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13. Hillary will give the Republicans hell
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 02:33 PM
Mar 2013

I like Warren too, but I see her as too professorial and lacks the gravitas to really bring the fight to the rabid Republican party.

Not Elizabeth Warren. cali Mar 2013 #1
bingo Little Star Mar 2013 #9
Um... are you saying whatchamacallit Mar 2013 #18
Uh, no. Not saying that at all. Saying she is a) not an experienced politician cali Mar 2013 #22
Ah I see... whatchamacallit Mar 2013 #24
I can duffyduff Mar 2013 #31
I've known nationally-recognized scholars who would make piss-poor Presidents. winter is coming Mar 2013 #40
of course statehouse politics counts. duh cali Mar 2013 #57
Yeah, she'll have to make some great advances in the next two years progressoid Mar 2013 #44
Not Barack Obama. Unless you want a repub president... onehandle Mar 2013 #74
well, I was not one of them. Or in 2007 cali Mar 2013 #88
There were many Democrats, including myself, saying the OPPOSITE PennsylvaniaMatt Mar 2013 #112
I like Elizabeth Warren, Pararescue Mar 2013 #2
Elizabeth Warren as President, Howard Dean as head of Democratic Party. (nt) NYC_SKP Mar 2013 #3
Seconded n/t Mira Mar 2013 #89
I voted for Elizabethg pennylane100 Mar 2013 #4
Other: LWolf Mar 2013 #5
Any suggestions? n/t ProSense Mar 2013 #6
I don't have any particular individuals in mind. LWolf Mar 2013 #12
Thanks for the list. n/t ProSense Mar 2013 #14
Maxine Waters? name not needed Mar 2013 #45
That would assume that the Dem Establishment wouldn't marginalize and ridicule them Lydia Leftcoast Mar 2013 #65
As much as I like & admire Elizabeth I don't think she could win the 2016 election.... Little Star Mar 2013 #7
Hillary is not the right age. She tires easily and will tire JDPriestly Mar 2013 #108
Jeb Bush just flip-flopped on immigration reform, truebluegreen Mar 2013 #114
This message was self-deleted by its author truebluegreen Mar 2013 #115
Dennis Rodman. Buzz Clik Mar 2013 #8
Isn't he running in North Korea? ProSense Mar 2013 #11
Bwhahaha! babylonsister Mar 2013 #41
He could be his own First Lady! DJ13 Mar 2013 #54
n/t Frosty1 Mar 2013 #104
]"History has tried to teach us that we can't have good government under politicians Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2013 #10
One thing I have learned from history... Lasher Mar 2013 #113
Hillary will give the Republicans hell gravity Mar 2013 #13
Do you have examples of Hillary giving the GOP hell when she was a senator? blm Mar 2013 #16
I can't think of any... fadedrose Mar 2013 #37
exactly...it's all MYTH that some Dems have learned to repeat unquestioningly. blm Mar 2013 #60
At the Benghazi hearing... fadedrose Mar 2013 #38
Johnson, the Republican tea party guy who beat Feingold karynnj Mar 2013 #102
It was a congressman that I was thinking of, not a Senator... fadedrose Mar 2013 #117
I'm going to wait for 2016 AsahinaKimi Mar 2013 #15
Sensible? ProSense Mar 2013 #27
Not Hillary or any other 3rd Way Democrat. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2013 #17
I'm with you whatchamacallit Mar 2013 #20
Schweitzer? O'Malley? Tester? Hassan? Recursion Mar 2013 #19
What a horribly limited list. I doubt it will be any one of those three 1-Old-Man Mar 2013 #21
Hence: Other ProSense Mar 2013 #23
Electing Hillary would be a continuation of the current problems. RC Mar 2013 #25
I only wish your poll had asked who do you think has the best shot of winning instead of... Little Star Mar 2013 #30
We should look at Congressman Xavier Becerra. JDPriestly Mar 2013 #109
The good news is we have babylonsister Mar 2013 #42
Elizabeth Warren doesn't have the depth of experience as does Hillary RKP5637 Mar 2013 #26
That puts Elizabeth Warren at an advantage. JDPriestly Mar 2013 #110
YOU, ProSense! Jumpin Jack Fletch Mar 2013 #28
ProSense 2016 ProSense Mar 2013 #29
No Andrew Cuomo or Cory Booker duffyduff Mar 2013 #32
Richard Trumka for Prez, Paul Krugman for VP, Elizabeth Warren for Senate MAJORITY leader JaneyVee Mar 2013 #33
Here are the current Democratic Governors -- mostly they are WTF? FarCenter Mar 2013 #34
