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Egalitarian Thug

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91. K&R. Too little, too late. You've certainly nailed that head, but make no mistake, it is still
Tue Feb 19, 2013, 02:00 PM
Feb 2013

going on just has it has for centuries. The only thing that has changed is that they are much more efficient and can move more quickly than was previously possible.

Those of us that have no power or control are always either ignorant of what is being done or marginalized until it it is too late to do anything about it.

On this thread there is mention of climate change, green energy, and media control. All of these are perceived as being among the current issues, but the reality is that it's too late to do anything about them now.

The cycle of global warming passed the tipping point five minutes after anyone outside the field cared anything about it. We had some of those people telling us what was going on 40 years ago, but they were ignored and marginalized because stopping it would hurt the energy interests. By the time Al Gore was writing his book and road show the cycle was irreversible and the best that could be done was immediate action on a global scale to slow it and alleviate some of the worst consequences. A decade later we're still talking about what might be done 20 years from now.

Green energy is part and parcel to the warming of our planet and the resulting changes in weather patterns, but again, the best we can do is to try to catch up with what we should and could have been doing for at least 30 years. This is not to say we shouldn't do anything, but I use it to point out the real flaw is our own submission to the "pragmatic" voices that dominate every conversation and the underlying instruction to comply with authority.

If we're going to change what is being done to us we have to look at what is coming, instead of focusing entirely on what has passed. If we are to make any difference. The major part of that is going to be to take back our power from those that hold it. Nationality or political party affiliation are irrelevant. Those in power don't care about them, they only care about gaining or holding power and will change their line or location in any way that helps them achieve those goals.

For those of us that knew what was going on in 2001 - 2002, don't waste the energy re-fighting a battle that has been over for a decade, look at what is happening now, at the preparations those with real power are making, and focus your energy there. For those of you that didn't get it then, perhaps you might want to give some credit to the people who were right and listen to what they're saying now, instead of ridiculing and marginalizing them because what they're telling you is uncomfortable or inconvenient to you.

