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2. The waste in war sickens me too
Thu Mar 7, 2013, 04:43 AM
Mar 2013

I read something a while back stating that 5% of all people on our planet who died between 1900-1999 died as a result of war.

Just wow. Democracyinkind Mar 2013 #1
The waste in war sickens me too Victor_c3 Mar 2013 #2
I lost my youth and innocence to war pinboy3niner Mar 2013 #3
... backtoblue Mar 2013 #31
Well, not quite: Hissyspit Mar 2013 #4
Well, gee thanks. Are_grits_groceries Mar 2013 #6
Yeah, it works as a metaphor. Hissyspit Mar 2013 #8
The saccharine, It Burns! Android3.14 Mar 2013 #13
What are you talking about? Are_grits_groceries Mar 2013 #16
What exactly do you mean by, "inspire others to act in ways contrary to their own interests"? nt. OldDem2012 Mar 2013 #20
You shouldn't need snopes to know that by the way, see the plastic grips? snooper2 Mar 2013 #32
Just plain common sense Fla_Democrat Mar 2013 #23
Thanks for the correction roxy1234 Mar 2013 #25
And how does that romanticize war? Are_grits_groceries Mar 2013 #28
Hissyspit got there before I could Scootaloo Mar 2013 #5
Then consider it a metaphor. Are_grits_groceries Mar 2013 #7
What need metaphor? Scootaloo Mar 2013 #9
Good for you. Are_grits_groceries Mar 2013 #10
DU is all about being daring. Android3.14 Mar 2013 #14
And you know so much about DU how? Are_grits_groceries Mar 2013 #18
Weeping sphinx, WWI Memorial, KCMO REP Mar 2013 #11
That is a nice place. Sherman A1 Mar 2013 #17
Watch Joyeux Noel adieu Mar 2013 #12
Re Jericoni Mar 2013 #15
images.... Locrian Mar 2013 #19
And this one... pinboy3niner Mar 2013 #21
This one always gets me roxy1234 Mar 2013 #24
and... progressoid Mar 2013 #34
I can walk about a half a mile and see a war memorial with the names of several dozen boys... Spider Jerusalem Mar 2013 #22
In Flanders Fields Javaman Mar 2013 #27
My great-great aunt was on a train with a soldier who fought near Flanders. Are_grits_groceries Mar 2013 #29
That's a moving story. Javaman Mar 2013 #30
Trees always win. Robb Mar 2013 #26
And yet it's clearly not a bike from that era. montanto Mar 2013 #33
Small bike... Did they send him off to war at age 3? octothorpe Mar 2013 #35
Well. At least he didn't leave his dog tied to a tree. alphafemale Mar 2013 #36
Odd that he chained it so high cthulu2016 Mar 2013 #37
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