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Egalitarian Thug

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32. And some reading comprehension might allow you to reach rational conclusions.
Sun Feb 10, 2013, 02:22 PM
Feb 2013

I said quite clearly that it is my relative that works for them, today, right now. I also said very clearly that I did not doubt that you were an employee, that the service is absolutely rife with with short-sighted, Libertarian idiots that are too stupid to realize that they are enthusiastically supporting their own executions as well as the destruction of the best mail system on earth, although not quite that clearly. I have no way of knowing if this description fits you exactly, but the posts you have written on this topic indicate that you certainly lean that way.

I did write, quite clearly, that there are many places where improvements can be made, none of which involve degrading service or laying off the employees that actually do the work. Being an RCA is the worst job and that's where you start if you want to be a rural carrier. My relative did it for about 5 years before getting a route, and while it is not as good as it used to be, it is still better than what the contractors have and the service provided in those place where contractors are used is perfectly indicative of that.

You also paint a very misleading picture of the rural service. The post office is a Constitutionally mandated, formerly governmental, service and as such, is not meant to be a profitable enterprise. Yes, there are tiny offices with practically no customers scattered throughout the nation that get no service from FedEx or UPS and operate at what is, from a business standpoint, a loss. There are also places throughout the nation where it is not profitable to provide electricity and sanitary water, but that's one of the major reasons for government. A nation can't be a nation if the unprofitable citizens are left to their own devices. Would you have us abandon huge swaths of America because there are not enough people living there to make it profitable?

Beyond that however, there are major cities that are serviced by the rural system (about 70% of Scottsdale, AZ., for example). This is because the city/rural divisions were drawn up almost a century ago. Hardly any rural carriers use their own vehicles any longer. The Potter administration ended it when they noticed that carriers were able to pay for their personal vehicles under the old system and therefore deprive political contributors from some welfare. Carriers cannot schedule their days off, each route that has a day off (not all of them do except for Sunday), has it scheduled by the station or district supervisor. If the carrier wants to take Monday off, they have to spend a vacation day or take LWOP (leave without pay). Perhaps it is the idea of regular working people having paid vacation time that so upsets you?

USPS is the nation's largest employer of veterans, and the largest source of living wage jobs for those without connections and college degrees. But those are probably bad things in your book. Unless you're a political appointee, you're not going to get rich working for the post office, but you can raise a family, buy a house, and maybe send your kids to college in exchange for working your ass off for 40 years before you retire your broken-down body. OTOH, if you are politically connected, you can be paid in the top 2% of wage earners, destroy the organization that paid you and then get rich going to work for the corporate parasites that couldn't even exist if not for the USPS.

The current Postmaster General, Patrick Donahoe, is better than the last one, but is still grossly overpaid and apparently dedicated to protecting the executive class at the expense of productive employees. The one shrub put in, John E. Potter, spent 9 years utterly devastating the service and retiring with a package worth about $6M. The program of eliminating the best mail system in the world began under reagan (Big surprise there) and even after a quarter century of consistent attack, it remained self-sustaining. Even before reagan, the U.S. Congress has been using the USPS as it's personal slush fund to finance it's blatant graft for generations, yet I read nothing from you about addressing that.

The USPS has done an admirable job of adapting to the changing reality, remaining self sustaining with the rise of the world wide web and the constant attacks from Congressional lapdogs in the employ of private carriers and being forced to both subsidize them while being prohibited from competing with them. For 1/6 the price of a cup of coffee you can drop a letter to your mom in a box in LA and be assured that she will get it at her door in NY 2 or 3 days later. That level of service would cost you $8 with UPS today, and should people like you be successful in killing this modern marvel of efficiency, you can expect that to double.

