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Fri Jan 18, 2013, 08:42 PM Jan 2013

Windows 8 [View all]

41 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Another great Operating System from Microsoft
1 (2%)
What the hell were they thinking?
18 (44%)
I haven't used it yet
9 (22%)
It makes me long for Windows 98
0 (0%)
It makes me feel stupid
1 (2%)
It makes me want to throw my laptop against a brick wall
0 (0%)
Thats what you're stuck with when you don't know Linux
4 (10%)
2 (5%)
I'm still using XP and dialup
3 (7%)
3 (7%)
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Windows 8 [View all] undeterred Jan 2013 OP
When Windows XXIV arrives I might consider giving it a whirl. n/t 2on2u Jan 2013 #1
I registered for the $14 Win8 update with a windows 7 laptop purchase... hlthe2b Jan 2013 #2
I found a lot to like about Windows 7 once I got used to it. undeterred Jan 2013 #4
+1......they should have at least given you the option to run in "Windows 7" mode that..... yourout Jan 2013 #5
I agree cilla4progress Jan 2013 #14
I haven't used it. HappyMe Jan 2013 #3
I used windows 8 for a grand total of 20 minutes Science Geek Jan 2013 #6
I like it, you just need to figure out (once again) where everything is. crazyjoe Jan 2013 #7
And it's fast! Cobalt Violet Jan 2013 #11
Remember when they used to give you the OS disk undeterred Jan 2013 #12
thing is cilla4progress Jan 2013 #15
And this is why I'm running Kubuntu Linux on my system. backscatter712 Jan 2013 #8
Mac rule nmbluesky Jan 2013 #9
Wasn't in my price range. Cobalt Violet Jan 2013 #13
My laptop (XP) had died recently and I bought a new laptop in December GObamaGO Jan 2013 #10
it seems like every 2nd one kinda sucks Motown_Johnny Jan 2013 #16
Forgot the wonderful Windows Millennium - WinMe... nc4bo Jan 2013 #18
WinME was an abomination. GObamaGO Jan 2013 #24
Windows 8 Aerows Jan 2013 #84
HAHAHAHA GObamaGO Jan 2013 #91
You've got it right. undeterred Jan 2013 #25
speaking of DOS, I still use lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet the way I learned it, DOS commands graham4anything Jan 2013 #76
Quite fond of it. Just need to learn the basics to see all the good things it's capable of doing. BlueJazz Jan 2013 #17
I find Windows 8 brutally non-intuitive. A person that has work to do and don't bluestate10 Jan 2013 #22
I agree but for me, it's rather fun learning all the differences. It's also like... BlueJazz Jan 2013 #32
I imagine that it is a monster on a tablet sweetloukillbot Jan 2013 #57
It's really made to be used with a touch screen monitor. crazyjoe Jan 2013 #83
"brutally non-intuitive" undeterred Jan 2013 #80
Navigating from one application to another is difficult in Windows 8. I figured out bluestate10 Jan 2013 #19
I have just moved from XP to 7 GObamaGO Jan 2013 #23
W7 makes it MUCH harder to organize things on menus. randome Jan 2013 #45
I like it fine. GoCubsGo Jan 2013 #20
Tanking faster than they can load the lifeboats..... DainBramaged Jan 2013 #21
Classic Shell Makes Windows 8 The Best Microsoft Operating System To Date cantbeserious Jan 2013 #26
you are wonderful undeterred Jan 2013 #30
You Are Welcome - Thanks For The Hug - Enjoy cantbeserious Jan 2013 #39
Well I appreciate the link undeterred Jan 2013 #75
You have to sign into Windows with a Microsoft account? drm604 Jan 2013 #77
Yes. undeterred Jan 2013 #79
That would be a deal killer for me if I had any other choice. drm604 Jan 2013 #88
You have to log in to the machine to have a profile. undeterred Jan 2013 #90
