #37
How does someone capable of that get access to someone else's deadly toys?? kestrel91316 Dec 2012 #41
great article Corgigal Dec 2012 #42
We can't blame all violence on mental illness unless we are willing to hedgehog Dec 2012 #52
Like the portrait in Taxi Driver (1976) which was interesting for how it placed that kind of patrice Dec 2012 #57
I hate to agree with you but I have at least 4 family members who are "addicted" to these games. jwirr Dec 2012 #43
Mental illness. Jennicut Dec 2012 #45
. patrice Dec 2012 #47
Thanks. Jennicut Dec 2012 #48
Extreme self-centered jealousy customerserviceguy Dec 2012 #50
Mom wasn't a teacher and didn't even have a job, lived off $200K+/yr alimony n/t Fumesucker Dec 2012 #72
Yes, facts are now coming out customerserviceguy Dec 2012 #74
I believe he was in a state of mind most of us cannot imagine. nolabear Dec 2012 #53
Which video games feature blowing the heads off of children? MrSlayer Dec 2012 #56
There are 59 games in this list: FarCenter Dec 2012 #71
How does someone look a little child in the eyes before pushing them naked into a gas chamber? NoodleyAppendage Dec 2012 #58
Or what that child became before strapping him/her down for lethal injection. nt patrice Dec 2012 #65
Yawn Rex Dec 2012 #68
how do parents kill their own kids, for that matter? HiPointDem Dec 2012 #69
Odd completely different from your Zimmerman post. aandegoons Dec 2012 #75
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