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24. Just a few quick points and you may not like them....
Sat Jan 5, 2013, 02:21 PM
Jan 2013

1. The 2% "increase" in FICA taxes is because the "FICA tax holiday" declared two years ago is now over....we are now paying our fair share into Social Security.

2. Again, and it is worth repeating, the 2% FICA increase goes directly to funding Social Security....which is a good thing, IMHO.

3. Any member of the GOP Tea-Nazis trying to blame the President for "raising taxes" is full of crap....Congress, and therefore by default, the GOP Tea-Nazis, is responsible for the bill that contained the elimination of the "2% FICA tax holiday".

Yes, we meet your standards for "barely making ends meat(sic)". My family has been and continues to be in dire straits. I have been unemployed for the last four years and we have been taking food stamps for the same amount of time. We have sold every earthly asset to meet as many of our obligations as we possibly can. We no longer have a second car, savings, jewelry, or any other assets we once owned. We do not have health/medical coverage, and we have no life insurance policies of any kind...we simply can't afford to pay for them. But, we still have one car and we still live in our house. We have recently been approved for a loan modification because we were unable to pay our mortgage for four months over the summer. My wife works two jobs to make ends meet which usually leaves us with $10-$20 dollars left in checking at the end of each month even after paying the much lower trial loan modification payments for the last three months.

But, we understand perfectly well without a Presidential press conference why the FICA taxes have "increased" to return us to the rightful levels and we understand why it was necessary.

One last point....I'll be damned to Hell if we will EVER vote for a GOP Tea-Nazi for anything but a ticket to leave the country on a slow freighter to Antarctica! We're not the only people "barely making ends meat(sic)" who feel the exact same way as we do because WE KNOW WHO GOT US INTO THIS SITUATION AND IT WASN'T THE PRESIDENT!!

The Republicans wanted the payroll tax increase because it showed Obama raising taxes plethoro Jan 2013 #1
Yeah, and maybe Obama could remind the GOP that Reagan raised taxes 11x, 9x on the middle class. JaneyVee Jan 2013 #2
K&R SunSeeker Jan 2013 #3
Agree he should address the nation about this Freddie Jan 2013 #4
Here's an interesting take on how the Rs are portaying this: 2naSalit Jan 2013 #5
I've had to corrrect a lot of people hfojvt Jan 2013 #6
Roughly as predictable as gravity.. Fumesucker Jan 2013 #7
Oh Really? (O'Rielly get it?) xtraxritical Jan 2013 #15
good idea warrprayer Jan 2013 #8
It was an extremely bad idea that can't be explained in sound bites TheKentuckian Jan 2013 #9
Well here is the bottom line humbled_opinion Jan 2013 #18
We paid more in FICA 10 years ago than we do today. IowaGuy Jan 2013 #10
You did not pay more. former9thward Jan 2013 #19
Obama and Congress gave those who pay payroll taxes a 2-year or so holiday during which JDPriestly Jan 2013 #34
Here is what the poster said: former9thward Jan 2013 #39
I know that I paid the full amount and that President Obama, as part of the most recent stimulus JDPriestly Jan 2013 #40
to bad we couldn't have a discussion about making the 2% permanent and getting even by klyon Jan 2013 #11
WOW your post makes too much sense for some here.... n/t humbled_opinion Jan 2013 #16
+1 NCTraveler Jan 2013 #22
If you makes the 2% permanent, employers would want their shared matched and that would officially plethoro Jan 2013 #30
We should raise the cap. JDPriestly Jan 2013 #35
Media outlets don't explain anything about any of our programs, whether its SS or Medicare or dkf Jan 2013 #12
No. Obama should never have given the holiday in the first place. JDPriestly Jan 2013 #13
He shouldn't have given the holiday abelenkpe Jan 2013 #14
Michael Hudson is, of course, right. But the political will to, for example, fund Social Security JDPriestly Jan 2013 #33
Enjoy your stay; greiner3 Jan 2013 #28
Justifying it might be a lot easier if we didn't still have massive tax breaks for the 1% bread_and_roses Jan 2013 #17
Restoring FICA is the right thing to do... shrdlu Jan 2013 #20
Good and informative post. NCTraveler Jan 2013 #21
Are you aware that RUSH LIMBAUGH used your post on his show? JaneyVee Jan 2013 #36
Yes. Do you have anything to say about the post you are replying to? nt. NCTraveler Jan 2013 #41
Nobody could have seen this coming... hay rick Jan 2013 #23
Too bad others, self included, weren't as astute. shrdlu Jan 2013 #25
Just a few quick points and you may not like them.... OldDem2012 Jan 2013 #24
I wish you the very best of luck in this new year, sir. Your post rings with a certain plethoro Jan 2013 #31
Thanks, and I sincerely hope that YOU become decidedly more optimistic. nt. OldDem2012 Jan 2013 #32
There are ways of having a 4.2% rate for lower wage workers and paying into Social Security. bluestate10 Jan 2013 #38
"Most media outlets are doing nothing to help Americans understand what's really going on," nt patrice Jan 2013 #26
And lost in all of this is the fact that PO apparently didn't think that we NEED to end the holiday. patrice Jan 2013 #27
You're timing couldn't be better..... wandy Jan 2013 #29
Obama still has the upper hand on the debt ceiling and sequestration. bluestate10 Jan 2013 #37
This isn't going to be a problem ... and this is why ... JoePhilly Jan 2013 #42
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