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Thu Jan 3, 2013, 01:16 PM Jan 2013

Please Help Me Craft A Response To A Tea Bagger [View all]

This was posted in a FB thread where another tea bagger posted: According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outnumbers the number of murders committed with a rifle. In response I posted this link

http://www.statisticbrain.com/murder-weapon-statistics/ then tea bagger two posted the below comment.

Is STANLEY gonna be limited to the # of HAMMERS each year....NO. Are Baseball Bat manufacters gonna be fined for making too many BATS.

Here's my response: Zoeisright Jan 2013 #1
lol SweepPicker Jan 2013 #3
It's a stupid argument Glitterati Jan 2013 #2
He's right. Recursion Jan 2013 #4
He's obfuscating. Cary Jan 2013 #6
Why not just focus on handguns? Seriously? Recursion Jan 2013 #8
As with any other problem you wish to solve, you need to focus on the goal. Cary Jan 2013 #12
Nearly every rifle sold today is a semi-automatic with a detachable magazine Recursion Jan 2013 #14
These are different issues. Cary Jan 2013 #21
Yes, that a weapon being "military style" means nothing Recursion Jan 2013 #22
That's another canard. Cary Jan 2013 #23
I'm not the one hung up on "military style" Recursion Jan 2013 #24
Is there a rule against stating my opinion as to your motivations? Cary Jan 2013 #25
Right brush Jan 2013 #26
Automatic weapons are essentially *never* used in crimes Recursion Jan 2013 #35
Oh Yeah? brush Jan 2013 #37
Yeah. Glad to know you agree with me Recursion Jan 2013 #38
You don't call those automatic weapons? brush Jan 2013 #39
Of course not. They aren't automatic Recursion Jan 2013 #40
I saw this one too Cary Jan 2013 #5
This: Iggo Jan 2013 #7
Evidence reteachinwi Jan 2013 #9
rational? pretty subjective and flat wrong. Terminal ballistics...oh never mind. educate yourself galileoreloaded Jan 2013 #17
John Allen Mohammed and William Spengler reteachinwi Jan 2013 #32
He cited the (very low) rate of murders with rifles. Recursion Jan 2013 #10
You can run away from clubs and bats (and knives). You cannot LeftinOH Jan 2013 #11
How many people can be fatally wounded in a matter of seconds Lex Jan 2013 #13
Shouldn't he just arm and protect himself with the more leathal Bat or Hammer?? JoePhilly Jan 2013 #15
Heh. Lex Jan 2013 #18
Okay. First paragraph is enough. Festivito Jan 2013 #16
Not since 2005. "Other than handguns" guns accounted for more murders than blunt objects. sinkingfeeling Jan 2013 #19
Adam Lanza did not kill 20 kids and 6 adults with a hammer or club mnmoderatedem Jan 2013 #20
Why are you arguing with idiots who will never change their minds? Waste of time. nt. OldDem2012 Jan 2013 #27
Ask the moran for a link RoccoR5955 Jan 2013 #28
You can't argue with stupid liberal N proud Jan 2013 #29
Baggers blow, why bother with that? lonestarnot Jan 2013 #30
Responding to a teabagger is like flushing your carefully crafted answer down the toilet. nt Speck Tater Jan 2013 #31
use simple words, maybe 2 or 3 letters each samsingh Jan 2013 #33
might agree with his thing about base ball bats--the chicago cubs have not been using them correctly dembotoz Jan 2013 #34
Did he/she go to that site? Motown_Johnny Jan 2013 #36
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