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George Bush [View all] searchingforlight Dec 2012 OP
Born on third base and told he hit a triple. nt Javaman Dec 2012 #1
Pappy spawned generations of criminals. lonestarnot Dec 2012 #2
In October of 1980 George HW Bush met w/ Iranians in Paris and told them that they .. Botany Dec 2012 #3
George H has always said he could not remember where he was Angry Dragon Dec 2012 #4
Thanx ..... so many HW "things" the dates run together Botany Dec 2012 #6
Actually, Nixon was never pinned down either ... rtassi Dec 2012 #14
That distant shot sure does look like his stance. You can almost hear his nasal voice. lexw Dec 2012 #23
Inside Iran Contra - Conspiracy of Silence - Regan/Bush cover up of pedophilia penn state style SugarShack Dec 2012 #39
After all he was head of the CIA, although he denied it for years. SugarShack Dec 2012 #49
i dont know where I've been. sellitman Dec 2012 #67
Today that hat sure doesn't look like poppy to me madokie Dec 2012 #69
K&R. Well said. Overseas Dec 2012 #73
A "patrician" who thought he was competent to be Pres. elfin Dec 2012 #5
^^^this is true^^^ n/t irisblue Dec 2012 #13
One of the worst POTUS in American history. Rex Dec 2012 #7
11/22/63 DemoTex Dec 2012 #8
Poor George!!! malaise Dec 2012 #9
Classic! slumdoggandu Dec 2012 #18
To this day I think Ann's great friend hifiguy Dec 2012 #74
Funny I was reading Molly earlier today malaise Dec 2012 #75
he did serve during WW2 tho. pansypoo53219 Dec 2012 #10
His sperm was a weapon of mass destruction Happyhippychick Dec 2012 #11
score! rtassi Dec 2012 #15
Let's not forget where the eggs came from.. sheshe2 Dec 2012 #17
Wasn't she in the first Alien movie? GoneOffShore Dec 2012 #27
But by comparison, he shines.... Mustellus Dec 2012 #12
"Born with a silver spoon up his ass" is more like it. Myrina Dec 2012 #16
Whether you agree with his politics or not silhouete2 Dec 2012 #19
Gimme a break. eom 12AngryBorneoWildmen Dec 2012 #20
"a great American who cares about his country"? DollarBillHines Dec 2012 #21
So you can read his mind now silhouete2 Dec 2012 #31
Yes, you are free to call him a great American, but you won't find many that agree with you. Thor_MN Dec 2012 #44
I didn't come up with the Great American thing silhouete2 Dec 2012 #45
You tried to argue that he was. Thor_MN Dec 2012 #54
No but you can pretend that I "implied" that silhouete2 Dec 2012 #56
I told you nicely that it's fine to have your opinion, but you won't find much support Thor_MN Dec 2012 #72
Keeping innocent Americans locked up in Iraq lark Dec 2012 #22
YOUR opinion is that he is pure evil silhouete2 Dec 2012 #30
Fuck Maturity demwing Dec 2012 #38
Well there you go silhouete2 Dec 2012 #43
Telling people to respect GHW Bush's humanity is an insult demwing Dec 2012 #62
He really was one of the worst Awknid Dec 2012 #41
That is a person's opinion silhouete2 Dec 2012 #47
I find it interesting Awknid Dec 2012 #48
No silhouete2 Dec 2012 #57
This message was self-deleted by its author HangOnKids Dec 2012 #59
Well that's nice to hear silhouete2 Dec 2012 #60
There's the door demwing Dec 2012 #63
Oh I'm not silhouete2 Dec 2012 #64
You are entitled to keep any opinion demwing Dec 2012 #65
But But But HangOnKids Dec 2012 #68
Hitler was a human being and so was Stalin zeemike Dec 2012 #26
Actually, *just* Iran/Contra is enough to say that he isn't a great American who cares about this... eggplant Dec 2012 #29
Isn't that the definition of a politican silhouete2 Dec 2012 #32
Are you honestly comparing Obama to Bush I? eggplant Dec 2012 #78
you beat me to it NoGOPZone Dec 2012 #33
GHW Bush is a sub-human POS Stainless Dec 2012 #50
Let's straighten something out right here. He is a human being.But he has never been a good American rhett o rick Dec 2012 #76
I will not dance on his grave deutsey Dec 2012 #77
I have to admit I'd been cutting him some slack... Lizzie Poppet Dec 2012 #24
I dont worry at all for daddy warbucks RedstDem Dec 2012 #25
The Bush Family: 3 Generations of Evil chuckstevens Dec 2012 #28
+1 and thanks for putting this up. n/t Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #71
I wonder if anyone has compiled a list of things that happened lunatica Dec 2012 #34
Is this close enough? Rain Mcloud Dec 2012 #37
Thanks for this list. Awknid Dec 2012 #52
Thanks! lunatica Dec 2012 #55
Here's some more about CIA Director Bush, the Saudis, terrorism, death squads, and the aftermath. leveymg Dec 2012 #61
A great list and one to bookmark when he dies and DUers are scolded for calling him evil riderinthestorm Dec 2012 #66
The historical revision and whitewashing is an ongoing enterprise for GHW's minions and scribes. leveymg Dec 2012 #70
Bar was pretty smokin' when Bush met her in 1940. JohnnyRingo Dec 2012 #35
Yes she was. Little Star Dec 2012 #53
Or: born with a silver foot in his mouth! ananda Dec 2012 #36
That goddamn Bush cabal is a threat to democracy! santamargarita Dec 2012 #40
The Bush family makes me ashamed to be an American PufPuf23 Dec 2012 #42
The ONLY reason GHW served was because his dad was a traitor.... Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2012 #46
searchingforlight- are you looking for those 1000 points of light he promised lunasun Dec 2012 #51
Dan Quayle TeamPooka Dec 2012 #58
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