I can agree Puzzledtraveller Feb 2013 #1
Seriously, imagine this... SkyDaddy7 Feb 2013 #162
You wanna talk 9/11? The neocons admitted they needed a "Pearl Harbor-type event" to invade Iraq. chimpymustgo Feb 2013 #165
If you really study how they did it, all they have to do is nothing. It doesn't even have to be on leveymg Feb 2013 #177
I hear what you're saying jollyreaper2112 Feb 2013 #2
It's possible to do both. Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2013 #8
the problem with the media jollyreaper2112 Feb 2013 #36
You get no argument from me. Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2013 #48
'A democrat gets caught in a sex scandal, he resigns'...uh, clinton? HiPointDem Feb 2013 #103
depends on your value of sex scandal jollyreaper2112 Feb 2013 #110
They will "come back like fungus." AnotherMcIntosh Feb 2013 #34
Vichy Dems jollyreaper2112 Feb 2013 #41
Yes. Veni, Vidi, Vichy. AnotherMcIntosh Feb 2013 #67
I'll bastardize the Latin jollyreaper2112 Feb 2013 #70
The fungus analogy disndat Feb 2013 #174
When a well-known influential 3rd-Wayer participated in the promotion of Republican principles AnotherMcIntosh Feb 2013 #175
"...his henchmen were able xxqqqzme Feb 2013 #90
There is not ONE SINGLE new thing in 'Hubris' cali Feb 2013 #3
Respectfully, I didn't take that away from the OP at all. Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2013 #9
Very good cali.... Tippy Feb 2013 #19
The OP didn't say that nobody spoke out. Calm down. yardwork Feb 2013 #63
You have to read between the lines. zeemike Feb 2013 #83
Wow, you are dead wrong in your interpretation of what I wrote... CoffeeCat Feb 2013 #97
You got that right! JuniperLea Feb 2013 #115
There is plenty of truth in the OP BlueStreak Feb 2013 #133
Very good point and astute observation. Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2013 #4
Air America nadinbrzezinski Feb 2013 #10
Ah, forgot about that. Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2013 #24
A LIFE saver for my sanity in those days! nt patrice Feb 2013 #44
Very true treestar Feb 2013 #5
It's not like Keith Olbermann never talked about this stuff. Buzz Clik Feb 2013 #6
Rachel did not have a show in 2002 or 2003. karynnj Feb 2013 #31
Corporate conspiracies mean nothing if people stand up for the truth. randome Feb 2013 #7
Correct-aside from Keith and Air America - there was no public outcry of the outrage KaryninMiami Feb 2013 #15
*Except for the millions of people who took to the streets. nt IdaBriggs Feb 2013 #20
yep.... dhill926 Feb 2013 #25
All day long on CSpan... JuniperLea Feb 2013 #117
Yes- I was one of them but the media barely covered it. KaryninMiami Feb 2013 #30
Put 10 teabaggers on the corner and see what coverage they get. 6000eliot Feb 2013 #157
+ 10 million (Number of people world wide who protested) n/t truedelphi Feb 2013 #118
keith & air america didn't exist when the war started. there was basically no one in the msm HiPointDem Feb 2013 #153
Well, there was Phil Donahue, maddiemom Feb 2013 #166
Google "Operation Mockingbird." They say that it has been discontinued. n/t AnotherMcIntosh Feb 2013 #11
Maybe the name has, but not the operation itself. nt. OldDem2012 Feb 2013 #58
Thank You for this... haikugal Feb 2013 #73
K&R forestpath Feb 2013 #12
The reason humanity seems like a mindless zombie consuming life is Coyotl Feb 2013 #13
Charlie Pierce just made a GREAT point about "Hubris" on Steph Miller's show this A.M. bullwinkle428 Feb 2013 #14
MSNBC was complicit. grasswire Feb 2013 #35
and they still are Mnpaul Feb 2013 #109
you said it way better than I did. nt Viva_La_Revolution Feb 2013 #16
k/r Solly Mack Feb 2013 #17
It's true. They create their own reality. Baitball Blogger Feb 2013 #18
Excellent post! City Lights Feb 2013 #21
That quote should be in front of the public every day. It's importance wiggs Feb 2013 #22
Thanks for this... TheProgressive Feb 2013 #23
Wow!!! When I Read That Quote By Rove - It Makes The Hair On The Back Of My Neck Stand Out.... global1 Feb 2013 #26
Can't expand, but have a recollection of it... JuniperLea Feb 2013 #116
The MSM is controlled by 6 multi-national corporations watoos Feb 2013 #27
Creating reality MuseRider Feb 2013 #28
The key was owning the media. UnrepentantLiberal Feb 2013 #29
In 2001, Ann Coulter said.... grasswire Feb 2013 #32
Agreed. And an important part of the implementation of the whole thing has been the recognition patrice Feb 2013 #33
This is important haikugal Feb 2013 #77