Here are the current Senators - a fine collection of inexperience and has-beens. FarCenter Mar 2013 #35
A couple bright lights on that list: Jim Lane Mar 2013 #50
Sherrod Brown is great for those of us who follow politics, JDPriestly Mar 2013 #111
Go, Leahy! Comrade Grumpy Mar 2013 #53
Not a fan of Democrats? n/t ProSense Mar 2013 #43
That's kind of sad. Jerry Brown 2016: "He Must Have Exhaled By Now"? Comrade Grumpy Mar 2013 #51
Jeff Merkley would be fine with me, thanks. Bluenorthwest Mar 2013 #36
Not Hillary Clinton roxy1234 Mar 2013 #39
If there's any hope of preserving the progress made over the past four years, name not needed Mar 2013 #46
Dennis Kucinich. flvegan Mar 2013 #47
Kucinich also won't work for the electorate. Jackpine Radical Mar 2013 #77
Lydia the Tatooed Lady will do if she's running against the 2016 Republican nominee Rowdyboy Mar 2013 #48
UNREC brooklynite Mar 2013 #49
Your additions would be welcomed. Jackpine Radical Mar 2013 #78
Andrew Cuomo, Martin O'Malley, Brian Schweitzer and Joe Biden are all considering runs. brooklynite Mar 2013 #86
Any opinions you'd like to share on that roster? Or in general? Jackpine Radical Mar 2013 #97
Hillary 2016 & 2020. Lizzie 2024 & 2028 Rochester Mar 2013 #52
Warren would be too old by then to be considered. Beacool Mar 2013 #67
Obviously the person who can beat any republican crook who runs. jonthebru Mar 2013 #55
We need to see what Warren DOES before getting all twitterpainted Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #56
"Twitterpainted"? ProSense Mar 2013 #58
Here you go Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #59
I don't think that's going to change anyone's mind about Warren. n/t ProSense Mar 2013 #61
I don't WANT to change anyone's mind about Warren Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #62
So ProSense Mar 2013 #63
Fair questions Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #75
Wait ProSense Mar 2013 #80
First Lady, Senator, Sec State, international respect ... that's one hell of a resume. Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #90
So you ProSense Mar 2013 #98
No. But I don't want to get into it right now. Perhaps another day n/t Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #100
More popular with who? Beacool Mar 2013 #68
coke and pepsi are pretty popular too, but are they good for you? n/t Whisp Mar 2013 #91
Well, look who showed up? Beacool Mar 2013 #92
I was about to say the same! We seem to like the same parties. Whisp Mar 2013 #94
Nonsense. Beacool Mar 2013 #96
for such a strong and popular SoS in all of known and unknown history Whisp Mar 2013 #99
Elizabeth Warren in 2016 is nothing more than a LW fantasy. Beacool Mar 2013 #64
Does that make Hillary a RW fantasy? n/t ProSense Mar 2013 #66
No, it makes her a center/left Democrat. Beacool Mar 2013 #69
That's ProSense Mar 2013 #70
No, it isn't. Beacool Mar 2013 #71
Well, ProSense Mar 2013 #73
Whatever.......... Beacool Mar 2013 #81
Gee, ProSense Mar 2013 #83
Please don't insult the Presdent by saying he is the same as a Clinton. Whisp Mar 2013 #106
That sentence works both ways, sweetie. Beacool Mar 2013 #107
I'd like to see Dpm12 Mar 2013 #72
Will bookmark JustAnotherGen Mar 2013 #76
Whoever "should", who "will" is those who show up at their precinct meetings Recursion Mar 2013 #79
Warren is the Best fredamae Mar 2013 #82
And Gerrymandering-The Fix fredamae Mar 2013 #85
At this point the best chance to avoid yet another moderate republican is a celebrity. Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #84
I think we should amend the Constitution to.. 99Forever Mar 2013 #87
Karen Lewis Enrique Mar 2013 #93
Patty Murray is one to watch, Schweitzer too Whisp Mar 2013 #95
Too soon to call. bluedigger Mar 2013 #101
Richard Trumka AnotherMcIntosh Mar 2013 #103
Hillary45/Janet Napolitano or Hillary45/Biden or Hillary45/Jerry Brown graham4anything Mar 2013 #105
I'll say it again, Warren/Grayson 2016! truebluegreen Mar 2013 #116
Howard Dean DEFINITELY needs to be brought back in from the cold derby378 Mar 2013 #118
I have no love lost for Dean. Beacool Mar 2013 #119
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