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The Straight Story

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Mon Dec 17, 2012, 01:52 AM Dec 2012

Saying this here on DU and on FB [View all]

I have lost several friends now (and my ignore list went up 5 this week on du, 26 ignoring me now).

On FB my friends who are mainly Christian and RW have ditched me, including my cousin, because I am too liberal. The most recent to unfriend me has been a dear friend from high school. His wife and I remain friends (for now)

On DU - well, guess I am too conservative somehow or, perhaps, I have learned that on DU like FB, if you don't agree you are a hater/sheep/evil/etc and so on.

My post to both places:

I have defended gays and their rights. Those who want their religious freedoms - I have been there beside you. Women who deserve the right to make medical choices? I have stood by you as well.

When people have said 'you cannot work for us because you smoke at home on your off hours' I have defended said people and their right to do what they want on their personal time. Same as I had many others who want to smoke pot even though I do not. I was called a libertarian.

I have railed against the wars because I love our kids here in the US and did not want to see them as canon fodder, and I was called a commie, a peace loving hippie, told I didn't know what I was talking about. People told me I hate America and freedom, that I wanted to see us ran over and to fall.

Stood up for single payer, and lost friends over that because I was seen as a socialist who wanted to raise taxes to help those most in need of care.

After this shooting I did not blame the weapon, but the user of it. And somehow, during this, lost friends here and elsewhere. My friends on the left accused me of being heartless, a gun lover, etc, and my friends on the right have accused me of being a liberal because I did not agree with all the crazy fundamentalist over the cause as it relates to god, good, and evil.

Some friends have said I am a sheep because I won't buy into the whole terrorism meme - all the folks in the middle east are out to get me, we need more security, less rights, more intrusion (tsa/etc) - but here is the thing- When I was a kid we could see our family off when they went on planes, even when I was an adult we could do so. We didn't fear such things as much back then - what changed and why is a question I ask - but when I do so am seen as weak. Ask it today about guns, shootings, etc and folks on the right will jump in and say it is because we kicked God out of schools. Ask them why people a world away want to attack us, try to discuss it, and it is not about God but about how evil islam is. Actions no longer have consequences and attempts to discuss actions/consequences means I hate America (unless, of course, I say the action is not praying in school - to which some on the right will tell me the consequence is what we just saw...how does it all work???)

9/11 comes and folks on the right, under Bush, rushed through changes to 'protect' us. And those same folks today are saying to slow down and not make snap decisions when someone goes into a school and shoots up people.

I didn't agree then. I don't now. I have tried to be consistent and tell people to slow down and think about things. No one really read the patriot act/et all, but we were all for changing things in hopes the government would protect us. We rushed into Iraq, mostly out of fear. Some want to rush in over fear and change gun laws even though they are not sure which ones they want to change or how.

I can't 'win' as they say. Ask for introspection, to review things, ask questions to learn and you are called a commie, liberal, rw fascist, libertarian, et al. Search for truth and answers, ask hard questions, and people run and hide or just call you names.

The government was not the solution to 9/11. If anything they contributed to the cause by their earlier actions. We armed Osama and Saddam, trained them supported them.

They are not the solution to our problems when it comes to mass shootings either. So many own guns, so few use them in such a way. The problem is not religion. It is not Islam, Christianity, Atheists.

The problem is people, their greed, their hatred. And that problem is hard to tackle so we work to avoid it by making laws to give those in power more power in hopes they can control others.

I have said it before, will say it again - if you want change - whether it be to stop abortions (I know many who want to outlaw such) or shootings, obesity, etc, using an elected official is not the right way to go about it. Change the hearts and minds of people, work together as friends, family, neighbors, churches, social groups.

All I am seeing now is hatred. Unfriending, ignoring, etc. Discussion - it is not welcome because it appears that folks on the right and the left have adopted their own religion and are sticking to it and anyone who questions it we want to get rid of.

Don't like me, my questions, my views - ignore me now, unfriend me. Climb into your shell, leave debate behind, and cuddle up to your core beliefs without question.

Live in your bubble. I, for one, welcome debate and discussion, even if heated at times, because I want to keep learning and discussing.

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Saying this here on DU and on FB [View all] The Straight Story Dec 2012 OP
The internet is a tough room to play in. rrneck Dec 2012 #1
I'll stand with you, my dear Straight Story.....always. CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2012 #2
+1 : ) nt rDigital Dec 2012 #5
Oh, my dear Peg... DollarBillHines Dec 2012 #26
You speak the truth. Honeycombe8 Dec 2012 #3
I think we've crossed swords in the past Warpy Dec 2012 #4
hahhah hah Ellipsis Dec 2012 #14
I GOT YOUR BACK, ELLIPSIS Skittles Dec 2012 #25
Nah, I think I've probably done a proper job of it Warpy Dec 2012 #15
You're good with me, TSStory loudsue Dec 2012 #7
Excellent post. You may have lost a friend or two, but rainlillie Dec 2012 #8
I Love You..... Grey Dec 2012 #9
For what it's worth, I have always respected you and therefore listened to your opinions. Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #10
Excellent post, I agree 1000% truegrit44 Dec 2012 #11
Please don't go anywhere We People Dec 2012 #12
Bullies grow up and stay bullies and teach their kids to be bullies ...on purpose or by neglect. L0oniX Dec 2012 #13
I have no problem with you, friend. Carry on. freshwest Dec 2012 #16
that sorta got long hfojvt Dec 2012 #17
You didn't lose real friends. You lost fair weather friends.. sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #18
Anyone who says, defacto7 Dec 2012 #19
I'm for gun regulation and I gave this a rec Patiod Dec 2012 #20
witch hunt atmosphere here right now -- no point. i thought if i waited a couple of days it might HiPointDem Dec 2012 #21
You speak truth here, my friend. Adsos Letter Dec 2012 #22
That was an excellent post. davidthegnome Dec 2012 #23
You're always welcome on the dallas morning news opinion pages w8liftinglady Dec 2012 #24
It's so hard to be a libertarian. UnrepentantLiberal Dec 2012 #27
This is the most insightful post in this whole thread; ignoring TSS can be a good thing, right now muriel_volestrangler Dec 2012 #42
They've probably seen that thread in Meta and don't care. UnrepentantLiberal Dec 2012 #44
Good post. madfloridian Dec 2012 #28
I agree... to an extent. We need pragmatic solutions. FreeBC Dec 2012 #29
I'm with ya! How can anyone of us become so brainwashed from the implants within our Country jonesgirl Dec 2012 #30
I vehemently disagree with your position on guns. But you have a right to your opinion... even if dorksied Dec 2012 #31
Emotions are very high right now. LeftInTX Dec 2012 #32
I feel the same way.... WCGreen Dec 2012 #33
Don't worry about those ignoring you. That's on them and their loss. ToxMarz Dec 2012 #34
I'll give you a record davidpdx Dec 2012 #35
What a self-pitying bore. n/t Moses2SandyKoufax Dec 2012 #36
Carry on! JohnnyLib2 Dec 2012 #37
Careful now, you're going to get accused of being a "third way" -er, when, in fact, you're probably patrice Dec 2012 #38
DURec Eric the Reddish Dec 2012 #39
I have nobody on ignore, and one major group of people ignore me all for a single issue graham4anything Dec 2012 #40
Whew! I'm so glad this wasn't one of those Dear John letters... ReRe Dec 2012 #41
I'm with you, Darlin'. We may not agree always but let us talk always! nolabear Dec 2012 #43
I do not bother putting people on ignore, but even if I did, you would not be one of them niyad Dec 2012 #45
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