I'm not sure they did. There were some people around OWS who were close to others who patrice Feb 2013 #98
I still don't get the practical definition TheKentuckian Feb 2013 #151
General usage: intolerant views or practices; strong demogogic approach; obedience to strong leader patrice Feb 2013 #154
Okay, I see where you are coming from. TheKentuckian Feb 2013 #185
It aired now in response to McCain's questioning of Hagel. Marr Feb 2013 #37
I thought of that quote as well in regard to "Hubris" deutsey Feb 2013 #38
Maybe I'm wrong MynameisBlarney Feb 2013 #39
CoffeeCat may be referring to the fact that ALL of the necessary information was publicly patrice Feb 2013 #50
I was trying to make the point... CoffeeCat Feb 2013 #96
D'oh! MynameisBlarney Feb 2013 #99
Well, I understand... CoffeeCat Feb 2013 #139
well done CoffeeCat barbtries Feb 2013 #40
A current issue is climate. freedom fighter jh Feb 2013 #42
So shouldn't this mean that aggressive behavior against "history's actors" is pretty much necessary? AZ Progressive Feb 2013 #93
What's necessary, I think, is to see that the truth prevails. freedom fighter jh Feb 2013 #143
Excellent post Auggie Feb 2013 #43
That quote by Rove chilled me to the bone. Zorra Feb 2013 #45
I think another thing that is affecting our ability to respond is how we compartmentalize our ISSUES patrice Feb 2013 #46
I think it has has much to do with who now owns NBC... Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #47
that is a very important observation about GE--good point! renate Feb 2013 #54
I'm old enough to remember Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #59
Yes, exactly...And the energy companies are some of the worst culprits... CoffeeCat Feb 2013 #94
If you consider Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #107
If we developed fusion energy the oil era would end Occulus Feb 2013 #121
Are you talking cold fusion? Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #122
Nope. Star in a bottle. Occulus Feb 2013 #124
Thanks... Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #134
Very well said. The reality is so chilling (nt) CoffeeCat Feb 2013 #129
Some lessons scar you for life.... Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #132
I would dare to say... CoffeeCat Feb 2013 #140
Excellent observation as to the twisted psyches Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #142
Comcast bought out the remainder of GE's interest in NBC on 2-12-2013.... OldDem2012 Feb 2013 #64
I wasn't certain the deal had approval.... Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #69
Dangerous onpatrol98 Feb 2013 #131
Of course it is all about profit... Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #137
Phil Donahue tried to expose it and MSNBC FIRED HIM because of it. progressoid Feb 2013 #49
Yes, Chris "we're all Neocons now" Matthews and his fawning over Bush's Mission Accomplished moment maddiemom Feb 2013 #168
what we have now and hopefully they won't take away is riverbendviewgal Feb 2013 #51
You knew they were all lying when Phil Donague tried to tell the truth and they southernyankeebelle Feb 2013 #52
Exactly! n/t truedelphi Feb 2013 #119
+ 10000 raouldukelives Feb 2013 #53
I wrote this yesterday... Javaman Feb 2013 #55
Excellent post.. haikugal Feb 2013 #87
Karma will not be kind to the Rove Man I tinks? benld74 Feb 2013 #56
ICAM. So where do you think Obama fits in? To what degree is he complicit? MotherPetrie Feb 2013 #57
There are a couple of possibilities. The CT version is that he made a deal with the devil rhett o rick Feb 2013 #147
Maybe it's a combination of the two. If it's the latter, I think his legacy is already tarnished MotherPetrie Feb 2013 #172
That is the million dollar question... CoffeeCat Feb 2013 #167
You make some good points. Bottom line for me is I have seen no evidence Obama is even fighting it. MotherPetrie Feb 2013 #171
x2 AnotherMcIntosh Feb 2013 #176
No one could have said it better. OLDMDDEM Feb 2013 #60
This is true and it's why Cheney caused 9/11 to happen as well. yardwork Feb 2013 #61
Totally agree! radhika Feb 2013 #62
We knew what we were headed for by the caliber of the man...Where was the careful vetting by the... Tikki Feb 2013 #65
At least they are out of power at the moment Proud Liberal Dem Feb 2013 #66
Yes, and I love Obama's choice of Hagel... CoffeeCat Feb 2013 #105
Truth. Remember the neocons were already in El Salvador Taverner Feb 2013 #68
Too late to do anything about it. The only justice will come when these people burn in hell! Liberal_Stalwart71 Feb 2013 #71
