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Saying this here on DU and on FB [View all] The Straight Story Dec 2012 OP
The internet is a tough room to play in. rrneck Dec 2012 #1
I'll stand with you, my dear Straight Story.....always. CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2012 #2
+1 : ) nt rDigital Dec 2012 #5
Oh, my dear Peg... DollarBillHines Dec 2012 #26
You speak the truth. Honeycombe8 Dec 2012 #3
I think we've crossed swords in the past Warpy Dec 2012 #4
hahhah hah Ellipsis Dec 2012 #14
I GOT YOUR BACK, ELLIPSIS Skittles Dec 2012 #25
Nah, I think I've probably done a proper job of it Warpy Dec 2012 #15
You're good with me, TSStory loudsue Dec 2012 #7
Excellent post. You may have lost a friend or two, but rainlillie Dec 2012 #8
I Love You..... Grey Dec 2012 #9
For what it's worth, I have always respected you and therefore listened to your opinions. Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #10
Excellent post, I agree 1000% truegrit44 Dec 2012 #11
Please don't go anywhere We People Dec 2012 #12
Bullies grow up and stay bullies and teach their kids to be bullies ...on purpose or by neglect. L0oniX Dec 2012 #13
I have no problem with you, friend. Carry on. freshwest Dec 2012 #16
that sorta got long hfojvt Dec 2012 #17
You didn't lose real friends. You lost fair weather friends.. sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #18
Anyone who says, defacto7 Dec 2012 #19
I'm for gun regulation and I gave this a rec Patiod Dec 2012 #20
witch hunt atmosphere here right now -- no point. i thought if i waited a couple of days it might HiPointDem Dec 2012 #21
You speak truth here, my friend. Adsos Letter Dec 2012 #22
That was an excellent post. davidthegnome Dec 2012 #23
You're always welcome on the dallas morning news opinion pages w8liftinglady Dec 2012 #24
It's so hard to be a libertarian. UnrepentantLiberal Dec 2012 #27
This is the most insightful post in this whole thread; ignoring TSS can be a good thing, right now muriel_volestrangler Dec 2012 #42
They've probably seen that thread in Meta and don't care. UnrepentantLiberal Dec 2012 #44
Good post. madfloridian Dec 2012 #28
I agree... to an extent. We need pragmatic solutions. FreeBC Dec 2012 #29
I'm with ya! How can anyone of us become so brainwashed from the implants within our Country jonesgirl Dec 2012 #30
I vehemently disagree with your position on guns. But you have a right to your opinion... even if dorksied Dec 2012 #31
Emotions are very high right now. LeftInTX Dec 2012 #32
I feel the same way.... WCGreen Dec 2012 #33
Don't worry about those ignoring you. That's on them and their loss. ToxMarz Dec 2012 #34
I'll give you a record davidpdx Dec 2012 #35
What a self-pitying bore. n/t Moses2SandyKoufax Dec 2012 #36
Carry on! JohnnyLib2 Dec 2012 #37
Careful now, you're going to get accused of being a "third way" -er, when, in fact, you're probably patrice Dec 2012 #38
DURec Eric the Reddish Dec 2012 #39
I have nobody on ignore, and one major group of people ignore me all for a single issue graham4anything Dec 2012 #40
Whew! I'm so glad this wasn't one of those Dear John letters... ReRe Dec 2012 #41
I'm with you, Darlin'. We may not agree always but let us talk always! nolabear Dec 2012 #43
I do not bother putting people on ignore, but even if I did, you would not be one of them niyad Dec 2012 #45
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