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Mon Jan 7, 2013, 12:40 AM Jan 2013

Flu Shots... [View all]

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Should I be getting one? Looks a bit scary...

**New Chart**


90 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I got one!
56 (62%)
I am getting one!
7 (8%)
No way!
24 (27%)
Ambivalence... the strangest place.
3 (3%)
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Flu Shots... [View all] Agschmid Jan 2013 OP
Big break out in NC, covered by our insurance, no charge, took 5 min..why not? NRaleighLiberal Jan 2013 #1
Yah I am pretty sure I am going now, maybe Wegman's does it? Agschmid Jan 2013 #2
I got mine at Walgreens. n/t NRaleighLiberal Jan 2013 #4
They don't always prevent the flu. Or, WorseBeforeBetter Jan 2013 #3
you do know a cold and the flu are not the same thing Skittles Jan 2013 #6
One would hope since I feel they may be involved with either Agschmid Jan 2013 #8
Oh, Skittles. WorseBeforeBetter Jan 2013 #14
They do for me. Haven't had the flu since I started getting the vaccine. If you had the shot on uppityperson Jan 2013 #27
bingo! WolverineDG Jan 2013 #62
Aches, chills, temperature pushing 102... WorseBeforeBetter Jan 2013 #100
Quite frankly, I think I was exposed... WorseBeforeBetter Jan 2013 #97
Me, either. aquart Jan 2013 #158
The flu is a constantly changing virus with a whole alphabet of different varieties. Warren DeMontague Jan 2013 #35
Do you know/or know a source... Agschmid Jan 2013 #48
The CDC puts out information on this every year. If you need me to, I can look it up nt stevenleser Jan 2013 #58
From the FDA website... WorseBeforeBetter Jan 2013 #99
And this is why they change the shot every year. proud2BlibKansan Jan 2013 #59
Wow, really? That is what you base your logic on? Logical Jan 2013 #50
Half a century of living is what... WorseBeforeBetter Jan 2013 #95
Overall it reduces chances of getting the flu. Outliers akways happen... Logical Jan 2013 #96
One of my coworker's daughters is a hospital nurse phylny Jan 2013 #114
I've had more flu after the vacc Rosa Luxemburg Jan 2013 #5
that's happened to me too a couple of times WolverineDG Jan 2013 #64
That'll happen when "they" shoot you with a live virus.. could it be seitan Jan 2013 #80
ffs you are being highly irresponsible Lars39 Jan 2013 #89
Within two weeks? nadinbrzezinski Jan 2013 #138
Ambivalent about your choice OriginalGeek Jan 2013 #7
Tell that to my grandfather longship Jan 2013 #32
"dodgy", "crap shoot", "Moving target" OriginalGeek Jan 2013 #73
call me a fool never got it never get sick- had a stroke - but never the flu (that i remember) leftyohiolib Jan 2013 #163
I may get one. I like them, but I don't always have the money, ZombieHorde Jan 2013 #9
I work retail and I come into contact with ALOT of people... Agschmid Jan 2013 #10
I can definately see why you would be concerned. ZombieHorde Jan 2013 #12
Yah... and a few other things occasionally haha. Agschmid Jan 2013 #13
And it loves you. ZombieHorde Jan 2013 #15
You actually exercise your immune system by exposing yourself to multiple people.. could it be seitan Jan 2013 #81
OMG! Brainstormy Jan 2013 #107
Maybe you should try smallpox Confusious Jan 2013 #134
if you have health insurance, they're free nt WolverineDG Jan 2013 #66
Unfortunatley, I do not have health insurance. nt ZombieHorde Jan 2013 #72
Try your county/city health dept. They are free in Eleanors38 Jan 2013 #77
Sorry :( WolverineDG Jan 2013 #92
Give your city/town hall a call Marrah_G Jan 2013 #164
Got one yesterday. Horrible experience RomneyLies Jan 2013 #11
Who did that too you? nobodyspecial Jan 2013 #18
It happens occasionally RomneyLies Jan 2013 #29
have never had a flu shot handmade34 Jan 2013 #16
I've never had one either. Now I have the flu cali Jan 2013 #42
Boy, it'll take the macho outta you fast. ny Eleanors38 Jan 2013 #78
it has nothing to do with "macho" cali Jan 2013 #113
It's been 100% effective for me. nt Lex Jan 2013 #140
Never had a flu shot, and never had the flu Siwsan Jan 2013 #105