Yes, they make things up Blue4Texas Feb 2013 #72
It was based on this book, published in 2007 BainsBane Feb 2013 #74
Just a point of fact: Rachael's show didn't start until 2008, Keith's in 2003, Cooper Sept 2003. Fla Dem Feb 2013 #75
Right. It prevents NOTHING. Whoever controls the anthrax controls the world. nt valerief Feb 2013 #76
Takeover warning 12zelda12 Feb 2013 #78
Also when Cheney was still with Haliburton EC Feb 2013 #79
For most, war is hell. For Dick, war is business. Blue Owl Feb 2013 #80
Just cleaning up the quote a bit: Strat0 Feb 2013 #81
Thanks for the full quote. Its always good to get to the source. Welcome to DU! nt riderinthestorm Feb 2013 #88
well, let's not forget the how and why that's possible stupidicus Feb 2013 #82
I agree with every word you said. Stinky The Clown Feb 2013 #84
Forget Ayn Rand.It's always seemed that Rove and his ilk read Huxley and Welles maddiemom Feb 2013 #173
Media control has weakened, thankfully. Control of politics and media matters. Boycott $$$ Media. Coyotl Feb 2013 #85
Yes, the Internet has made a mockery of the MSM, hasn't it? CoffeeCat Feb 2013 #100
I propose they devise their future realities from a prison. jinx1 Feb 2013 #86
Phil Donahue spoke out at MSNBC. They fired him because of it. Zen Democrat Feb 2013 #89
K&R. Too little, too late. You've certainly nailed that head, but make no mistake, it is still Egalitarian Thug Feb 2013 #91
THIS is the REAL reality AZ Progressive Feb 2013 #92
Except it did air back then, in real time Recursion Feb 2013 #95
and meanwhile new crimes are being committed that we are not allowed to talk about, are called HiPointDem Feb 2013 #101
some things don't change... ensemble Feb 2013 #150
This has been a HUGE laundry_queen Feb 2013 #178
+1. HiPointDem Feb 2013 #181
MSNBC Led The Cheers For That War colsohlibgal Feb 2013 #102
Very well said malaise Feb 2013 #104
And now history has decided unanimously to label Rove as a terrorist Rex Feb 2013 #106
Kick for the sad, unvarnished truth n/t Duer 157099 Feb 2013 #108
No wmd astalfort Feb 2013 #111
well said. and welcome to DU! NRaleighLiberal Feb 2013 #123
Republicans like to rename their crimes, felix_numinous Feb 2013 #112
So when are we the people going to get really pissed and do something about those fuckers??????? Hotler Feb 2013 #113
Sadly, you are right. But there may be some people who have finally become Squinch Feb 2013 #114
Except Real Reality Has Real Consequences Skraxx Feb 2013 #120
She didn't have a show back then George II Feb 2013 #125
Air America JuniperLea Feb 2013 #126
Not that it really matters; she got her first show in mid-2005, long after the run-up and invasion. George II Feb 2013 #144
That's 1 year after the invasion. (nt) jeff47 Feb 2013 #145
The point of the OP is not so much about Rachel but about why a program like HUBRIS Uncle Joe Feb 2013 #128
K&R Jamastiene Feb 2013 #127
Accurate. davidthegnome Feb 2013 #130
I believe the Suskind quote was much earlier. Fuddnik Feb 2013 #135
The military bases used to invade Afghanistan were also in place before 9-11 PufPuf23 Feb 2013 #136
I agree with what you say, but when I post a thread Dustlawyer Feb 2013 #138
You're not wrong on this. Don't feel alone. I'd K & R such a thread. ancianita Feb 2013 #184
K n R One of the best summaries I've seen here in a while. There is actually... mojowork_n Feb 2013 #141
Here, here. Well said. Hopefully you are not preaching to the choir and some of the lurkers MichaelSoE Feb 2013 #146
The glass is half full? xtraxritical Feb 2013 #148
You're not being cynical, you're just being reality-based. rocktivity Feb 2013 #149
some people are hearing this for the first time Rosa Luxemburg Feb 2013 #152
You forgot to mention the election Chico Man Feb 2013 #155
We, also, can act. n/t Fire Walk With Me Feb 2013 #156
'Hubris Isn't the Half of It' Fedaykin Feb 2013 #158
Yep... Veri1138 Feb 2013 #159
I would say only BEZERKO Feb 2013 #160
Why would... sendero Feb 2013 #161
This is the big frustration... CoffeeCat Feb 2013 #170
A wingnut I work with... sendero Feb 2013 #180
It Madmiddle Feb 2013 #163
Learning from history libdude Feb 2013 #164
"It doesn't have to stay this way" ProSense Feb 2013 #169
Letting it air now allows MSNBC to make the claim the media are ''liberal.'' Octafish Feb 2013 #179
+1 HiPointDem Feb 2013 #182
The traitors are so arrogant, they know if they break the law, they won't be punished. Octafish Feb 2013 #183
k & r! Well said. nt wildbilln864 Feb 2013 #186
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