Other- i'd be fine with it except for its visually & functionally cluttered desktop. KittyWampus Jan 2013 #27
That's the start page. Cobalt Violet Jan 2013 #33
Very good to know. It'd be ideal if one could customize what those boxes look like. And put them on KittyWampus Jan 2013 #92
I bought a copy of Windows 7 for my new pc. bluerum Jan 2013 #28
Gave my daughter a new laptop for Christmas... Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #29
Not user friendly, but maybe they will keep some idiots off the Internet. nt Comrade_McKenzie Jan 2013 #31
The internets. undeterred Jan 2013 #36
pandering to idiots and their hand-helds Skittles Jan 2013 #34
It's a fine operating system mythology Jan 2013 #35
I'd like to love it and buy a new computer, but Win 8 looks like a disaster. Owl Jan 2013 #37
Try to find some discounted old stock with Windows 7 on it. undeterred Jan 2013 #81
Other: More of the same. eom RedCappedBandit Jan 2013 #38
Need to specify whether first option is snarky or non-snarky. nt eppur_se_muova Jan 2013 #40
Non Snarky undeterred Jan 2013 #86
Wow ... I guess it really does take all types ... eppur_se_muova Jan 2013 #96
Stick with 7 until 8 SE is released... n/t PoliticAverse Jan 2013 #41
Using windows 7 xoom Jan 2013 #42
Other: It is the first two simultaneously MattBaggins Jan 2013 #43
Sweet Jesus, did they really do that? That sounds unbelievably class-less. randome Jan 2013 #46
Yes it is true MattBaggins Jan 2013 #47
UEFI! It's ****ing evil! Recursion Jan 2013 #50
RIAA, MPAA.. Fucking Lars Ulrich MattBaggins Jan 2013 #51
And another thing MattBaggins Jan 2013 #58
Best. Movie. Ever. Recursion Jan 2013 #60
Well Hans has a lot of free time to work on it now... MattBaggins Jan 2013 #63
I have it on my phone and I like it XRubicon Jan 2013 #44
It's my least favorite operating system yet for downloading Linux Recursion Jan 2013 #48
The proper way to download linux is MattBaggins Jan 2013 #53
Nano? Ha! It's ed or nothing. Recursion Jan 2013 #56
I have no idea why it's nano for me MattBaggins Jan 2013 #59
I use vi on phones and very very dumb terminals; otherwise I'm an Emacs guy Recursion Jan 2013 #61
Not anymore MattBaggins Jan 2013 #65
emacs -nw thank-you-very-much.sh Phillip McCleod Jan 2013 #72
win8 SteveG Jan 2013 #49
I hate touchscreens, especially when I eat peanut-butter sandwiches... Amonester Jan 2013 #52
Bought a new laptop with windows 8 a few days before Christmas 1KansasDem Jan 2013 #54
I hate polls, 5X Jan 2013 #55
At least Linux works. longship Jan 2013 #62
It seems daunting to pick up upi402 Jan 2013 #66
Honestly? It's less of a learning curve than Windows 8, probably Recursion Jan 2013 #67
Ubuntu collects your search data & IP address - and sells it! upi402 Jan 2013 #69
use linux mint instead. Phillip McCleod Jan 2013 #74
As dismaying as Ubuntu's move is, BadgerKid Jan 2013 #78
the learning curve is pretty much gone these days. Phillip McCleod Jan 2013 #73
and have never installed a virus detector flobee1 Jan 2013 #82
Well, you know what they say theKed Jan 2013 #64
let's put it this way quinnox Jan 2013 #68
I bought a new computer last summer BuelahWitch Jan 2013 #70
thank you for reminding me to get mac. pansypoo53219 Jan 2013 #71
My new computer, which just arrived, is a Mac. tblue37 Jan 2013 #85
I thought about offering a Mac choice undeterred Jan 2013 #87
Well I did Poiuyt Jan 2013 #89
But I am not a "Mac type"--just someone who just got tblue37 Jan 2013 #93
I had considered an iMac this time IDemo Jan 2013 #94
I haven't used it yet as well Coolest Ranger Jan 2013 #95
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