sound like handmade34 Jan 2013 #109
My grandfather ate a big clove of raw garlic, every morning Siwsan Jan 2013 #112
Get your flu shots railsback Jan 2013 #17
Apparently most people did! Agschmid Jan 2013 #19
Dooo eeeet. aikoaiko Jan 2013 #20
Got one for sure. I'm taking my 2yo to get one tomorrow taught_me_patience Jan 2013 #21
I have asthma and already have had pneumonia a couple of times nobodyspecial Jan 2013 #22
didn't get one this year and I now have the flu TorchTheWitch Jan 2013 #23
I used to always get the shot crim son Jan 2013 #24
Get those flu shots! rightsideout Jan 2013 #25
Post removed Post removed Jan 2013 #83
I never got the flu or colds very much. lpbk2713 Jan 2013 #26
Never did until this year. fairfaxvadem Jan 2013 #28
I've been getting them for many years. Haven't had the flu since the early 90s. nt onehandle Jan 2013 #30
im with you MFM008 Jan 2013 #33
Got the shot AND got the flu. My asthma has made this miserable!!! riderinthestorm Jan 2013 #31
I got a flu shot every year for 31 years defacto7 Jan 2013 #34
maybe so many immunities built up that you are really really low risk Motown_Johnny Jan 2013 #142
It's not as effective this year as others....sometimes it works better. It's also not so hot for MADem Jan 2013 #36
Good articles, thanks! n/t Agschmid Jan 2013 #47
Caretakers should get shots A Little Weird Jan 2013 #61
No way ... never got one and never will. nt Raine Jan 2013 #37
I always get one. Have for 25 years or more. Nt xchrom Jan 2013 #38
Few vaccines work like polio's Recursion Jan 2013 #39
Polio? sense Jan 2013 #124
Nope. Not getting one. AngryOldDem Jan 2013 #40
I don't know what strain of flu is going around this year, PotatoChip Jan 2013 #41
We got ours free Omaha Steve Jan 2013 #43
Never got flu shots until recently... whistler162 Jan 2013 #44
The only two times I've had the flu since 1968 was the two times I got a flu shot. hobbit709 Jan 2013 #45
You know this means nothing scientifically, correct? Logical Jan 2013 #51
Yes, but personally it does. hobbit709 Jan 2013 #57
I got one early in the season, but I still had the flu a little while back. gollygee Jan 2013 #46
My doctor said that the local strain is not covered by the flu shot this year Yo_Mama Jan 2013 #70
Now that makes me nervous. aquart Jan 2013 #159
I get the flu shot every year and have never gotten the flu. This year I have delayed it longer than stevenleser Jan 2013 #49
People voting no I assume are not science minded or just cannot afford it. Logical Jan 2013 #52
See my post above. Insurance covers it, and I am science minded :) phylny Jan 2013 #115
You Assume Wrong RobinA Jan 2013 #118
Perhaps your assumption is wrong sense Jan 2013 #125
OK, I get it, Big Pharma is evil. LOL. Logical Jan 2013 #126
First One: I'm in the middle of Chemo treatments and my Dr. insisted I get a flu shot 1-Old-Man Jan 2013 #53
i never had the flu. i have never had the shot. nt seabeyond Jan 2013 #54
Mandatory ... So yes... Coyote_Tan Jan 2013 #55
ATTENTION: If getting the flu shot, request an INTRADERMAL SHOT... ReverendDeuce Jan 2013 #56
my insurance didn't cover my shot Motown_Johnny Jan 2013 #143
May I ask who insurance Co. is? n/t Agschmid Jan 2013 #149
Blue Care Network Motown_Johnny Jan 2013 #152
Ok thanks! I am going to do some Googling. Agschmid Jan 2013 #153
thanks, but it was less than 32 bucks Motown_Johnny Jan 2013 #155
Got Mine at the VA clinic.... jdadd Jan 2013 #60
So a few years ago.... Turbineguy Jan 2013 #63
I got a flu shot in September Gothmog Jan 2013 #65
I never had one before I had a 34 year old friend die of the swine flu Marrah_G Jan 2013 #67
The last flue shot I had gave me a welt, 4x6 inches at injection site. peace13 Jan 2013 #68
Only flu symptoms I've had Brainstormy Jan 2013 #69
That was my experience, too. LisaLynne Jan 2013 #74
I'm a hospice nurse. I go to 4 or 5 homes a day. mucifer Jan 2013 #71
Thank You for what you do! Sissyk Jan 2013 #170
Ambivalence... the strangest place -- yet the funniest option I've seen in a poll. LisaLynne Jan 2013 #75
