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Sun Dec 16, 2012, 03:29 PM Dec 2012

Do you own any guns? (repost w/poll for BVAR) [View all]

I'm re-posting this at the request of Bvar (this is not my OP):

I am no longer a Star Member, and can not post a poll,
so I will post an informal thread instead.
I would appreciate it if a Star member would post a simple Poll:

1)I am a Democrat who owns a single gun

2)I am a Democrat who owns several guns

3)I am a Democrat who owns NO guns

I am a Liberal Democrat who owns several long guns, and a hand gun.
I maintain them, and shoot them at least twice a year on our rural property.
I keep them all loaded, readily accessible,
but out-of sight on a wall rack in the back hallway.
(We have no children or adolescents in our home.)

I have used them to protect ourselves, our property, our stock and our pets,
and will do so again if the need arises,
though I prefer to Live Trap & Relocate.

I am not a Gun Nut, though some here would label me as one.
In 11 years at DU, I have never visited the Gun Forum and have no desire to do so.

I am one of the many, many responsible Liberal Democrats who own guns,
and will continue to do so.

63 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I am a Democrat who owns a single gun
10 (16%)
I am a Democrat who owns several guns
26 (41%)
I am a Democrat who owns NO guns
27 (43%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I own a single gun, because NashvilleLefty Dec 2012 #1
I live in the sticks, too Aerows Dec 2012 #19
A lot of urbanites don't realize how wild a lot of this country is Warpy Dec 2012 #52
I inherited 2 .22 rifles and .22 handgun. (I think. Looks kind of like an old cowboy gun.) I am not GreenPartyVoter Dec 2012 #2
Three shotguns, two rifles and one handgun. Scuba Dec 2012 #3
Do BB guns count because I have one of those. nt Quixote1818 Dec 2012 #4
I've got one too. LeftInTX Dec 2012 #7
Sold mine kydo Dec 2012 #11
ROFL - Same BB gun, same reason LeftInTX Dec 2012 #23
No guns OutNow Dec 2012 #5
How do you define an assault weapon? nt rDigital Dec 2012 #8
As broadly as possible OutNow Dec 2012 #12
All guns can be used to assault. That could be pretty broad. nt rDigital Dec 2012 #17
I'm a democrat who thinks it's really no one's business how many guns I own Trunk Monkey Dec 2012 #6
The un is carefully monitoring this poll for the upcoming confiscation. Warren Stupidity Dec 2012 #29
More than one but not several. nt rrneck Dec 2012 #9
Two rifles, two shotguns, two pistols. cherokeeprogressive Dec 2012 #10
I am a democrat who owns no guns, Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #13
Thank You for posting this poll. bvar22 Dec 2012 #14
No Problem. nt rDigital Dec 2012 #15
Never in my life have I felt the need to own a gun. Chorophyll Dec 2012 #16
Same here.... RichGirl Dec 2012 #49
2 bolt action rifles Kaleva Dec 2012 #18
I'm hardly a gun nut Aerows Dec 2012 #20
Same here. Police response time is measured with a calendar or sundial. nt rDigital Dec 2012 #21
Precisely n/t Aerows Dec 2012 #22
Ah.. The speed of smell. Glassunion Dec 2012 #33
Interesting.... RichGirl Dec 2012 #51
Clearly, you don't live in the sticks Aerows Dec 2012 #58
I have several guns, handguns & rifles. I inherited them, never used them, Raine Dec 2012 #24
I own 2 although I don't consider that "several" SpartanDem Dec 2012 #25
a glock 22 a glock 27 two 12 gauge pump actions a m4 carbine and a m16a1 loli phabay Dec 2012 #26
I have NO guns Terra Alta Dec 2012 #27
but they are stored in a locked gun safe nt Fresh_Start Dec 2012 #28
I live in downtown Toronto; as in a few blocks from the Eaton's Centre. PDJane Dec 2012 #30
I own several. Jackpine Radical Dec 2012 #31
More than one, fewer than several. flvegan Dec 2012 #32
Not enough for a zombie uprising? Aerows Dec 2012 #47
I'd be the first one to Ammo R Us if one started, though. flvegan Dec 2012 #50
I'll race you :D n/t Aerows Dec 2012 #57
Democrat with a Republican husband owning guns HockeyMom Dec 2012 #34
I own a gun handed down southern_belle Dec 2012 #35
Take it to a "buy back" and get $25 for it. oneshooter Dec 2012 #40
+1. Family heirloom passed down to me but I've never shot it, no will I ever. No ammunition. riderinthestorm Dec 2012 #41
Daily shooters, hunting, or collectables? oneshooter Dec 2012 #36
Not me personally, but my father owns several hunting rifles and a crossbow. Arkana Dec 2012 #37
I have several guns but only one of those were purchased by me Major Nikon Dec 2012 #38
Like every DU poll I have ever seen about member gun ownership ...it's about 50/50. L0oniX Dec 2012 #39
I own a shotgun, Missouri Lad Dec 2012 #42
My ex had several but they moved out when he did. MadrasT Dec 2012 #43
I own two... LP2K12 Dec 2012 #44
My Wife and I have pistols, I have a vintage .303 rifle Wolf Frankula Dec 2012 #45
I am a Democrat & have not nor ever will own a gun. A Brand New World Dec 2012 #46
None here, but... jackbenimble Dec 2012 #48
"I have used them to protect ourselves" DefenseLawyer Dec 2012 #53
You posted a partial quote. bvar22 Dec 2012 #61
That's what I figured n/t DefenseLawyer Dec 2012 #64
When I was fresh out of the Air Force I owned a couple guns. Speck Tater Dec 2012 #54
None of the above. Chan790 Dec 2012 #55
.22 revolver and .22 pump-action saddle rifle sweetloukillbot Dec 2012 #56
I have 4 kids I have zero guns in my home or elsewhere rbrnmw Dec 2012 #59
ar-15,12 gauge,.22lr bolt action,.22lr and .40 s/w handguns rdking647 Dec 2012 #60
No, "I am a Troll screwing up this poll" option? Motown_Johnny Dec 2012 #62
I own no guns. Savannahmann Dec 2012 #63
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