This message was self-deleted by its author rdharma Feb 2013 #1
We're behind you brothers and sister of the USPS! rdharma Feb 2013 #2
As am I mikekohr Feb 2013 #3
Darryl Issa has graduated from stealing cars....... rdharma Feb 2013 #4
My uncle is a retired letter carrier, the USPS is a much needed agency rustydog Feb 2013 #5
Agreed! Get Congress out of the way, and stay out of the way of needed change mikekohr Feb 2013 #7
what's the distinction between a 'rural letter carrier' and usps? you mean a contractor? HiPointDem Feb 2013 #6
A Rural Letter Carrier is an employee of the United States Post Office (USPS), mikekohr Feb 2013 #10
a part-timer, i believe. that's what i thought. we have them here, and so far as i know they're HiPointDem Feb 2013 #11
Wrong! Rural Letter Carriers Are Full-time Employees of the USPS mikekohr Feb 2013 #12
if they are full-time employees, just like other employees, then there's no cost-savings involved HiPointDem Feb 2013 #13
Wrong! A rural letter carrier can deliver many small villages in an hour or so mikekohr Feb 2013 #14
So could a regular postal worker, then. But regular postal workers don't do it, there's a separate HiPointDem Feb 2013 #16
A Rural Letter Carrier IS a "regular" Postal worker. These customers would continue to be served mikekohr Feb 2013 #20
You contradict yourself in your very own post. And you work for UPS, so quit pretending to be HiPointDem Feb 2013 #31
Wrong Again! Aren't you even reading my posts before you slam them? mikekohr Feb 2013 #39
you said -- never mind, my error. HiPointDem Feb 2013 #47
Post Script: Yesterday the Post Office announced major reductions in many of the small/tiny offices mikekohr Feb 2013 #25
That's another wonderful idea that shrub and Potter (former Post Master General) pushed Egalitarian Thug Feb 2013 #18
I hve no idea where that letter writer is coming from. Sheldon Cooper Feb 2013 #8
Agree ananda Feb 2013 #9
There are several unions at the USPS OrwellwasRight Feb 2013 #28
Correct. There were 5 different unions for the 13 employees of the last Post Office I worked in mikekohr Feb 2013 #41
Yes, I agree consolidation could help avoid turf wars and improve flexibility, etc. OrwellwasRight Feb 2013 #48
The 75 year pre-payment is just one of the big issues facing the USPS and is the easiest to fix mikekohr Feb 2013 #49
The problems I address existed long before the 2006 "cluster F" imposed by the Repukes in Congress mikekohr Feb 2013 #42
Eventually rural folks will have to travel into town to get their mail Lex Feb 2013 #15
Wrong! read above posts mikekohr Feb 2013 #21
Right! Lex Feb 2013 #30
Wrong! Rural Letter Carriers, employees of the USPS, will deliver the mail to their homes mikekohr Feb 2013 #40
No USPS = No rural delivery. Lex Feb 2013 #44
That's my point. If we don't allow the needed changes the USPS will fold under it's own weight. mikekohr Feb 2013 #50
Completely full of shit. Egalitarian Thug Feb 2013 #17
thanks for the information. that sounds more logical. can you add some detail about the HiPointDem Feb 2013 #19
Rural Letter Carriers are NOT private carriers. mikekohr Feb 2013 #24
The subsidies are numerous and go back for decades. Egalitarian Thug Feb 2013 #34
thanks. HiPointDem Feb 2013 #35
10 years ago I bought money orders at the Post Office LibertyLover Feb 2013 #57
A little bit of knowledge is dangerous and your headline debases your argument, mikekohr Feb 2013 #23
And some reading comprehension might allow you to reach rational conclusions. Egalitarian Thug Feb 2013 #32
Wrong on a number of points, correct on a number of others. mikekohr Feb 2013 #63
True, just another way for service to decline, people to accuse the USPS SaveAmerica Feb 2013 #56
Did they email this out or use regular mail? The Straight Story Feb 2013 #22
What changes are you talking about? Privatizing postal service?????? valerief Feb 2013 #26
There are 5 post offices within 2 miles of my house -- so it's not just a rural problem FarCenter Feb 2013 #27
Bingo! nt mikekohr Feb 2013 #29
there are two po's within 5 miles of my home; but 3 ups & 4 fedex offices. i guess they have HiPointDem Feb 2013 #36
Are you counting drop boxes, former Kinko's, franchised UPS stores, and affiliates like Staples? FarCenter Feb 2013 #37
i'm counting stores labeled ups & fed ex in the phone book that have telephone numbers and HiPointDem Feb 2013 #38
Now we are getting somewhere. Congress, as well as we, have to allow the Post to adapt mikekohr Feb 2013 #43
i live in a rural small town, so -- wrong. HiPointDem Feb 2013 #45
And I live on a rural route and delivered the mail for 10 years mikekohr Feb 2013 #51
Repubs mandating funding pensions for unborn people is designed to kill the Post Office upi402 Feb 2013 #33
And here's another piece that has actual facts as opposed to the Libertarian swill Egalitarian Thug Feb 2013 #46
"Postage prices rise, but USPS still teeters at the edge of ruin" mikekohr Feb 2013 #53
A load of codswallop written in jargon. The article completely ignores every salient issue. Egalitarian Thug Feb 2013 #58
Mail Volume declined each and every year of the ten years I worked there mikekohr Feb 2013 #60
Since you have ignored every bit of factual information that I and others have presented you Egalitarian Thug Feb 2013 #61
Dear Thug, you are good at dishing it out, but you take a punch poorly mikekohr Feb 2013 #62
Sorry but I have to disagree Niceguy1 Feb 2013 #52
You just agreed with my point without realizing it mikekohr Feb 2013 #54
I was referring to access Niceguy1 Feb 2013 #64
Access will not suffer with delivery via Rural Letter Carrier mikekohr Feb 2013 #65
It's always wrong to think you know what everyone is thinking. SaveAmerica Feb 2013 #55
There were similar "concerns" when the Post Office eliminated twice a day delivery mikekohr Feb 2013 #59
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