Got a chuckle out of that, too. I once wrote a short story Eleanors38 Jan 2013 #82
Haha I try... Agschmid Jan 2013 #110
No way! judy Jan 2013 #76
Um. Is that common? Robb Jan 2013 #84
You were already "incubating" the flu when you got the shot. Lars39 Jan 2013 #88
I have thought of that... judy Jan 2013 #137
Here's the CDC on the flu vaccinations: Lars39 Jan 2013 #139
There is no way to get the flu from the flu shot. Marrah_G Jan 2013 #166
I got one this year. davsand Jan 2013 #79
SMH Mr Dixon Jan 2013 #85
Please do not decide based on this thread. Robb Jan 2013 #86
If I decided health advice based on DU threads I'd have to retroactively die, I think. (nt) Posteritatis Jan 2013 #102
Oh my! n/t Agschmid Jan 2013 #111
Google free flu shots. Haphazard scroll of agencies offering free shots Eleanors38 Jan 2013 #87
Well, one year we decided to skip the Flu Shots for the kids due to the pseudoscience scare BS Burma Jones Jan 2013 #90
Meh Fearless Jan 2013 #91
I was a healthy person in my 20s when I got kicked in the ass by the flu WolverineDG Jan 2013 #93
I've got a weeks vacation time sitting around. Fearless Jan 2013 #94
A friend of mine was pretty much crippled by the really bad flu strain a few years ago Posteritatis Jan 2013 #101
What if you pass the flu onto someone who can't just move on? Motown_Johnny Jan 2013 #146
I used to think that way Marrah_G Jan 2013 #165
I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. politicat Jan 2013 #98
Child.....I got my flu shot Mdterp01 Jan 2013 #103
Sure go ahead, it isn't working that great this year ileus Jan 2013 #104
Herd health: We who get flu shots are shouldering the burden of protecting the entire herd. kestrel91316 Jan 2013 #106
I think you are nuts not to have one. I got mine pretty late, actually, in early December. CTyankee Jan 2013 #108
It's not "ambivalence is the strangest place"-. Quantess Jan 2013 #116
Well them I suggest ambivalence is not really your answer... Agschmid Jan 2013 #117
Getting worse! Agschmid Jan 2013 #119
Changed my vote from "getting one" to "got mine" - also got pneumo jab updated REP Jan 2013 #120
Got mine too, forget to change my vote I will get on that ASAP! Agschmid Jan 2013 #121
I feel better just knowing I won't feel worse! :-) REP Jan 2013 #123
Got mine today! City Lights Jan 2013 #122
Got mine. pinto Jan 2013 #127
I always end up getting the flu when I get one, so I'm not budkin Jan 2013 #128
Yes, it's a no brainer. 99Forever Jan 2013 #129
+1 Please get it! n/t Agschmid Jan 2013 #130
It worked for me... KT2000 Jan 2013 #131
I haven't gotten a flu shot ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2013 #132
My daughter gave her cold to me for Christmas HockeyMom Jan 2013 #133
I get one every year but I'm a type 1 diabetic. Jennicut Jan 2013 #135
CDC enlightenment Jan 2013 #136
The gun debate convinced me to get a flu shot Motown_Johnny Jan 2013 #141
Community Immunity ("Herd" Immunity), posted by littlemissmartypants.... Lars39 Jan 2013 #144
thanks Motown_Johnny Jan 2013 #147
Eh, it's still my bifocals' fault. :-) Lars39 Jan 2013 #150
edited post, my bad Motown_Johnny Jan 2013 #151
Great chart, posting here so no link required. Agschmid Jan 2013 #148
I am middle age and kind of healthy. NCTraveler Jan 2013 #145
please look at the chart posted right above your post Motown_Johnny Jan 2013 #154
That is interesting and makes obvious sense. NCTraveler Jan 2013 #157
all you can do is break the chain for those you might expose Motown_Johnny Jan 2013 #162
I would suggest getting one if you can Marrah_G Jan 2013 #167
That is a valid point. nt. NCTraveler Jan 2013 #169
My cousin's husband revolution breeze Jan 2013 #156
No way? Who answers "no way"? Vaccines are fundamental to human health... johnnyrocket Jan 2013 #160
Some people are afraid of anything the government is backing Marrah_G Jan 2013 #168
Never found that I needed one. Undaunted Jan 2013 #161
Never had a flu shot. Never had the flu. graywarrior Jan 2013 #171
Yes please ismnotwasm Jan 2013 #172
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