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Lint Head

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12. And Gawd said, "Hey Newt. Screw around on your wife, sorry, wives." And after the man called
Mon Jan 23, 2012, 06:57 PM
Jan 2012

Gingrich obeyed Gawd, Gawd look down and saw it was good. Gawd spoke to Newt and said, "You, my son, have obeyed me and I shall give to you the miracle of being the master of the most powerful kingdom in the world." The man called Gingrich passed the holy test and is waiting for that glorious day when he shall therefore be-eth the President-eth of the United-eth States-eth of America-eth.

So be it.

then he failed gods test many a times. how does that make it a good thing. nt seabeyond Jan 2012 #1
Exactly. Even if you judge him by the twisted Family Values set of beliefs. He fails! ROFL stevenleser Jan 2012 #2
Nope. God was testing divorce lawyers and checking motel rates. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2012 #3
America. God's punishing us for a reason n/t Bonhomme Richard Jan 2012 #4
Any mention of the fact that Neut failed the test at least twice? 11 Bravo Jan 2012 #5
It's the ultimate expression of IOKIYAR stevenleser Jan 2012 #7
So as part of this "test," God gave Newt's wife cancer The Genealogist Jan 2012 #6
Not sure, but he'd probably be better off getting tested... Wait Wut Jan 2012 #8
he failed every test...... bowens43 Jan 2012 #9
I know. Teh stupid over at FR, it burns! nt stevenleser Jan 2012 #10
It's some kinda weird devil-trickster "god" those freepers believe in HillWilliam Jan 2012 #11
And Gawd said, "Hey Newt. Screw around on your wife, sorry, wives." And after the man called Lint Head Jan 2012 #12
LOL! stevenleser Jan 2012 #14
I assume that was in response to the guy who says that newt's failed marriages will make him a jwirr Jan 2012 #13
No, that is that Freeper's Tag Line! LOL stevenleser Jan 2012 #15
gawd tested him? barbtries Jan 2012 #16
Because human testing has not yet been approved? Motown_Johnny Jan 2012 #17
wow quinnox Jan 2012 #18
Rationalization like this would be funny if it weren't so terrifying. Odin2005 Jan 2012 #19
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